A Healing Meditation By Thomaz Green Morton


Guided healing meditation – Thomaz Green Morton

In the following, you will find a guided healing meditation from Thomaz Green Morton, a Brazilian mentalist and hypnotist. He first discovered his own extraordinary skills at the age of 12. At that time, he visited a circus with a  friend.

At the end of the presentation, a Chinese magician entered the arena, promising to hypnotize everyone present. the performer succeeded with the exception from Thomaz Green Morton. He remained seated and fully awaken while everybody around him fell into a death-like state of slumber.

Afterward, he mentioned to his friend that he thought to have the same abilities, and the good pal offered himself for a trial session of hypnosis.

It wasn’t long afterward that the friend fell into a deep state of hypnosis with many other onlookers surrounding the pair.

Now let us begin with the healing meditation

Let us be in harmony with all elements of nature, let us feel harmony, love and peace. Let us open our hearts and minds so that all negative feelings, hatred, aggression, sadness and everything else that affects us can flow out.

Then let love, peace, forgiveness, joy, fun and harmony move into our hearts and minds. Feel the presence of God/Source in the air that you breathe in.

Sense it in every breath, in every heartbeat, in the wind that blows, in the rain that falls, in the green of the plants, in the colors of the plants, in the fragrance of the plants, in a balanced flight of the birds, in the song of the birds, in the morning dew, at dusk, in the sunbeam, in the moonlight and in the glare of the stars.

Feel the divine power within you

Feel the presence of God in all of nature, in the whole Universe, in limitation and infinity, in every tear, in every look and in every smile, in the sound of the waves, in the whisper of the waterfall and in the sunset.

In the hand that a friend reaches out to you, everywhere and at every moment. In every cell, within you.
Take a deep breath and thank the Higher Source for being able to feel. And for being able to thank.

Thank God for peace, for his protection, health, strength, hope and for your faith. For your friends. Thank Source for every moment and for the future.

For the foods that feed you, for love, affection, for this mentalization. Thank God for the gathering of forces, for the meeting and the unification. Thank God for everything and everyone.

Say grace to the Divine Source for your perfect eyes. For your eyesight, for the ability to see the colors of the flowers, the indescribable beauty of nature, for the ability to hear, to listen, for your voice, the ability to speak, to sing, to communicate.

Say thank you for your perfect arms, your hands, your fingers, for your legs and feet. For you to be able to walk, hike, jump and run. Thank God for your perfect, healthy and strong organs.

Your physical and psychological balance. For your body. For the possibility to feel, for your existence, for the ability to thank. Breathe deeply…

Repeat mentally

I connect mentally with all energies, with all mental, spiritual and universal powers. With the cosmic energy, with all energies of nature. From the infinite, from all planets, from all galaxies, with all divine powers, all my problems are solved, all my physical disharmonies, the mental, spiritual, energetic, psychosomatic, emotional, organic, psychological, metabolic, hormonal, endocrine, genetic and material.

During this mentalization, I concentrate with all the strength of my mind on being vital, alive, and full of energy. Through mentalization I regenerate, I am balanced, liberated, healed, calm and strengthened.

The mentalization strengthens my body, mind and soul. I can do everything with the help of God. Source is there in me. That’s why I’m a winner.

Every day, every moment, I feel better. Mentally I make sure that all those who are in concentration, meditation, mentalization, in prayer or in a positive mental attitude at the moment are now mentally connecting with me.

Nothing affects me. Nothing prevents me from going the way I want to go. I can do it,  want it and I achieve it. I am creating it with the help of God. I materialize phenomena of peace, health, security, trust, calmness, balance, harmony, stability and well-being.

Breathe deeply again…

To end this mentalization, I become mindful of all of those who are here and of all of those who are mentally connected.

And also of all people who consciously or unconsciously participate in this mentalization. For all of humanity. After I release the positive energy with the word Rá, take a deep breath, hold the air for a while and then exhale slowly.

When inhaling, mentally repeat: Health penetrates my body, I absorb all healing, balancing, problem-solving and positive energies.

Once you hold your breath, say mentally: My whole being is renewed, all my organs stabilize, are revitalized and renewed. Everything will be fine.

I am gratitude

When exhaling, say mindfully: I eliminate every illness and everything that affects me negatively. I achieve that this mentalization has healing, penetrating and materializing effects: RÁ.

My gratitude for God/Source, and I thank my friends with whom I am connected through the Rá. I thank the cosmic, pure, divine and universal energies.

I am thanking God for so many signs, for so much light, for so much essence, for so much presence, for so much beauty, for so many answers and confirmations.

I am saying grace to the Higher Source for everything I have, for everything we have. For everything that you give to me, what you give to us. For all gifts, our talents, our qualities. For thanking you. I ask God that you bless us all, all who are here consciously and unconsciously.

I am asking you, Divine Source, let your light shine on us to illuminate our world. I ask you God that through this mentalization all our friends and all of humanity receive the necessary energy for the physical and spiritual balance.

So much that everyone becomes a pillar, a solid pillar of this cosmic energy and spreads health, peace and love on his way. In a way that the seeds of mentalization continue to germinate, fertilize, grow and bear many fruits. That your peace, your love for Rá and your light will be present forever. Eternally. Ra.

Thomaz Green Morton – Brazilian healer

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