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Heal And Open The Portal To Your Soul And Discover All About The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra. Also known as the brow chakra or forehead chakra (6th chakra, Third Eye, Ajna). It is the opening to soul and spirit. In this article, I want to bring all about the third eye chakra to your attention. We will explore its meaning, duties, color, disturbances, blockages and how to open the frontal chakra.

The 6th Chakra / Third Eye (Sanskrit Ajna = perceive)

The forehead chakra, often referred to as the third eye, is the sixth main chakra in the center of the head. It lies slightly above and between the eyebrows. The brow chakra resonates to the colors indigo blue to purple. The associated energy body is the heavenly body. Its element is the spirit.

The topics of the front chakra are:

Soul, mind, intuition, inner guidance, divine inspiration, presence, clarity, clairvoyance, visualization, telepathy.


Overview of the forehead chakra, the third eye.

Below I have gathered and summarized the most important information and properties regarding the third eye chakra.

1. Name: brow chakra, forehead chakra, “Third Eye”, Ajna (Sanskrit)
2. Position in the body: In the middle of the head, above and between the eyebrows
3. Resonance: The energy body as well as the heavenly body
4. Color: dark purple
5. element: spirit
6. Development: from 21 to 26 years of age
7. Spiritual qualities: Communication with the soul, intuition, higher mind, clairvoyance, visions, imagination and remote viewing and tapping into the presence.

8. Blocking fears, not knowing and understanding “why”, being afraid to look inside
9. Associates: endocrine gland, pituitary gland and carotid plexus
10. Hormones: Vasopressin, Pituitrin
11. Sense: spiritual and supernatural perception
12. Supportive stones: Amethyst, Iolite, Sapphire
13. Aroma: jasmine, mint, lemongrass, violet, frankincense, basil
14. By means of incense: aloe wood, basil, jasmine, camphor, mastic, sandalwood, violet root, peppermint, rosemary, immortelle, frankincense, juniper
15. Through nutrition: Spiritually motivated fasting to strengthen mental power. This includes Intensive fasting, water fasting, tea fasting, vegetable broth fasting, gentler fasting forms, e.g.: juice fasting, fruit fasting, rice fasting.

Third eye: meaning and task

The forehead chakra is the seat of the pure presence of the soul. It connects us to the higher intuition and guidance of our spirit. It is also the seat of consciousness, the higher mind, and inner vision.

As the unconscious mind sways back and forth between the lower chakras, the awakened mind becomes anchored in the transcendental presence of the third eye chakra.

When all other chakras are open, the development is completed. Thus, the human being finally opens himself to the divine consciousness and the higher dimensions.

Through the forehead chakra, we receive the guidance of the soul through intuition, which is why it is also called the “door to the soul”. We extend our being and our perception far beyond physical reality. Our clairvoyant abilities are developed here, which is why this chakra is also called the third eye.

The brow chakra springs from the knowledge and the experience that we are more than our body. It is the gateway to higher spiritual experiences and true cosmic love.

The development of the forehead chakra is particularly influenced by experiences between the 21st and the 26th year of life. Also, very intensive energy work with the third eye before this age is only conditionally recommendable.

This is because the nervous system is often ready to absorb such strong energies only at this time. A violent over-activation of the third eye, induced by hallucinogenic drugs, can be especially negative.


The opened forehead chakra

A fully opened forehead chakra enables deep spiritual experiences of cosmic consciousness and abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy and access to higher intuition. People with an activated third eye chakra are in close communication with their soul. If it is completely open, they live the strong, almost complete expression of this soul.

Adults whose forehead chakra is at least somewhat activated have a strong imagination, they can visualize things outstandingly. They, furthermore, encounter ideas as images inside themselves.

More and more, they are limiting their everyday awareness and are increasingly guided by universal wisdom and their own intuition. Therefore, they are becoming more and more sensitive.

The realization that every event is connected to everything, to recognize and interpret the synchronicities of life, to perceive oneself as a spiritual being – all of these things characterize people with an open brow chakra.

They live completely in the “now” and are always connected to the crystal clear presence of awareness. Devoted to meditation and/or prayer, they are aware of the divine within themselves and in everything around them.

People with an open third eye can develop clairvoyant gifts. In any case, however, they are able to perceive unspoken things and to feel and distinguish the vibrations in their quality. People with a strong forehead chakra can often communicate telepathically.

They use their skills and spiritual enrichment to guide and support others and themselves. They can adapt to the flow of life and let go of the old to make room for new things.

The third eye and our health

Physically, the pituitary gland and the carotid plexus absorb the vital energy and pass it on to the endocrine hormone system. The forehead chakra also represents the eyes and the visual pathway in the brain.

It also regulates sleep, our internal body clock; the biorhythm. In a well-developed forehead chakra, we feel youthful and alive, have great strength and endurance.

Disorders of the frontal chakra

Unfortunately, some serious karmic causes in which people completely shut themselves off from their own souls exist. However, in addition to that, the cause for the underdevelopment of the frontal chakra in most people includes the worldview and belief system in which we are born.

Especially in our Western world, the focus is on a material view of life that leaves little room for experiences beyond physical reality. The development of intuition plays a tiny role in Western education. However, every skill needs the intuition of exercise to become more accurate and fine-tuned.

What’s also important to mention while talking all about the third eye chakra is that the forehead chakra also can close due to an overemphasis on the intellectual mind.

Additionally, the constant attempt to rationally understand everything, a habit that is very present in our culture, acts damaging on the brow chakra. Also, the suppression of emotions and a withdrawal from the body can trigger such an escape into the mind.

This, too, consequently blocks the third eye chakra. Specific events between the ages of 21 and 26 may cause certain disturbances of the brow chakra, as well, Good to know is, however, that in most cases this chakra is simply “underdeveloped” and one can activate it with lots of care, patience and practice.


Mental effects of a blocked third eye chakra

People whose forehead chakra is not developed lack the sense for mysticism. Everything is considered by the material and mind-controlled and intellectual level. Spirituality has little to no place in their lives. Only the visible, measurable, analytic is accepted as reality. This is usually accompanied by an intolerance of everything beyond.

The thoughts often revolve around fears and worries. This often leads to a mental loss and disorientation and, as a result, to feelings of futility. These people often live strongly out of their conditioning.

Original, visual thoughts and the development of long-term plans are not possible for those affected. They also frequently suffer from lack of concentration. Illusionary realities, nightmares, delusions, and hallucinations may be indicators of an activated but severely disturbed forehead chakra.

Physical effects of a blocked brow chakra

On the physical level, a disturbance of the frontal chakra manifests in the forms of headaches and migraines, brain disorders, eye disorders, ear problems, chronic cold and sinus infections, diseases of the nervous system and neurological disorders, memory disorders and epilepsy.

Opening of the third eye/frontal chakra

The most important point to open the brow chakra is the focus on the intuition and inner guidance. Naturally, one should also pay intense attention to your own inner world through meditation.

Even with small daily decisions, like through simple yes/no queries one can strengthen the connection to intuition. Trust in the highest leadership is the central point. If this is right or wrong, and why does not matter. on the contrary, it is mostly this constant mental questioning, which can block the third eye chakra.

To look deeper behind the things, to feel energetic qualities, to respect the subtlest hunches and sensations, strengthens the forehead chakra. A refocusing of the gaze towards an open panoramic view, conscious anchoring in the presence and clarity are also enormously helpful exercises.

In addition, visualization and dream travel, art and pictorial thinking help, as well. The support of energy work, chakra meditations, gems, flavors, incense and a certain diet is often also part of the healing work.

The Amethyst – Great supporter of the third eye

The Amethyst meaning

The ancient Greeks carried the amethyst with them to save them from drunkenness, sorcery and bad thoughts. The gemstone should also ward off danger and protect against falsehood. Supernatural powers were attributed to the amethyst against almost every evil.

So Cleopatra’s seal showed a Bacchus figure engraved on a Datura stone. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) was convinced that an amethyst hung on baboon hair with the engraved names of the moon or the sun offers protection against witchcraft.

And the Italian painter and sculptor Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) believed that Bacchus people sharpened the mind and dispelled bad thoughts.


Amethyst healing effect on the psyche

The amethyst effect arises in particular from the purifying properties on the mind. Amethyst healing stones clarify unnecessary thoughts and feelings, promote objectivity and determination. Negative perceptions and experiences can be dealt with better with the amethyst effect.

One can resolve grief, loss and anxiety easier. The amethyst removes bad energies in the long run, calms the mind and creates deep inner contentment. The wonderful color of the gem stimulates the imagination and emphasizes personal charisma.

The mental effects of the amethyst healing stones include:

1. Overcoming nightmares, test anxiety and learning disability
2. Help with lovesickness, addictions and loss, emotional pain
3. Promotes clairvoyant dreams, restful sleep and intuition
4. Strengthens rational choices, real friendships, sense of justice and spirituality

Amethyst effect on the body

In natural medicine, amethyst relieves a variety of physical ailments. Already Hildegard von Bingen (a German Benedictine abbess, visionary, composer, writer, philosopher, etc.) used amethyst healing stones to combat various skin diseases.

The Bacchus stone makes the skin less sensitive, tightens the connective tissue and is suitable for the treatment of acne pustules or other impurities.

Amethysts also have a stimulating effect on the metabolism and digestion, help with tension and support breathing. They also use Amethyst successfully for the stabilization of the blood pressure and regulation of the blood sugar.

The physical effects of the amethyst healing stones are also:

1. Calming of the heart and nerves
2. Help with eczema, psoriasis, acne and warts
3. Regulates the intestinal flora, works with indigestion, parasites and gallstones
4. Inhibits tension, bruising, inflammation and menstrual cramps
5. Improves bone development and enhances immunity


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