What Is The Throat Chakra ? – How To Heal & Open The Vissudha


What is the throat chakra (Vissudha) all about?

If you are one of many folks on their spiritual journey who is asking himself “what is the throat chakra?”, then welcome to my post. Here, I will explain everything you should know regarding the specific energy center. This particular chakra is the expression of the soul and truth.

Meaning, task, color, disturbances, blockages and opening/healing of the throat chakra.

Chakra, laryngeal chakra (Sanskrit: Vissudha = cleanse)

The throat chakra (aka laryngeal chakra) is in resonance to the color sky blue and is the fifth main chakra on the neck, just below the larynx. The throat chakra processes the energies of the wisdom body and higher mind. Its element is the ether.

The topics of the throat chakra

Self-expression, truth, higher self, communication, integrity, authenticity, inter-dimensionality,

Overview regarding the throat chakra

I summarized the most important information and assignments concerning the throat chakra below:

Name: Throat Chakra, Visuddha (Sanskrit)
Position in the body: at the level of the larynx
Resonance Energy: Body Wisdom Body/Higher Mind
Color: light blue
Element: ether
Resonance age: 16 to 21 years of age
Spiritual Qualities: Seat of our uniqueness and individuality, authentic self-expression of the soul, ability to manifest, opening to the subtle level, access to intuition, clarity inside and out.
Blocking symptoms: afraid to express oneself; fear of rejection; hesitant to commit oneself; afraid of confrontation
Associated Endocrine: Nervous Braid Thyroid / Cervical Plexus
Hormones: Thyroxine

Meaningful associates

Supported by stones: Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Celestine, Chrysocolla, Opal, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Lapiz Lazuli, Amazonite
Aromas: eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint, Roman chamomile, manuka
Means of incense: sage, lavender, laurel, sandalwood, mastic, eucalyptus, frankincense, benzoin
Through food/Relief Food: cleansing seeds and fruits
Natural, cleansing sweetness: fruit juices, honey, agar syrup, etc
Cleansing specialties: plantain seeds (or psyllium), rose hips, nettle seeds, linseed


The throat chakra processes experiences of self-expression, especially the expression of our highest truth as a soul. It connects us to the higher, transpersonal mind. The throat chakra is the source of our understanding and communication skills. It hides our very own truth-finding, as well as the possibility of sharing it with our environment.

We can make contact with the outside world through language, gestures, thoughts and desires. Attracted belief patterns and sentences are tested by activating the throat chakra in the light of one’s own truth – self-determination, independence, and freedom as a soul are attained.

This expresses the uniqueness and individuality of our soul, through communication, but also through the creative self-expression in the world – through song, art, dance, music, acting, literature.

The throat chakra links us to the higher mind so that inner messages of the soul, one’s destiny and synchronicities are unconditionally perceived in the outer world, knowing that the outer world is only a mirror of our inner being.

Spiritually, open-ended halakhic transcend identification with the ego-personality, becoming our true self and opening ourselves to the higher truth of subtle dimensions.

In that way we recognize the larger connections behind things and the reality at the level of pure vibration. Experiences between the 16th and the 21st year of one’s life influence the development of the throat chakra in a special way.

Open throat chakra

People whose throat chakra is open are able to express themselves and their truth freely. They can openly express and show their feelings, thoughts and attitudes, in the full acceptance of their own weaknesses.

They are especially good listeners because they can understand not only themselves but others from a higher perspective, as well. Also, they can improvise well and are open to any kind of inspiration. These people talk with clarity and can state things in a short time; in a nutshell.

They love to communicate and do not shy away from a debate – it broadens their horizon. They can clearly and unequivocally perceive their wishes and are able to manifest and fulfill them in their lives. In addition, these people have an undisturbed expression of their intuition/soul and are trustingly guided by their inner guidance.

They are authentic to themselves and to others and gain integrity with their souls. The identification with the personality stops and gives way to an opening for the unclouded expression of the soul.

Throat chakra and health

Physically, the thyroid gland and the cervical plexus absorb the life energy and pass it on to the following organ systems:

Neck and shoulders
The backs of the arms and hands
Ears and the nose
The sinuses, mouth, teeth, throat
Larynx, thyroid, parathyroid

Disorders of the throat chakra
The throat chakra processes our self-expression as being. Painful experiences in this regard or a lack of such expression can lead to a blockage of the throat chakra. Particularly difficult living conditions between the age of 16 and 21 can inhibit the development of the throat chakra, so that those affected cannot clearly show themselves to the external world.

Mental effects of a blocked throat chakra

In people with a blocked throat chakra, self-expression and communication with the environment is disturbed. Neither are they able to communicate needs, desires, opinions and ideas, nor are they able to listen to others. Often hidden behind this is the fear to show oneself.

Fright is in any way an obstacle to communicating with others – fear of criticism, agitation of rejection, terror of negative reactions and the angst of losing control. These fears often lead to a sophisticated network of lies -to oneself and others – or to constant exaggerations, to bizarre forms of self-presentation, so as not to show anyone his true nature.

Also, those affected hardly have access to their inner voice and no confidence in their own intuition. They have little to no self-confidence, seem jammed and often listless. In extreme cases, they suffer from speech disorders, e.g. mumbling and stuttering.

As their creative self-expression is disturbed, they often take their world colorless and poor, for lack of their ability to dream, to try, to improvise and to develop ideas. The pain of the soul not being able to express itself is reflected in the psychological level in regret, self-judgment and excessive hardness and coldness.

Physical effects of a blocked throat chakra

On the physical level, a disturbance of the throat chakra expresses itself in the following problems: recurrent inflammation of the pharynx or sinuses, the oral cavity and the gums. More issues include over or under-function of the thyroid and concomitant lack of drive and/or nervousness, problems with the teeth and pain in the area of ​​the shoulders, neck and cervical spine. Also osteoporosis may indicate a disturbed calcium balance, as a result of a disease of the parathyroid glands.

How to open the throat chakra

The healing of the throat chakra begins where one’s own inner truth is denied or distorted by ego identities. Recognizing and accepting one’s own reality will help to give expression to it bit by bit, until we can live and express our highest truth of our souls in every situation.

This includes learning to convey one’s own inner messages from the adapted messages of third parties, e.g. of the parents. But it is especially important to uncover your own lies and dishonesty. This is the points at which we lose our authenticity and integrity, or pretend to imitate certain role models.

To free oneself from the fear of rejection, criticism, lack of understanding, derision or similar negative reactions and to really stand by oneself has an extremely liberating effect on the throat chakra.

Sound healing through voice, drama, pantomime, and even rhetoric training can, in my experience, help open up a wider range of expression. It is also helpful to consciously perceive opportunities to speak in front of other people or in groups and observe the rising feelings.

Everything that makes our voice sound, e.g. singing and talking, acts healing for the blocked throat chakra. The support of energy work, chakra meditations, stones, flavors, incense and a certain diet is also part of the healing work.

The Lapiz Lazuli

Although the throat chakra has several gemstones assigned, I chose to introduce the Lapiz Lazuli in this post.

Our lapis lazuli tumbled stone “Azure-Blue” reminds by its blue color with gray and black accents on a night sky in autumn. Right then, when it is slightly cloudy and the stars sparkle between the clouds. Therefore, the lapis lazuli also has its name. The Arabic word “azul” means “heaven” and “lapis” comes from the Latin meaning “stone”. With its enchanting appearance, the lapis lazuli tumbled stone “Azure-Blue” is a real pleasure for the eyes and should not be missing in any collection.

Lapis lazuli in history

The lapis lazuli is especially known as the stone of kings. This is because in history, many rulers wore this gemstone as a guardian and protective charm. These included, above all, Cleopatra and Napoleon, who appreciated the virtues of lapis lazuli very much.

Due to its high sulfur content, the lapis lazuli was used in antiquity as a healing stone against skin diseases, biliary disorders and epilepsy. Its strong blue color gives the lapis lazuli a special recognition value. The Lapiz lazuli promotes, amongst other things, the following positive properties:

Attention Lapis-Lazuli-What-Is-the-Throat-Chakra
Ability of Speech

Furthermore, it is said that he has strong mental, physical and spiritual qualities. Its calming effect on body and mind can be very pronounced. In addition, the Lapis lazuli is said to lead to greater self-confidence, with the increase of optimism. Its associated main chakra is the throat chakra and it is assigned to the star sign Sagittarius as the main stone.

Personal note to my starlings

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