All Is Changing With Every Single Breath You Take


Every single moment, no matter how insignificant it seems, all is changing

“Life is a river. If you take a closer look, you will see that everything changes every moment. ”

(Drukpa Rinpoche)

Our eyes are often too crude to perceive. For our most dominant sense, our eyes, things often do not change, things still look the same as they did the day before.

Nonetheless, all is changing, and, although the eye cannot discern the differences, emotionally, there is a distinction.

The feelings are finer, enhanced moods, vibrations and energies of even more defined ardor. Thus, they can register immediately when something changes; in space, in the structure of relationships, in the sentiments and energies of all those involved.

Things change, especially when we believe we have not actively changed ourselves or the situation itself. Yes, even if we consciously refuse to change anything – things take on a different form!


A little anecdote from the past

Some time ago I was allowed to have a wonderful and direct experience. I had the honor to feel with my own body how, in spite of my passive being and my conscious refusal to change myself at the moment,

I was at the mercy of the constant change around me. This was no less of a change as if I had been ushering and initiating it myself.

A long time ago, I was currently training as a nurse in England and taking seminars. At that time our group already knew each other for a while, we met already for the third training week and were already familiar with each other.

Yes, in such a training course, many people bond much faster and more intimate with each other than they can get close to private contacts.

The reason for this is most likely because in training courses you share many very personal and emotional experiences and situations with one another.

We were a pleasant, very mixed, but a harmonious little group of different characters and personalities by the time everyone had their seat in the seminar room.

Always these comfort zones!

Most of us certainly know the phenomenon, which also accompanies me very much: I come into a room and immediately know in which corner, against which wall, and on which window I feel most comfortable in the respective environment.

So if conditions are required that leave me in a room for a long time, I need such a place for me to create a degree of well-being.

Of course, that does not mean that I will stick there forever. Nevertheless, for me, that is at least the place from which I can act in all directions.

It’s the place I can comfortably move around within the room sometimes, and withdraw back to if I should feel like it. I should add that I was suffering from, at that time still relatively mild, panic disorder.

Thus, such a comfort zone was extremely vital for me. Because of my increasing issue with panic attacks and anxiety, one of the nurses suggested I should join a sort of relaxation and meditation therapy class designed for people like me.


My conscious refusal to change me

My sister, who worked at the same nursing home with me, convinced me, so I began to attend class. Our seminar leader and instructor allowed us a free choice of space at any time. Of course, there were no chairs or tables for the training.

On the contrary, with our meditation cushions and blankets, we were allowed to reorganize and rearrange ourselves freely in the room and at every opportunity – just to get as cozy and comfortable as possible.

One day, though, I somehow had my halfway familiar place, and suddenly our trainer said, “Trade the seats! Look who you want to swap with and watch what happens.” I looked around the room and checked out everybody else’s spot. However, I did not want to switch with any of them!

I sat with my back to a wall. In front of me, I had, so to speak, the window front with two huge windows (even if they were only pointing into a courtyard), which I felt totally relaxing at the moment.

I was likewise comfortable with the people who sat on my right and left side, and the instructor in a circle opposite me. I saw everything well and felt great. Everything was fine, so why would I want to change it?!

I refused. I did not engage in this experiment. The group accepted my decision without asking for a justification or otherwise negatively considering that I just stayed where I was sitting.

And I simply thought so with me: “I feel comfortable here, everything fits for me as it is right now, and I’m not prepared to put me at risk of discomfort. ”

The light bulb experience & the grateful realization

I was completely wrong with these thoughts. I assumed that nothing would change for me if I did not change anything.

Thus, I have completely underestimated that you are always exposed to changes, whether you actively cause this and bring about, or not. There are always changes – basically from one moment to the next.

The people around me then settled around in a circle, and I stayed in my place. However, with the conclusion that this also changed the energies surrounding me, my view of the individual people and the room.

I still sat in the same place, but it did not feel that way anymore. The overall structure had changed completely. Everything was different. The change could not have been greater if I had implemented and actively brought it about myself.

The difference was so grave that the knowledge gained was like a little awakening. I sat there, just looking and feeling how everything changed while simply did nothing towards it.

I was overwhelmed by this effect and how emblematically this clarified what we all experience every moment in life.


Everything is always changing & at any time

Life flows, changes come and go, and at the same time, everything moves. Nothing ever stops. Only how we perceive change is subject to our subjective assessment.

One change we like better than another, which in turn is based on the own expectation and evaluation of the situation.

For example, if I receive a raise out of the blue, then that is quite acceptable for me. It would be pretty stupid of me to say “Nah, let’s not take the raise. I do not like unexpected changes like that! “.

On the contrary! On such occasions, I can, suddenly, show myself extremely flexible and adaptable. However, if I had to be told at work that I was losing my job, for example, then my flexibility and willingness to change would quickly reach their limits. I am certain I’d wish everything would stay as it were.

Unfortunately, quite often people are afraid of change. This leaves them unable to make decisions because they cannot or do not want the scope of things.

They would rather not do anything, change nothing, perhaps not make decisions that are supposed to be made.

However, that too is a decision that has an impact. And because everything around us continues to change, it is completely irrelevant to the matter itself, to the workings of the Universe and to life, whether or not we can make a decision or change. Everything comes as it has to come. Maybe then only in small detours.

Stay open and accept what’s coming

And because virtually everything in life changes from moment to moment, we can basically let go, wait and see what awaits us, look what it does to us and let ourselves drift. Let us go with the flow of life instead of with the flow of the matrix.

Almost “ride” the world that comes in and invites us to take it. Why lingering around longer on our surfboard on the beach and wait. Waiting for what ???

Of course, we can also build resistance and refuse to allow or accept the change, but that does not make a difference to the situation itself.

The change is still happening. Only with the deviation that we have lost a lot of strength, energy and probably also nerves in refusing to accept that everything always comes, how it has to come.

Therefore, embrace what’s happening and be aware of what it is doing to you. Everything is allowed, because all, may it be negative or positive occurrences alike, lead to a stronger, wiser and happier version of yourself.


Dear starlings

I hope my little story helps you understand that it’s not worth to fight and be resistant against changes. It is then when we learn to accept that all is changing constantly when we begin to embrace what life brings us. When we start to appreciate and understand the positive aspects of each moment, and, thus, create and draw abundance into our lives.

Starlings, please, do share your experiences with leaving your comfort zones, accepting circumstances and letting go. I would love to hear from you, and your opinions are important to me and our community.

Also, please, do share us with your families and friends on social media, so they, too, can become part of our “tribe”, learn new things, get free ebooks, personalized advice and uplifting words during trying times.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you my love, peace and healing energy. Remember that you are a unique spiritual being, here to explore, expand, have fun and fulfill your individual mission for the good of the entire collective. I want to thank you for existing. Note that you are precious, cherished, endlessly loved and appreciated. ~Namaste~

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