Become The Best Version Of Yourself & The Importance Of Self Love


How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself And How To Learn to Love Yourself

Self-love often comes too short in our hectic everyday life. However, it is vital to strengthen and nourish the love and confidence in oneself, because it is the basis for a fulfilled life …

Do you know that feeling, too? You read other people’s every wish from their lips, but you often come too short? And, you put the needs of others above your own necessities?

The problem is that if you do not recharge your own batteries, they will get weaker fast until they are completely drained. Perhaps you are not aware of this at first, because you do not know it differently and have been operating like this for a long time.

Strengthen your self-love

Self-love is so much more than just balm for the soul. In fact, only when you can love and accept yourself with all your beautiful faults and flaws, you dwell within yourself. Only then can you bestow your symphony of love on to others instead of just playing a few notes once in a while.

Self-love has nothing to do with egoism or arrogance. On the contrary, it is your basic self-awareness, which then affects all areas of your life.

In order to care for yourself, you must put yourself first, so as not to lose the connection to your true being. Furthermore, you have to learn how to become the best version of yourself and the importance of self-love.

I decided to share some thoughts and, hopefully, eye-opening words with you regarding transforming yourself, your life and, thus, the entire world along the path, too.

You are as valuable
as the thoughts
you think about yourself
and the limits you set yourself.

Stop letting others control you!

Awake to a world of endless possibilities. How can you morph into what you came here to be for? An abundant amount of us on our travel here on Earth were told how to lead our lives – whether by parents, friends or even spouses.

Because of this, most of us never truly unfold and become the greatest versions of themselves. To change this, however, it helps immensely to use the force of intuition.

The word “intuition” comes forth from the Latin “into airy”, which means to take a closer look on the inside, or the ability to gather knowledge from within.

The key is to let go of society’s projection and outlook right now. Many of our co-creators are waking up and are encountering the freedom within.

You have to listen to that little voice within yourself, however. I have the experience that the first thought that you have, or the primary voice that you hear within yourself, usually is the correct one.

Many folks are aware of the fact that something is wrong with the world. From the instant that we are born, they tell us what to do. They send us to school, on to college, then off to find a job. They preach to us that marriage and having children belongs in the ‘leading a picturesque life’ category. Much later on, we retire – the convey of existence.

Don’t buy into their distraction.

Millions of us walk through the streets of our hometowns, and we gaze at people’s faces. While doing so, we are wondering if there’s someone inside there; behind the outer mask? This happens, because right now, here on Earth, we are in spiritual combat where we live in the grand deception.

They put the distraction deliberately out there to take you away from your element. We don’t need to become indignant, however, because all this presents to us who we truly are.

Once you manage to tune in to your heart, you pursue that voice within you, being your fundamental oracle, and it will not let you down. For of right now, everything is being unveiled – light is shining on the once hidden.

What folks used to believe unachievable is now achievable. The once seemingly odd is now turning into the innate. We’re able to view the TV and all the lies that are emerging from it.

Even our regular communication with people, the conversations we had with them that used to be so dear to us, now all this is not moving us in the same manner.

This is because there are no positive or negative people; there’s only resonance. As you are fine-tuning your oscillation, everything changes. Life doesn’t change -only from your own perspective. And exactly this is the gift of perception.

Don’t live to please others – It’s YOUR life journey!

It is a reward for letting go of society’s expectation. At this point, in my opinion, there only exists now. You have to take this opportunity and make each day valuable. However, you also have to recognize that we live in a world of endless life forms.

How can we be so certain that there are seven billion people on Earth? In order to confirm this, you would have to count each individual. Within our society, however, we simply accept things.

Thus, to be completely liberated and to upgrade into what you came here to truly be, you must follow your life plan, your own mission, as it’s now or never.

You have to reach out for it, with your eyes open and focused to become the absolute and boundless being you really are. Many times we put ourselves into a box and put a label on – my creed, my race, my integrities, etc.

At the moment, many folks are able to look beyond the Maya, Sanskrit for illusion or magic, and recognize that this is what’s separating humanity.

Thus, we have to let go of definitions and become one with the “I Am.” Be liberated, and stay that way, because freedom is your birthright.

Who cares what they think?!

Also, stop caring what other people think. No matter who it is: Family, spouses, friends, they all should live our lives, because they simply know better. Or so they think!

Love yourself a hundred percent! Not worrying what others think is the greatest form of self-love. When self-love is absent, you will always worry about what other people think about you. People that love themselves – we see them all the time in the world.

They are smiling, they are letting go of fears, and they are soaring to phenomenal heights. We’ve all gone into the streets and seen people singing or playing an instrument in the middle of the boulevard.

The more your self-love increases, the more your self-expression increases as well, and that is the secret. Literally, hug yourself. You cannot please everyone!

Many of us say “Please like me,” “Please love me” to everyone we meet. We have to remind ourselves, however, that we’re not here to live up to people’s expectations.

We are in this world to be ourselves, in essence, tuning in to our authenticity one hundred percent. Some people love you one day, then they hate you the next day, next they love you again.

All that matters is what is essential to you.

What matters most to you? How do you see yourself, that is essential. Because people’s opinion of you are always changing. However, how you see yourself, stays with you forever. The perception we have of ourselves is greater than the perception that others have of us.

A great secret to stop caring what other people think is to see that it’s not only about us. Life is everywhere! There are billions of people on this planet.

Do you believe the whole world has time to think about you? If they do then you’re someone so special, but the majority of the time the people are not thinking about you, instead, we are thinking about them. We have to not become so egocentric and feel that the whole world revolves around us.

I put out articles every day. Tons of people are reading them, and they can say whatever they want. To me, that’s not important, because I keep it moving.

I’m so focused on what I’m doing. I don’t have the time to focus on what people are thinking, because I love myself one hundred percent. You have to accept yourself one hundred percent, too.

You have to see that to stop caring what others think. They say freedom is when you have nothing else to lose. Sometimes this takes going through challenging life experiences in order to really have that in confidence.

Value and accept yourself – You are worth it!

The secret is giving yourself your own unique value system. Whenever you allow someone else to give you value, you lose confidence. Give yourself your own definition, and that is all that matters. Smile to yourself. Do it for yourself first, before you do it for anyone else.

Yes, it is wonderful to get constructive feedback from people. But, at the same time, you have to listen to that inner voice, that inner oracle.

Once you master to listen to that inner oracle, you stop caring what others think. You begin smiling, instead, because you realize who has your best interest at hand.

And that is the secret. The greatest friend and enemy lies within you. This is how it works. It is what you are capable to let go, that determines how high you can soar.

The secret is letting go of whatever does not serve you. We came here to be free, to be happy and stop caring what other folks think.

Your reactions determine the outcome.

You have to remember that always, or are you going to be afraid for the rest of your life? Do you want to live only half of what you can actually be? Or do you wish to become your complete self?

Nobody is doing anything to us, except that we cannot control what other people think of us. We can’t control how people act. All we can control is how we react to their actions. People are free spirits and can think whatever they want about you.

Just don’t think about them either. Because you’re turning into what you’re tuning into. Whatever you put your energy into, grows. Focus on people who are helping you raise your spirit, who uplift you.

To stop caring what others think we have to ask ourselves “Who are those people?” Yes, some of them may be family, friends, co-workers, etc. However, sometimes we come to see that there is a generation gap. We all live in the world we are thinking about.

Times have changed. Therefore, those persons cannot view your dreams and visions, as they are not YOU. Thus, we have to become aware and see where are people on my journey, on my path.

Invite those to walk the road with you together. Let go of those who don’t serve you any longer and keep holding you back. To stop caring what other people think, we have to stop living in our minds, but, rather, in our senses. Accept yourself a hundred percent.

Dearest co-creators, I hope my words are insightful for you, and that they offers some help to become the best version of yourself. Please, feel free to leave a comment below with any questions and requests for topics you’d like to read up on here.

Perchance, you would like to share a special part of your own life-journey with us and fellow readers? No matter what, know that we are always happy hearing from you.

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Co-creators, please keep in mind tat you are truly unique and worthy beings. Your existence is not a coincidence, and by merely breathing you are contributing to the evolution of our planet and Universe.

Don’t let anyone belittle you, bring you down, or tell you that you are wasting your life. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be at the time being, and there’s a powerful purpose behind it – a master plan.

So just stay focused and remember that if you want to bring forth great changes in this world, you have to start within yourself.

You are valuable, beautiful, unique, precious and boundlessly loved. Thus, keep on sparkling bright.


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