Why It is Important To Change Certain Habits & How To Do It


If you change certain habits, your life will change significantly, as well

A habit is a specific behavior that you do almost automatically again and again without effort. To change certain habits, you have to replace it with another, more productive, one.

To exchange one habit with another, you will often have to repeat the new habit with an effort of will. You have to persist until it becomes part of your daily routine, and you do not have to fear a return of the old habit.

Make what needs to be done a habit, whether you like those activities or not. If activities that you do not like to do have become a habit, you will do them automatically as you brush your teeth in the morning and evening.

It’s good to have a routine. A routine consists of a number of habits. Unfortunately, we have all habits that are harmful to health or that disturb others. Most of these are habits that are hard to beat. Whoever does it has reason to be proud of himself.

Changing bad habits

Think about why you have a certain bad practice and do this analysis with all bad habits. You may find that a bad personal custom is related to several of your bad habits.

Furthermore, you will discover that if you change one bad habit that is linked to another, these will improve on their own or it will be easy to replace them with better habits.

You won’t find all of your bad habits right away to make a complete list. So watch yourself over the coming days and make a note if you notice a new one arising.

Examples of bad habits and what you can do about them

Many people don’t get up right after the alarm clock rings and, therefore, sometimes oversleep. Get in the habit of getting up after the alarm rings, beat snoozing!

You eat too much and are overweight? Eat a little less until your body gets used to the minimized amount. Then consume a little less again until your body gets used to the new portion.

Do this until you eat as much as your body requires. In order to lose weight, you shouldn’t get used to your body, because then it is on the back burner.

Eat a lot a day, a little less the next, then very little, and then a little more. At the end of the week, you should have consumed fewer calories than your body needs.

It’s not just how much, it’s what you eat. Eating pork and french fries dripping with fat too often and then a large piece of cake is a bad habit and leads to obesity.

Eat some lettuce and raw vegetables first, which takes away the most hunger and prevents you from falling into your plate of roast pork with cravings.

You don’t like vegetables? It is also a habit. Eat a small piece and again tomorrow until you get used to eating vegetables. You will be surprised that you did not like it.

You can get rid of the preference for certain dishes and get used to eating healthy foods

Listen to a subliminal weight loss. It will help you change your subconscious mind, eating habits and lose weight permanently.

Oh, it can be so easy to replace bad habits with good ones. When it came to eating, I had no problem isolating an entire group of foods and replacing them with healthier ones.

I threw away everything related to grains in one day and replaced the cornflour with lentil flour and very rarely use flour altogether. Normally, I don’t eat potatoes more than once or twice a year. Furthermore, I cut out toast with butter and marmalade and commercial cereals.

Both are unhealthy fattening foods that can ruin you for half a day. Instead, there is a cup of tea for breakfast and fruit, eggs or cheese.

Bad habits also include interfering with others, not letting them finish their sentence. I’ve been a bad listener for many years. In the meantime, curiosity is getting to know what others have to say.

Enough to tell you about my bad habits. Watch yourself and make a list of your own bad habits. Think about each one and replace them with a positive one.

Change one habit at a time to make a lasting change

After making a list of all the habits you want to change, give each one priority. Now think about how your life would change if you changed the most important habits.

Think, if you have a bad habit that upsets your partner, how much your partnership will be better if you have given up this habit. But don’t replace it with a new habit that your partner won’t enjoy either.

Next, add to each habit what you want to replace it with. Don’t try to change all the bad habits at once. That’s impossible. Take one at a time.

Do not start by changing the most important habit, but the habit that is easy to change. If you have found several habits that are very easy to change, you can change two or three at a time.

Once you’ve proven that it’s not that difficult to replace bad habits with better habits, it will always be easier. Then, when you get to the stubborn habits, you’ll replace them with better ones with flying colors.

Subliminals help you to change your mental programming and also some habits.

How long does it take for you to permanently replace one habit with another?

Changing a habit takes at least three weeks. But that’s not always the same. Some habits can be changed faster and others take longer. In some cases up to 13 months.

For example, if you have lived in poverty for many years, it may take up to 13 months for you to get used to thinking about growing income.

Yes, a certain monthly income is also a habit. Sometimes it takes a long time to change a habit until the breakthrough suddenly comes, but then it comes in several areas of your life.

You have probably already read that people report:” … and suddenly things went uphill.” Or … “and suddenly I made an incredible amount of money that I wondered where all this was hidden.”

If you intend to change your life extremely, you cannot help but change some of your habits. And I repeat, don’t try to change all of your bad or disruptive habits at once. This is simply not realistic and you would quickly go back to your old routine.

Dear starlings

To change certain habits is a serious task, because it will have a positive impact on your life. If changing a habit seems difficult, do it gradually, as I described using less food as an example.

Do not expect too much at once, because that does nothing. Changing habits slowly is safer. Remember how many years you will live with better habits and ask for divine guidance along the way.


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