Creativity Is Infinite Space


We are all born from creativity, thus, creativity is infinite space

Dear starlings, don’t you agree that creativity is infinite space? I often experience that when it comes to creativity, people start to flinch and shy away. I deeply regret this reaction and note that there are many misunderstandings on this subject.

From my own experience, I know what it means to be confronted with the seemingly inexhaustible wealth of ideas of others and to feel beside oneself unimaginative and uncreative.

For the past decades, I’ve had limited involvement in creativity and art as such, and I still do not really have anything to do with it today. Although somehow I am involved at the same time anyway, simply because my understanding of the term has completely changed.

Many people shy away from the word “art”. For a great number of years of my life, art was something that only artists can perform. But what is an artist? A person who can live from his creativity? A person who works the whole day, “fiddling around” and creating things that one hopes to be able to interpret as a “normal mortal”?

Something that speaks to you as a viewer something that mediates, triggers a feeling in one, which is hopefully not just discomfort, confusion or even anger? A philosopher in word, picture, sound and/or movement?


What about those who leave us their legacy?

And then how about all the other creative minds who invent something, create and leave a part of themselves behind in this world?

Are they less of an artist with a meager form of creativity, just because what they designed disappears into their drawers and portfolios at home? Because her poems and songs go unheard? Because nobody ever read their stories?

What about all the everyday ideas? Are those inventors also less of an artistic being, because what they create is too commonplace to allow it to be called art? Because it does not flatter the general eye enough, or it does not meet the taste of the crowd?

Have not artists become acquainted with works that could already be described as “special” and “idiosyncratic”? Do you need a name as an artist? What makes art valuable in its essence when creativity is everything?


Creativity is everything

It is a pure imaginative act, and simply everything. As a matter of fact, we are creativity, or where did we else come from? And again, everything is creativity. It is infinite space. And it has an infinite number of faces, expressive possibilities, forms, colors and sounds. As individuals, as we are as human beings, we also stand as in our artistic and creative expressions.

Rather, it is true that we have decided and realized within our heads and minds what true art is for us. This may have come about in our childhood when our parents visited museums and exhibitions with us. Likewise, education may have shaped our understanding.

A special kind of art teachers

There are certainly some insensitive art teachers in schools who have solely chosen this career because they have been taught once on their way not to be an artist. They have an idea, they know what they are talking about, they understand their subject to the smallest detail and they can really do something.

However, someday they have been trimmed by the insensitive person’s artistic wings, their inner child has received criticism and rejection and, thereby, accepted the belief that being an artist is not good enough.

And then, at least, as a last resort, to gain a foothold in this professional genre, they decided on the branch of the art teacher.

Many of them, unfortunately, live quite often and completely unconscious about the underlying mechanisms, a dark artistic life. There, they now experience everything that has happened to them at some point in their lives: they make you, the student, small, criticize, evaluate and, above all, try to talk you out of your talent.

By doing so, they “inherit” others what they have experienced and endured themselves, continuing their blockages of expressing themselves creatively and discourage others to be effective on their own.

But how can creative expression even be rated? Is it not always good, how a person expresses himself? And even if someone does not express himself creatively, it only shows how immense his internal blockade is, thus, it should not be evaluated additionally.

This would only create further blockages, which only remove and separate man from himself, instead of bringing him closer to his core being, again.

And, therefore, art is for us usually something that we (allegedly) cannot make. I’m asking what it is that we supposedly cannot do if each one of us is fundamentally creative, anyway?


Creativity is a matter of the heart

Artists live out of their hearts; from their souls. They have access to their unconscious, either rediscovered or never completely lost from childhood. They have found the channel on which these parts of themselves express themselves through their higher selves.

I know this sounds confusing, but they are closer to their higher selves than most people are, because they know what they require in order to express themselves. They have found a way to make sensible use of their energies and to redirect them.

No matter what is going on inside of them, emotionally, they have the opportunity knowledge to express their innermost self. And man is an expression system. We are creators, extremely creative creators. None of us can live without creating something, and creation always has to do with creativity.


Everyone is creative in their own individual way

I am convinced that there is one specifically designed talent for each of us. Thus, no matter which way and what direction of art we choose, there will be always this particular field that we are unique in.

Provided, of course, we find the right channel for us, encounter our own way of becoming authentic and try not to be like others. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t feel comfortable expressing ourselves in all the other forms of art, either.

We do not need to pretend to be anybody else. The Universe, nature, God, whoever and whatever you want to call it or believe in, has given us a totally individual and distinctive way of expressing ourselves to the world. Although these may resemble the expressions of others, they will never be the same in their originality.

Creativity is directly connected to our emotions. Everyone feels something when they create, even when it almost feels like in a state of trance. And the resulting works are also influenced by these feelings afterward. So how could it even be possible that we create the same things?

We could never be competitors for each other, even if half of humanity would draw and paint – not even if we were asked to dar the very same object! The creative expression that humans can use, however, is far greater – and everything is possible. Are there not always things we are amazed about?

And there is no need for the individual to create something unique and unprecedented, but only to express oneself, no matter how your own higher self wants to expresses itself. Just go with your inner flow.


We all have the right and the duty to be creative

And this “right” is not just reserved for certain people. Not just the people we call “artists,” who in our eyes, or in the eyes of the society, are artists. No, it is what every human being can and should do; in whatever way. It lives in us all and we all carry this innate gift within us.

We just need to find access to it and then all limitations are gone anymore. We may blossom, come home to ourselves and become one with the divine creative power that is inherent in everything. For with each creative act we connect directly with the Universe and the primeval source of all life.

Dear starlings

It’s your turn to let me know all about your views regarding creativity. What are your special talents? Please, always remember that you do have one. Perchance you just haven’t paid attention enough yet to discover it. Certain is, that it’s slumbering somewhere within you – waiting patiently until you, one fine day, will awaken it.

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Meanwhile, I am sending you my love and healing energy, joy, harmony and an abundance of all your desires. All this “under grace, in perfect ways” (Florence Scovel Shinn). Never forget that you are much more than flesh and bones.

You are spiritual beings who came here to grow, learn, have fun and fulfill your own true assigned purpose for the benefit of the entire collective system.  And I want to thank you for being so brave – for being here. You are much needed, cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved.  ~Namaste~

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