Crystals For Manifestation – Protective Companions During Awakening


Have An Abundant Awakening Journey With Crystals For Manifestation And Protection

My beloved starlings, today I would like to introduce you to eight energetic crystals for manifestation that have the power to help you attract and achieve anything you desire.


First of all, I had many people asking me in the past about what crystals they should use if they help and hold power?

Let me explain it this way: Everything in this Universe vibrates and has power.

However, certain things do have a much higher vibration, thus, have the potential to amplify your intentions and take them to the next level.



This means that you’re going to manifest your desires with more ease whenever you have the right tools, such as herbs, crystals, incenses or essential oils.

Crystals help you to become the best version of yourself

The right food you are consuming, etc, everything is about vibration and raising yourself to your highest potential. Yes, crystals help you do that in a very powerful way.

Cosmic primal force let them emerge and the four elements shaped them. Energetic radiations bestow magical powers upon them – Stones, minerals and crystals, polished or raw, not only look pretty, but we also attribute healing and other positive effects on the body and soul to them.



Gems have a mysterious power that goes far beyond their optical beauty. However, one needs a little patience to experience success.

For more and more people, these precious rocks are more than dead objects. It’s said that they have a magical life of their own.

In addition, folks have believed, since immemorial times, that these stones carry mysterious powers that are auspicious and curative. Their crystalline structure makes them ideal “receivers” for sunlight and all cosmic rays.

Gemstones transfer their positive vibrations to you

Each stone has its own unique vibration, which, together with color and shape, directly affects its environment. This phenomenon includes positive effects on the human organism and the sub and unconscious mind, as well.

This happens, for example, when you wear a gemstone necklace/bracelet, or whenever a gemstone is in the same room as you are.

Manifest-Money-With-CrystalsYou can use the healing power of the crystals by yourself or with the help of a lithotherapist. Lithotherapy influences the electromagnetic radiation of a stone.

This involves the vibrational flow of the body’s energy channels (meridians) and the activity of the energy centers in the body (chakras).


These, along with the electrical conduction of the nerves, the activity of the endocrine glands and the metabolism of the cells, therewith, indirectly connect mental and spiritual areas.

Crystals are renowned and powerful companions

Although prescribing powdered jewels is no longer part of the medical repertoire, lithotherapy has become fashionable again. The offer is accordingly large.


From wearing and application of the stones in physical complaints to the production of gemstone water, powders and elixirs, gemstone meditation and spiritual development and healing processes, all this satisfies the demand.

For instance, in the crystal healing, the aura of a human being will be purified in order to liberate it from suppressed mental shocks and to enable a growth process.

Crystals for balanced energy

Acupuncture and Ayurvedic massages are further fields of application of the therapy. Through direct skin contact, an energetic charge of all organs takes place.

You can always carry stones with you, which vibrations have a helping or healing influence on the energy balance of your body.

Keep one in the back pocket if you want to stimulate the chakras in the lower body. Wear a necklace to positively affect the heart, neck or forehead center.

I also recommend smooth and polished “touchstones”, which you can nestle in your hand or put under your pillow while sleeping. The body receptors absorb the vibrations emanating from the stone and pass them on to the energy centers.


However, not every stone helps every human being. And not every person needs the same stone in different phases of their life.

It is all the more essential to find one or more stones that fit the current life issues and the state of development. It goes without saying that these stones must be real.

Also, these precious stones need regular cleaning and care, so that their full power can completely unfold. The choice should be intuitive (except for very specific physical ailments).


If you take enough time, sooner or later you will encounter a stone that you feel attracted to, that is “on the same wavelength.”

This is especially important for stones that you are wearing on your body for a longer period of time. For only when the wavelength is right, the stone can increase its wearer’s energies and harmonize with its physical, mental and emotional body.

Gems emit positive energy throughout an entire room

The magical effect of the gems also unfolds when the stone is not in direct contact with the body, according to stone medicine practitioners, as well as Feng Shui consultants.



They are convinced that gems that stand free or lay in a corner of the room will emit enough radiation and energy to maintain the physical and mental balance of the surrounding people.

I actually have proof that this is, indeed, true, as it even has a soothing effect on my neighbor’s dog who suffers from separation anxiety.


I believe that crystals for manifestation also have a positive effect on our animals and pets. It is definitely worth a try to find out about the amazing effects for yourself. Thus, let’s take a look at the first 8 crystals, which are very dear companions of mine, and I do recommend to every starling.


So the first stone that I recommend for everyone to own is the Amethyst. The darker the color, the more potential he has. Most people argue that in order to cleanse, charge and purify crystals you need to lay them out into the sun.


I do not agree with this in regards to Amethyst, so you want the darker purple if possible. Besides, charging your crystals under the waxing and full moonlight is just as effective without fading out their precious colors.

Amethyst aids you to connect deeper to source energy. You simply feel this amazing bond to source when you hold an Amethyst.

It also increases your intuition simply by carrying the crystal with you all day.

You’re going to be aware of stuff that you didn’t know before. That, on the other hand, gives you an edge and an advantage in manifesting what you desire.

It will, furthermore, increase your confidence. Often enough people stop doing what they really want to do in their lives, because they lack confidence.

Amethyst will help you overcome this issue. In addition, it is very soothing and calming to keep an Amethyst in your bedroom, as well, and it provides for restful sleep.

Rose Quartz

The second precious stone that I believe everyone should call his own is the Rose quartz. Again, just like with the Amethyst, the darker the pink the better the Rose quartz. It usually indicates that it contains more iron in the rock.


Of course, you pay a little bit more for a darker piece of rose quartz, but it’s so worth it. Also, make sure that they are untouched and raw. Rose quartz is the stone of love.

It is wonderful at healing your heart after a break-up or the loss of a loved one. If you are in a relationship, then put rose quartz around the house, because it will help your relationship to prosper.

Having a rose quartz rock in your yard is a wonderful thing, as the energy in your garden takes on this love vibration.

Let me ask you one thing: Isn’t that exactly what we all want; to live the pure love vibration? Rose quartz can help you manifest that desire.

Iron Pyrite

The third crystal on my list actually isn’t a crystal at all but iron pyrite, which is also known as the fool’s gold. I like having iron pyrite around, as it reflects negative thoughts and negativity in common.



Very often people with envy and jealousy are sending you negative thoughts. Even if they don’t do it intentionally, this can cause you spiritual harm. Pyrite will take care of that for you.



Pyrite also activates intellect, which is very important for manifestation. It boosts your confidence and is great for success in business. Put it into your office or your cash register, if you own a store, as it attracts money and great business deals.


Citrine, is the fourth crystal that I want to suggest to you. It is a wonderful stone for optimism. Thus, the more citrine you can fill your house with, the better.


We live in a world that is constantly trying to drag us into negativity, thus, it’s great to have the Citrine’s protective power all around us and our loved ones. It is, furthermore, amazing for clarity and abundance.

When I talk about abundance, then I do not only refer to money, but also prosperity, love, health. In addition, it removes toxins. Here, again, I prefer the darker color.


Celestine makes number five on my list. To me, it is kind of a heavenly stone. Celestine radiates peace, inner calmness and tranquility. It helps you to relax and aids during mediation.




Whenever you are using the visualization technique, simply hold a piece of Celestine in your hands and your imagination will become limitless.


It is fantastic for sparking your creativity and a wonderful stone for spirituality; it’s helping you connect deeper to source energy, too.

You will be able to feel the awakening of the spiritual nature within your energy field which is absolutely essential if you’re working on your manifestation goals.

Quartz Crystal

No manifestor will be without some quartz crystal. It’s just mesmerizing to gaze inside the quartz and to see the root elations. There’s something about it that awakens awareness and ancient memory.


You will become more aware of your perceived environment, as well as the invisible surroundings. This means not just what you see, but which is actually still present.

It is an excellent stone for your brain function and wonderful for positive energy, and it magnifies your intentions immensely.

Sometimes I write my aspiration on a piece of paper and put the quartz crystal right on top of it.

Every time I then look at it, I’m reminded of that intention and I magnify that intuition through the vibration of the quartz’ crystal.


You’ve probably seen hematite around in the polished version, too. Hematite is a must-have because it centers you, and it relieves stress.



If you are a manifestor, which we all are, chances are that you are dealing with stress nowadays. Meaning you need to center yourself and feel that stress just being alleviated.

It reduces anxiety as well and is a renowned and popular grounding stone.


At times when you are going through experiences where you are feeling out of source, dizzy or simply lightheaded, just take a piece of hematite in your hand and it will ground you.

Hematite is great to wear as a necklace or bracelet, to keep you calm and grounded no matter what stressful situations may arise during your hectic days.


If you want to amplify your money attraction abilities, or, better said, if you want to become an irresistible money magnet, then you have to get yourself some Malachite. Malachite is the ultimate money attractor.


Put it around your office and other money centers. Malachite jewelry is highly recommended, too. Get yourself some malachite and put down the date when you purchased it. Pay attention and check out about thirty days later how your finances have improved.

Lots of people have reported that they received unexpected money from different sources after they bought themselves some Malachite.

Absolute faith and trust are, of course, mandatory, as with everything else in the Universe.

Now, there you have the eight most suggested crystals to help you on your personal manifestation journey. Remember that crystals are energy.

Thus, they are alive and you can interact, even speak with them. They will listen and carry your intentions on to the source and into your abundant personal vortex.

One more favorite – Smoky Quartz

Another stone that I personally love to wear is Smoky quartz. It helps with the removal of negative energies surrounding us. We deal with so many people on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of them are trapped in a negative confinement zone.


So, in order for the negativity not to jump over to me, I am protecting myself by wearing Smoky quartz. And it truly does an amazing job in absorbing all that negative energy.

Of course, there are many other precious stones that we will go into detail in my upcoming posts. These here, however, are the first patch of crystals.


Most lightworkers and folks who are upscaling their manifesting skills have, hold and cherish them as their protective companions on the journey to self-discovery and transformation.

Personal note to my starlings

My starlings, it’s your turn to speak up and tell us about your thoughts on gemstones and the idea of crystals for manifestation. Do you like them, own some or want to add a couple of them to aid you on your awakening journey? Let me know in a comment below regarding your questions, stories and requests. We are always happy to hear from you.

Also, please share, like and follow us on social media to keep updated and stay in touch. Meanwhile, know that you’re endlessly loved, precious and unique.

I’m sending you much love, clarity, harmony, joy and an abundance of all good things. I love you; keep on sparkling!

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow.

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