Instruction For Energetic Cleaning With The Help Of The Angels


Way of salvation and energetic cleaning with the help of the angels (instructions)

In this post, I want to provide you with instructions for energetic cleaning with the help of angels. First of all, let me add that there are many ways of energetic purification, i.e. the release from dark, heavy and pathogenic energies.

You can clean houses, rooms, apartments and places, but also your body and your aura. With any kind of energetic cleaning or other spiritual work.

You can also cleanse with all kinds of therapeutic work, such as all body therapies, massages, shiatsu, tai chi, in family constellations, even in counseling talks.

Simply wherever physical, mental and spiritual healing work takes place, which helps people and relieves them of heavy things. This does consequently aid in releasing energy.

However, you should take note of the following suggestions, because they are of the utmost importance and absolutely support the positive success – whether you are spiritually interested or not.

Summon spiritual light protection

Before you start such a cleansing session, I recommend that you take a protective precaution. This way, the dark forces, heavy and disease-causing energies, which are released in quantities during cleaning and generally every time you work with energies, do not stay in your room.

It, furthermore, hinders them from manifesting themselves into objects and walls, move back into your aura or the aura of the patient, client or visitor.  It also keeps them from polluting the air and the earth, but disappear permanently.

Therefore, ask the angels, in thought, mentally/telepathically, politely and lovingly, for a light cone (a cone is round and tapering to the top), and ask them to take up the energies that dissolve here in this light cone for redemption (transformation in the Light).

You should indicate the shape of the light cone with your hands. Visualize it around your whole body or around you and the other person, over the whole room, the house, the entire area, etc. and extends to the ground.

After the work is done, thank the angels and ask them (again with an upward hand movement) to lift up the light cone again. Make this a habit; it makes a huge difference and is absolutely part of “mental hygiene”.

After a while you may feel the difference in the atmosphere of your room – everything is clear, fresh and pure. Even after such an exercise, ventilate your rooms. If you are not alone and the other person (s) should not know anything about the light cone, you can do all of this only in your mind.

The light cone is a reality and always works perfectly

This cone is very suitable if you treat yourself or other people with energy. But you can also ask the angels to build it over an apartment, room, or place for an extended period of time, as long as you think it is needed and, thus, adequate.

That can only ever be a relatively short time, because everything static contradicts and interferes with life, so even a light cone cannot be for the long term. So the angels will build light protection again and again, whenever you need it.

With this, you can, for example, have an apartment pre-cleaned that you would like to move into, but which is still very energy-intensive.

I started about 2 weeks before moving in and then had the light cone repeated a few times. When I moved in, the apartment was much cleaner and lighter.

The angels are happy to help us and will always fulfill your wishes unless other people get harmed.

A light cone does no harm, but never ask the angels to erect it over another person’s home unless they asked you to.

This help would be an intervention in the spiritual development of someone who may not be mature enough yet and still needs the dark energies to learn from.

It could be that his soul leads him in such a way that he becomes sicker and sicker and depressed by the dark energies until he can no longer bear it and turns to God/Source in desperation.

Everybody has his own timing to turn to the light

People only learn through suffering before they may learn voluntarily one day … You could prevent his learning by taking such a well-meaning measure and, thus, take on heavy karma.

If you treat yourself and others, you can also ask the angels, instead of a light cone, for a light pillar. This is built around you, and in it is a strong beam of white light that flows from above and through you while it cleans.

In turn, suggest the shape of the light pillar with your hands. It extends in a circle around you and runs from top to bottom in the earth.

This means that also energies from above and below get released, which then go into the light. These other energies don’t bother you.

The light pillar is even stronger than the light cone and is particularly helpful when souls of the dead and dark beings want to detach themselves from you.

You can ask for light in a certain color instead of white light, or ask the angels for the color that they think best for these purposes.

You can also experiment with different colors. I personally always work with white light, because it contains all other colors.

A light pillar is particularly well suited for the liberation of beings or souls that can go into the light through it.

Leading lost souls into the light

You can sit very relaxed in this light column. It is best to just hold your hands together as in prayer, because at the same time your energy cycle closes and it has an effect on you with a much stronger force.

Ask for liberation from the dark energies, souls and other entities. I especially ask our grandmasters, Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael for help. Both lead souls and beings into the light.

Stay like this for a long time until your intuition tells you when it’s enough. Perhaps you feel how energies leave you through your feet by feeling a slight coolness or even coldness, maybe even a cool breath.

Don’t be afraid,  just show them deepest LOVE and empathy! They are poor beings who urgently need your help. Call them, talk to them!

They mostly don’t even know that they are ‘dead’, because nobody had ever told them that life after ‘death’ continues. Many still feel alive, no different than before!

Help them to find their way back

Tell them that they have “died” in people’s eyes, but that life lasts forever. You have to go into the light to learn, so that one day you can return to Earth in a new body.

Many who know that they no longer have a body are afraid of hell, purgatory, the devil, revenge or punishment from God because the church told them so and because they once “sinned”.

Tell them that God, the Universe and/or Higher Source do not punish or avenge, but only LOVE and FORGIVE! Ask them to take the hand of their grandmaster, the Archangel Michael or the guardian angels. Tell them to ask a once loved soul to come to lead them into the light.

This work is one of the most essential work of love that we humans have to do here on Earth! This is a sign of true Love and Brotherhood among people! See more on the Souls of Deceased People and Animals page.

Show your purest for of love

If you think that a certain place is occupied by souls, ask the angels to set up a light pillar there, “for as long as they think it is right”. Then the souls have the opportunity to go into the light.

This measure cannot harm anyone, but is an act of LOVE: There are so many ‘lost’ souls who can no longer find their way into the light and are very grateful for such help.

Let your intuition and your heart decide. The angels take back the light pillar when it is no longer needed.

You can have them erected at every opportunity, e.g. in cemeteries, at a funeral, on the street, on old battlefields, in former places of execution, destruction, crimes or catastrophes, in old buildings, in churches … let your intuition and your heart guide you.

If other people live there, please only ask for a light pillar if they ask you to do so. To help the ‘lost’ souls, however, you can e.g. have a pillar erected in front of or nearby and call the souls out of this house and tell them that they can now go into the light there.

There is no room, so come straight to this light pillar!

Once on Christmas Eve, I asked the angels to put up a pillar of light at every intersection in Los Angeles as a Christmas present for the ‘stray’ souls. Be creative and full of LOVE!

If you ever need protection in a special situation, you can also ask the angels to wrap yourself in a light ball, but this is only for a certain situation (e.g. if you have to walk down a dark street alone at night when you are with aggressive people, etc.).

It is also only possible for a short time, for example, if you are weakened and cannot protect yourself sufficiently from other energies. Otherwise, width and openness as part of love is the principle of life and mutual help.

You can also ask the angels to wrap your car or house in a ball of light if you fear for their safety.

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