Everything About The Lapis Lazuli – Meaning & Healing Energies


All there is to know about the Lapis Lazuli – classification, effects, homeopathic properties and applications

The lapis lazuli is a deep blue mineral stone. It is also called Lapis, Lasurstein, Lazurium, Oriental Blue or Bleu dÀzur. Lapis is a Latin word that simply means stone and Lazuli refers to the Latin term “lazulum” for blue. I this post, you will get to know all about the Lapis Lazuli. So let’s get right to it.

Since it can consist of different proportions of minerals, lapis lazuli is basically a mixture of minerals and, therefore, strictly speaking, a rock. These proportions are lazurite, calcite, and pyrite.

Minor additions of other minerals can also be included, such as sodalite or diopside. The addition of pyrite, which consists of iron (II) disulfide, shows gold-colored inclusions.
Because of its wonderful blue color, lapis lazuli has been extremely popular as a gem for ages. However, a high-quality stone also has its price.

Origin of lapis lazuli

Depending on the place of discovery, the stones have different blue shades. In Afghanistan, the mining of lapis lazuli in the Hindu Kush represents an important economic sector. There are also important sites in Tajikistan, Russia, Chile, Iran and also in the USA.

Even in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, lapis lazuli was considered a stone for the rulers. It was used for various cult tasks.

The gem was, furthermore, considered sacred, and thus highly valued and appreciated as a healing stone. The Egyptians buried their deceased ones in gravesides made of Lapis Lazuli. It was, furthermore, considered an important protective stone by the ancient Greeks and Romans and also by the American Indians.

“I built a palace and lined it with gold. Its ceilings and walls were made of lapis lazuli … .. its copper doors, its bronze bars. You scare eternity! ”

~Amenemhet I, ancient Egyptian king of the 12th dynasty around 1976-1947 BC Chr.~

Meaning of lapis lazuli

This stone is said to bring happiness and healing to its wearer. With him, you should be able to lead a self-determined life and take on your power inside. The lapis lazuli can also be called a truth stone.

He helps us to be sincere, to find out who we really are and to express our feelings. He should remind us of our own dignity and strengthen our self-confidence. On the other hand, he could make us more sociable again and promote real friendships.

Mineralogical classification of lapis lazuli

Metamorphosis creates this mineral stone through the conversion of lime to marble. This is the basis of the tertiary education principle. It is formed in deep layers of the earth, but above the igneous areas, i.e. above the glowing molten rock.

A rock transforms under high pressure and high heat. This change in shape is called metamorphosis and minerals formed in this way are, therefore, also known as metamorphic minerals.

The conversion takes place without melting. Due to the action of pressure and heat, only the components that can withstand these extreme conditions can be preserved.

Lapis lazuli belongs to the mineral class of silicates, more precisely the framework silicates. Silicates are descendants of silica. The three-dimensional structure of the framework silicates has an absorbing effect. They are said to have a calming and sobering effect. This could reduce pain, fever and heat.

The chemical formula for lapis lazuli is (Na, Ca) 8 (SO4 / S / Cl) 2 / (AlSiO4) 6) + Fe. The mineral’s intense blue color is due to the radical anions of the sulfur.

Cubic crystal structure

The lapis lazuli is assigned to the cubic crystal structure, i.e. a cube-shaped arrangement, since the majority of the minerals contained have this crystal structure. This assignment is not entirely clear since the proportions of calcite or calcite have a trigonal crystal structure.

The cubic crystal structure and its associated human type

In his book “Gemstone healing” Michael Gienger describes the eight basic structures of the crystal systems. He relates them to a corresponding lifestyle or type of person.

The lifestyle is based on the individual reality experience of each person. A description of the “cubic human-type” can be found in the article on fluorite.

Effect of lapis lazuli on our body

This mineral stone has a strong connection to the throat chakra. It is said to alleviate symptoms in the area of ​​the neck, larynx and vocal cords.

Influence on the function of the thyroid gland and that of other glands is also known. Lapis lazuli is also said to lower blood pressure, thereby giving us more peace and prolonging the menstrual cycle if there are complaints.

As mentioned above, the stone is said to have an influence on our relationship to truth. So people can look for the truth with its help.

The wearer and carrier of the lapis lazuli can also openly express his own convictions, without restraint or suppressed anger, and withstand arguments. The lapis lazuli is also said to have a concentration-promoting effect.

Lapis lazuli in homeopathy

The homeopathic properties of medicines of mineral origin.

In the homeopathic drug tests of minerals, symptoms could be identified that are common to all stone medicines. All homeopathic medicines from the mineral kingdom have a general feeling of deficiency or failure of their own structure.

This lack can relate to personal development, contacts with other people, the profession or the position in society.

The homeopathic properties of mineral or stone medicines

Many patients who tried the stone medicines went into the treatment with an inner or physical feeling of heaviness, tightness, hardness, stiffness and rigidity. There is also a depressive and depressed feeling.

There is a strong sensation of isolation, disconnection and finally, a feeling like being cut off, encapsulated or locked up.

They have a great desire to break open, blow up or smash this inner state. Terms such as tarn instability, polarity and duality also came to light in the drug trials. In people who are in such a condition, a homeopathically potentized stone medicine can cure the physical and psychological complaints.

The homeopathic properties of potentized lapis lazuli

When testing the homeopathic medicinal product from potentized lapis lazuli there was also a feeling of compression on the one hand and dissolution on the other.

The physical focus of this medicine is on the joints. This remedy can help with shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, hip, knee, foot and toe joint problems.

It can also cure back problems. However, this only works if the symptoms of the patient agree with those of the medication test. Patients suffer from joint pain that feels like pinched, dislocated, or shifted. Or they feel as if the joints are disintegrating.

The application of lapis lazuli

To strengthen the throat chakra, the lapis lazuli should be worn on the neck, if possible. Generally, direct skin contact is important when wearing this mineral.

You can also put it on your forehead for meditation. Or you can put it under your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

You can unload the lapis lazuli in a “bed” made of hematite stones. Be sure to do this once a month with constant use of the stone. Another great way to fill it with positive energy is to charge it in sunlight or by laying it on a rock crystal overnight.

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