Find Courage For The Unknown And View Life As An Adventure


How to find courage for the unknown and move forward

Let us talk a moment about the importance to find courage for the unknown in life. For all those who think their entire lives are planned in detail, every uncertainty and every missing piece must be terrible.

We always seek solutions until the concept stands on its four feet again. But what for? Things usually happen differently than we think.

Of course, you have to look into the future from time to time. If you only live into the day like a clochard, you practice the other extreme. The golden middle, the tight balance, makes for the desirable state here.

And yet life is and remains a mystery that always has surprises in store, positive and unfortunately also negative.

Maybe, however, that’s exactly what makes life exciting. If we consider our earthly existence as a constant adventure, life becomes much more interesting.

Why do people go bungee jumping or wild water rafting? Most likely also because they need that certain adrenaline rush, look for it and find it there.

Let’s just consider our life as a river with a strong current. Everyday life often automatically provides enough adrenaline.

Integrated into real life, this means in concrete terms that you lie down in bed in the evening and eagerly await what the next day has in store for adventure again.

Who wants boredom? Should every day really be like the other? Rather not, because in time life would only wear us out.

Therefore prefer to show courage for change. Life is just a roller coaster ride, sometimes it goes down, but it also goes uphill again.

Things You Should Know About Letting Go And Setting Yourself Free

Find the courage to live

If you see life as an adventure land, nothing can shake you so quickly. It’s a good thing we don’t know what tomorrow will be.

In this way, existence retains its very special mystical magic. Just imagine that everything was planned in detail. And all of this would actually happen exactly like that. Then, you would reach all your goals fast and easy, and what happens afterward?

Imagine that you obtained everything you desired at once, what then? It is precisely the detours that occur spontaneously and are necessary to realize a project that makes intensive experience possible.

Weighing up what is good and what is less good creates entirely new opportunities.

A spontaneous idea that suddenly jumps into the brain sometimes has unforeseen consequences and sets a completely new course.

Uncertainties that arise as to whether the path chosen is the right one are absolutely normal. Only the very hard-boiled and experienced will give in to no doubt.

Life is a railroad journey

Maybe you should do it now and then. Cancel your old plans and start from scratch, this option is also available if you realize that the idea was not the alpha and omega. Or just change the route in between.

There are always several ways to get to your destination. Let’s just take the road map or the train connections as the best examples.

The Amtrax races through and only stops at large train stations, and you are at your destination in no time. The stake, i.e. the fare, is also correspondingly higher.

The traveling experience on the regional train is completely different, as it uses every smallest stop. It is going slowly, and you require patience to reach your destination.

For certain routes, you have to change trains umpteen times. Progress in life can be just as different, no matter which areas are affected, whether privately or professionally.

But there is always the option to change the route, to spontaneously drive in a different direction. That creates tension. This is life. Do you actually arrive at the previously planned destination?

What if the train fails completely? Then maybe this was bound to happen one way or another. Breather breaks are also needed in life. After a bit of rest, things will go on again at the right time.

Why It's Mandatory To Have Unwavering Faith And Trust In Higher Source

Unwavering trust in the Universe is mandatory

To be able to think in such a straightforward manner, or must have enough trust. A trust that guarantees us that everything will be fine. A little hunch is not enough.

Confidence in the Universe must be much greater. So big that it exceeds the fear of tomorrow. Because fear is what makes us rigid, prevents us from acting.

But why is fear sometimes so powerful that it keeps us totally captive? Because we cannot accept the X factor. Our egos would like to control life and, thus, all people and things as it suits us best.

However, we have no power to do this, and our hands are, therefore, tight up. That sounds cruel, of course. Naturally, we have the strings in our hands, but only when it comes to our own concerns.

We can decide if it affects us. We have little or no influence on anything beyond our borders. If we have accepted this and are aware of the X factor, we can live wonderfully and happily.

So we set out on the path of the unknown. We will get used to the foreign, just as we have gotten used to so much else.

Dear starlings

To find courage for the unknown, let us consider our life as a private adventure. Excitement is guaranteed! Boredom will not arise and there is no time left to ponder. Where there is movement, there is also no danger of getting stuck.

Now it is time to have your say and find courage in the unknow by sharing your thoughts.  Be our guest to tell us your story and experiences in the comment section below. We are always excited to be reading from you.

Also, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends, so I can continue to provide posts, tips and free ebooks for you.

I, furthermore, offer personal talk sessions for those of you who have difficulties going through your spiritual awakening process.

It is part of my life purpose to guide you with advice, moral support and encouraging words. Together we will find a way!

Never forget that you are spiritual light beings, and you came here to discover, explore and expand. You entered the earthly plane to create a much more beautiful and fulfilling place to live in for the entire collective.

Thus, thank you for your dedication, bravery and existence. Always remember that you are part of the infinite source and that you are highly appreciated and unendingly loved.

~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~



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