Four Positive Mindsets That Give You An Enormous Boost – Introduction!


Introduction to four positive mindsets that will lift you up and push you forward enormously

Hardly anything affects your life more than your mindset. In this article, you will discover the introduction to four positive mindsets.

You will learn how to change your old thinking patterns, and how the new mindsets will lift you up, catapult you forward and will ultimately help you enormously in life.

Our mind is pretty paradoxical. Firstly, our thoughts are the cause of our self-doubt, emotional problems and our dissatisfaction. On the other hand, our thoughts are also the key to a fulfilling, satisfied and successful life.

So, it all depends on how we deal with our thoughts

Here is a short story:

Once upon a time there was a powerful king with a very large empire. The king was a good man and the well-being of his subjects was very important to him.

But whenever a person was born in the kingdom of the king, one died. This gave the king a great headache and made him very sad.

But one day a court jester appeared. He flipped head down in front of the king. And while he was upside down, he said to the emperor:

“Dear King! See it the other way round. Whenever someone dies in your empire, someone is born. ”

What is mindset?

We often believe that we see things as they are. Ultimately, however, each of us sees the world through our very own “glasses”.

I know you can give me 17 reasons why your boss is a selfish idiot. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just your “reality”.

Your colleague, who has just received a hefty raise, probably thinks your boss to be extremely personable, and the best man in charge there is.

What I want to say: Ultimately, everything in life is a matter of opinion.

One wakes up on a Sunday morning and is happy that it is raining. He is happy that nature gets water, that he has a roof over his head and that he can have a cozy day at home.

Another is angry about the rain. He is annoyed that he cannot go to the park today, that it is uncomfortable outside and that it always rains on his day off.

No matter how you interpret the weather, positive or negative, for you, it is reality at this moment. But the fact is that it is raining. Everything else arises from your personal interpretation.

And that is exactly your mindset!

(This is a fairly long and detailed article. That’s why I decided to split it into two parts)

Why your mindset is so huge

How we see things significantly influences our self-image, our motivation and our satisfaction. In other words, your mindset has a significant impact on how you feel, how you act and how you deal with problems.

And that’s an essential point. Because often we have little control over the circumstances in our lives.

1- Our relationship fails.
2- We lose our job.
3- We don’t look like a supermodel.
4- We don’t achieve our goal, even though we give everything.
5- Others treat us unfairly.
6- Beloved people die.
7- We are in a crisis of finding meaning in life.
8- The Saturday night movie is just disappointing.

But do you know what?

You can always decide how to react to the circumstances in your life. And hardly anything is more important for your well-being.

Happiness research has shown that feeling of control is hugely important for mental health and happiness.

That is why there are unhappy multimillionaires who commit suicide.

And people who are optimistic, even though they have lost everything.

I’m not saying that life is always easy or fair. That’s not it. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can always decide how to deal with the circumstances in your life.

You can drown in self-pity and blow affliction. Or you can make the best of it, grow with your challenges and look ahead. And how you react to the circumstances largely depends on your mindset.

The self-fulfilling prophecy

Do you know the comic film “Asterix and the Britons”?

In the film, Asterix and Obelix try to bring their magic potion to a small British village so they can defend themselves against the Romans. Unfortunately, the potion dissolves in a river before they can reach the village.

However, Asterix tells the villagers that he can prepare the potion again. He cooks them a new “magic potion” that is ultimately nothing more than tea.

However, the villagers believe that it is a real potion and gives them magical powers. And even though they are outnumbered, they drive the Roman army away. The belief in the potion alone gave them magical powers.

But belief does wonders, and not only in comic films

You have probably heard of the placebo effect. This effect was discovered in the field of medicine. Scientists describe the phenomenon that a patient’s condition improves even if they are given a “fake” medication or are given a dummy treatment.

The patient’s belief in the effectiveness of the medication or treatment alone is often sufficient for a positive effect.

A study of the six leading antidepressants showed that a large part of their effect is based on the placebo effect.

But the placebo effect is not only effective in the field of medicine

In a New Zealand study in 2003, 150 students were served an alcohol-free mixed drink. Half of the participants were told that the drink contained vodka.

This group not only showed outward signs of intoxication, but their memory also deteriorated. The placebo effect had affected the participants’ memory. The very assumption of getting drunk led to this happening.

As you can see, and have probably already noticed yourself, is that what you believe has immense power over you. In other words: There is hardly anything that affects your life more than your mindset.

It is not about always seeing everything positively

But it’s not about seeing the glass half full or talking about everything nicely. You should be aware of your problems and face them instead of ignoring them or talking about them as if they had no meaning.

It is also impossible to always think positively. Negative thoughts and feelings are part of life just like dusk and dawn.

If you try to hide everything negative in your life, avoid challenges and problems and always sugar coat every situation, you may feel good in the short term. But in the long run, that’s not a great life strategy.

To move forward in life, you also have to face negative experiences and uncomfortable feelings. A fulfilled life is not free from negative experiences. On the contrary – Pain is an important part of a happy life and spiritual growth.

Dear starlings

So,  it’s not about always seeing everything positively and avoiding all negative thoughts. It’s about developing four positive mindsets, in particular, that give you strength, courage and confidence.

A mentality that allows you to learn from failures, deal with challenges, acquire new skills and let go of the old.

And that is exactly what the following article is about.


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