Get To Know Your Spiritual Helpers Who Are Always By Your Side


Be aware of your spiritual helpers – This is how our constant companions help us

We are never alone

Even if we live without a partner or family, we are never alone but surrounded by spiritual helpers. We all come from the divine source and are therefore part of it. With an awakened consciousness, this can easily be felt. In our essence, we are all creatures with talents, endowed with the attributes of the divine spirit and consciousness.

The connection to the source has never been lost during our existence on Earth. Without this connection through our soul, our bodies would not be viable. Therefore, we are all connected at a higher level of being.

And so there is no real separation between individual people and other beings. There are often other parts of our soul that are incarnated on Earth at the same time. Or we communicate with parts of our soul family that are not currently incarnated on Earth.

There are countless people who have found healing or deep peace in their lives by turning to the spiritual world and spiritual helpers.

We have a constant companion

Our spiritual helpers give us constant guidance and support. These are competent, subtle beings who always accompany and protect us. On the one hand, these are our guardian angels, of which we also make lively usage in everyday language.

Statements like: “But you had a good guardian angel”! or “You need a lot of guardian angels for this company!” are common. On the other hand, there are numerous other helpers who serve us people in a variety of tasks.

More and more children today are even able to see light beings and spiritual helpers. But often their parents do not believe this and increasingly talk their children out of it. As a result, many kids lose their clairvoyant ability in the course of their development.

Characteristics of spiritual helpers – Only clairvoyant people can see them

Both the spiritual world and the spiritual entities are not consciously perceptible to most of us. They are of a purely subtle nature. Perception is only successful for people who have already developed their clairvoyant abilities.

They respect our free will

Many people declare everything that cannot be seen, weighed or measured with the eyes as non-existent. They completely deny the subtle world. Here it is the case that the spiritual helpers act very reluctantly in their actions. Because they fully respect people’s free will.

Nevertheless, we all have spiritual helpers who are always present and support us for a lifetime. However, if we actively seek the support of these beings, they can take more action. It is particularly helpful if we open ourselves internally to the spiritual helpers and also start communicating with them.

As a result, we consciously move into a higher vibration field. As many clairvoyant people tell us, this also seems to be happily received by the spiritual world. The spiritual helpers give us support and an unrestricted understanding of our problems at all times.

Communication with spiritual helpers

As non-clairvoyant people, we can also work together consciously if we open our hearts. I can only communicate mindfully with a spiritual helper if his and my vibration frequency are on the same level.

For example, if my helper vibrates at a higher frequency than me, I cannot understand him directly. However, he can perceive what I have said or asked for and support me accordingly.

It is important to always communicate lovingly with the helpers and to ask them for what they want or to give it in a friendly manner. Issuing commands does not seem appropriate here.

The spiritual helpers usually do everything according to our instructions. But the result may be different than we thought it would be. It is also possible that we do not immediately notice the result. However, if you feel it in there, the meaning of the instruction carried out in this way can be quite obvious.

We should also allow all arising thoughts and feelings and take a closer look at one or the other topic.

What types of spiritual helpers are there?

Guardian Angel

I have already mentioned the guardian angels above. As the name suggests, they serve to protect us. They also ensure that we do not die before the time specified in our soul plan.

The guardian angels, therefore, intervene in some cases without being asked. However, when our time of death has come, they step back and let what is supposed to happen.

Spirit guides

Our guides are also careful to ensure that our life plan is followed. For this reason, they often influence our destiny without a direct demand. What we might consider a coincidence in retrospect could be due to such an impact.

However, we can also question these entities according to our moods on all possible topics. They willingly answer us. If we do not vibrate on the same level as our guides, we cannot hear the answers directly. What to do in such a case?

Here it is best to work with yes and no questions. You can agree with various signals with your spirit guide. For example, I can agree that ‘yes’ will tend to pull me forward while standing. If the answer is ‘no’, it could pull me backward.

Or I agree that if I say ‘yes’, my right foot will tingle. Accordingly, this sensation can occur in the left foot if the answer is ‘no’. There are hardly any limits to our imagination. However, regular practice is essential for this type of communication with the guides.

As a result, you can gradually get involved in this special “conversation”. Otherwise, the error rate is far too high. With this work, we are increasingly able to trust what we feel to be a truth inside.

Everything that makes us happier, healthier, freer or stronger on a deep level corresponds to our truth. This makes us more independent of manipulations by others or the purely social requirements, the so-called mass consciousness.

Helpers for short-term orders, the runners

I actively ask for spiritual support in a certain matter, so other spiritual helpers also feel addressed. Christina von Dreien, the young Swiss woman with a multidimensional awareness, calls these helpers her book “Runners.”

The runners would never intervene uninvited. It, therefore, makes sense to address them directly. However, we should formulate the request as specific as possible and avoid negative statements. “I ask for help so that I am not late for my meeting” would be an unfavorable phrase here.

“I ask for spiritual help so that I can attend the meeting on time and in a relaxed manner”, on the other hand, could be much more effective. When we are on the road and fear traffic jams, runners are often able to keep our route clear.

This way we can reach our goal unhindered. It is probably the same in the Christian tradition when people call upon saints for help. For example, Saint Anthony of Padua should help us when we have lost something and are desperately looking for it. Such calls often help amazingly well and quickly.

How I create my own spiritual helpers

We know how to work with internal resources from self-organizational hypnotherapy and also from self-hypnosis and meditation. These are positive personality parts or also archetypal human characteristics, which often hide in the subconscious.

Such elements as wisdom, courage, care or creativity have to be brought back into the daily consciousness. They can help us transform problematic aspects within us to beneficial proportions.

When working with these aspects, it is crucial to create beautiful inner images in a meditative state. After all, our feelings are what the transformation can accomplish.

If our desires are accompanied by corresponding feelings, everything can manifest itself much more quickly and easily. Joy, warmth, bliss, complete acceptance or deep love, all of these can be created consciously on such inner journeys.

There is hardly a situation in life in which we could not use the support of spiritual helpers. With their help, all of our activities and tasks can be done much better. If I am faced with a difficult task in my job, I can ask a competent spiritual helper for advice.

If I personally have trouble writing an article or suffer from writer’s block, I ask a wise spiritual writer to help me out. And promptly everything starts flowing again. In this way we can ask for spiritual assistance in everything we want to do, say or write down.

Dear starlings

What about yourselves? Do you communicate with your spiritual helpers? If you wish to share your personal story with us, then please do so in a comment below. I’m looking forward to reading your post.

Also, please, share us with your family and friends. In this way, I can continue to write articles and share hopefully valuable tips with you.

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Always keep in mind that you are a unique spiritual being on a journey of discovery, growth and fulfillment. So be aware of the fact that you are highly appreciated, cherished and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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