How Do I Reach Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening?


What is enlightenment and spiritual awakening, and how do I reach it?

The terms enlightenment and spiritual awakening are almost identical. It is the realization that there is more than standard human life. Spiritual awakening gives the feeling of having discovered something extremely valuable.

This is something so precious that perhaps no one else in this person’s environment has ever known. Awakening is the realization that one can come down from this carousel of life, this monotony of human life.

Awakened people know that there is something that can be described with developed consciousness or divinity only. They are determined to find out- to unveil the mystery. They are ready to drop all the old rules, patterns and paradigms.

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The Earth needs awakened people

Basically, there is a strong need for expanded consciousness here on Earth. The Earth has an urgent need for awakened, conscious people. Otherwise, their destruction and thus the loss of our entire livelihood is foreseeable.

How can I get to this spiritual awakening, this enlightenment?

What is that secret? What is the formula behind it? Is it something that can only be obtained through certain behaviors, through certain thoughts, exercises and rituals, or even through diets?

There are certain people who benefit from one behavior or practice a lot, and these things can definitely get us on our way. Therefore, further topics are examined in this context. Basically, enlightenment will hardly be possible with any kind of effort. It is more an attitude, a knowledge or even a grace than an act.


So what do I need for spiritual awakening?

The key terms here are trust, acceptance and allowance. It requires complete trust in the “I am”, which means the fully awakened consciousness, the true consciousness of the awakened body. Enlightenment can only happen through complete trust and unwavering faith.

One cannot earn enlightenment or develop it, and you don’t have to hold special intelligence to obtain it. It simply happens when man allows it, when he gives permission from the bottom of his heart or from the level of the soul.

We cannot know what is ultimately decisive for the experience of enlightenment. It just happens – in a subtle but very profound way.

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Conscious breathing and letting go

Deep, conscious breathing can be very helpful in this process. Complete inner letting go is also required. So no work on it – just let go.

Basically, enlightenment can be a completely natural state. The human mind cannot bring about awakening. He cannot imagine it or even design it.

You can also put it this way: Spiritual awakening brings your own divine part into the body and holds it there. People who are looking for this path have a deep desire to live here on this planet Earth and to be one with their divinity.

Because this gives people all the options to shape their lives freely and entirely according to their own discretion and wishes.

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How can I do it?

This requires a lot of perseverance and full determination to follow your own heart. If this succeeds, our entire planet can ultimately change and become more humane and beautiful.

And that can only happen through our example. The more people follow this path, the greater the impact on our Earth and on all other beings. This is the real transcendence and fulfillment.

An enlightened person can walk in his life as a real master. So he can enjoy his life to the fullest.

Challenges and obstacles on the way to spiritual awakening

The journey to spiritual awakening can be quite challenging. There are countless things in our everyday life that can distract us from this path. Dark days, difficulties and hardships can overshadow the path to enlightenment.

The changes that come with this trip may also initially scare us tremendously. In particular, there may be a fear of being lost. There can also be a feeling of confusion.


Follow the heart

Only by following my heart can I overcome these difficulties. I cannot fail in full connection to my heart. The motto is: Courageously follow the heart and go through the challenges. So over time the goal, the enlightenment, can set in. And then I can thank myself.

The level of the mind

Most people who have not yet developed their consciousness fully, identify with their mental processes and the associated emotions.

They succumb to the incessant compulsive thinking, whereby this stream of thoughts mostly consists of senseless repetitions.

The thoughts of my mind must now be soothed in the process of spiritual awakening and recognized as pure thought processes.

The human mind is highly intelligent. But it is precisely this intelligence that becomes a disruptive factor here. The mind is an important and useful tool in our life.

Humanity has developed the mind better and more profound over many thousands of years. It is the equipment to survive in this three-dimensional world.

We need it for all necessary tasks in our everyday life and for any intellectual disputes.

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How does the mind work and what is the consequence of identification with it?

The mind always tries to find the answers. It seeks to become more intelligent, to basically glorify itself. Our mind has gained the upper hand in our system. If it is the only thing we focus on, it will become an instrument of power in ourselves.

However, it isolates us from other realities, including our senses and feelings. It prevents us from sensing and feeling.

The mind basically denies us the magnificence of life because it focuses solely on itself, on intelligence. It does this until it will eventually go mad in his quest for more wisdom to be smarter, faster, and more powerful.


The mind must also let go

Therefore, it is time for the mind of an awakened person to let go, so that the individual being can bring in the consciousness in the first place. The more conscious we become, the more our mind has to fear for its supremacy until it simply gives up.

The connection with our heart

It is time for each one of us to reconnect with our true nature. The mind cannot help us there. It also has no intellectual ideas about it. We need a higher power, a force that has a greater love. We need our hearts for spiritual life.

Spiritual awakening is a process that is not a matter of the mind. It is, therefore, difficult to put this process into words.

Because we need the words for communication. If we were aware of our telepathic abilities, we could only exchange ideas with an inner feeling.

The mind is literally trying to distract us from our path to enlightenment. It may tell us, “What do you think you are? Are you completely insane now? ”

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Do we become stupid as spiritually awakened people?

Not at all, and on the contrary. There is a level of much higher intelligence and intuition than that of the mind. Eckhart Tolle, a german-born spiritual teacher, indicates that in the newly awakened consciousness the transcendence of thinking has already been established.

This gives you the ability to rise above thinking and discover a dimension in yourself that is infinitely more comprehensive than thinking. We may become smarter through pure thinking, but we lose wisdom, joy, vitality, love and creativity.

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Dear starlings

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Thank you for existing. ~Namaste~

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