How To Balance The Heart Chakra – Opening The Matters Of The Heart


All About The Heart Energy-Center And How To Balance The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the fourth of the seven main chakras. In Old Indian Sanskrit, they call the heart chakra ‘Anahata,’ which one can interpret as “undamaged”. This chakra forms the connection between the soul and the body. People primarily associate it with the heart matters that are related to either one specific person and/or to other people in common.

Where is the heart chakra?

The heart chakra is located approximately at the level of the heart in the middle of the thorax and, thus, also builds the center of all seven main chakras. At this position, it forms the transition between the upper and lower chakras. Due to its special position in the body, this energy center is the link between spirituality and the world.

Where -Is-The-Heart-Chakra

Heart Chakra meaning: the energy center for the affairs of the heart

The heart chakra’s assignments include versatile topics in the interpersonal sphere. The name already indicates that this particular chakra represents all things of the heart, and that here is also the seat of unconditional love.

Humanity, tolerance and openness are associated with this energy center, too. It also plays a big role in the love of family and partner, as well as compassion and affection. We can find kindness and the wisdom of the heart here, but also feelings, such as security.

When the heart chakra is activated smoothly, it can help not only to accept oneself, but also to treat others with tolerance, understanding, and unselfish love. The heart chakra is assigned to the heart, the plexus Cardialis, and the thymus gland. This all is part of the immune system.

The signs of the heart chakra

The heart chakra, like the other chakras, has an assigned color, a symbol, and an element associated with that energy center.

Heart chakra color: fresh light green

The color of the heart chakra is a light and bright green. In color psychology, this color is in conjunction with nature and purity but also stands for mercy. It is, furthermore, considered, especially in around desert areas as a fertile color of paradise.

The symbol of the heart chakra: Twelve-petalled lotus

The twelve-leaved lotus represents the energy center, which lies in the middle of the chest. The well-known aquatic plant reveres in Asia as a sign of enlightenment and counts as a symbol of happiness. There, it belongs to and they worship it as one of the eight treasures of Buddhism.

The element of the heart chakra: wind

The wind, called ‘Vayu’ in Sanskrit, is designated as an element to the heart chakra. In the ancient Indian Vedic religion, ‘Vayu’ is not only the God of the wind and the air, but also of the so-called ‘Prana,’ the breeze of life. The wind element of the heart chakra is associated with expansion and flexibility.

Heart chakra blockades with consequences for soul and body

Disturbances of the heart chakra, which can reach as far as blockades, shown themselves through various signs. An indication of a blocked heart chakra can be, among other things, problems in contact with others or in relationships.

Feelings such as loneliness, sadness, and bitterness may also indicate interference of the heart chakra. People who feel the absence of love or coldness of the heart, and tend to attach their love to conditions, may suffer from a blockage in the energy center.


Co-dependencies can occur. An overactive heart chakra can discharge into strong emotional bursts of anger, but also great joy.

Feelings of not being loved and having troubles opening to others reflect the weakened heart chakra.

Physical consequences of a heart chakra blockage can be various skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases or lung diseases.

Also, obsessive-compulsive disorder and addictive behavior may be associated with a dissonance of the heart chakra. Triggering a blockade of the heart chakra can be loss of and grief for loved ones, but rejection and treachery can also disrupt the energy center.

How do you open the heart chakra?

The opening of the heart chakra can make you receptive to your heart’s affairs. These include such deep emotions as the unconditional love, but also the feeling of connectedness and compassion for others. By opening the heart chakra, you can activate the self-healing powers with lasting effect.

The goal of working with the energy center is to give it more power through the development of consciousness. In this way, the heart chakra activates so that it can continue to open. Various mechanisms often hamper the activation of the heart chakra. This happens in order to ward off pain and injury.

In the first step of the opening process of the heart chakra lies, above all, the conscious attention to the interior. This has, hitherto, often remained hidden behind many shields. Thus, more and more energy can flow into the heart chakra and the center activates.


One can now begin to work up blockages and disturbances that have been caused, for example, by severe emotional shock and act negatively on the heart chakra.

Strengthening the heart chakra creates a deeper connection between intellect and inner life, which can ultimately lead to a union of both.

In addition to opening and activating the heart chakra, one can also clean the energy center.

This is particularly appropriate when you wish to remove external energies from the system, or to resolve old, blocking links with other people.

Treatment of the heart chakra

One can solve the blockades and interferences of the heart chakra with specific chakra work. For this, different methods are available. Heart chakra meditations or the use of heart chakra essences are well-known tools.

Heart chakra meditation is one of the most important means of opening, activating or strengthening the energy center. You may also want to use heart chakra music for the meditation, which, especially through its deep tones, gently supports the heart chakra meditation.

The center of energy in the middle of the chest has also various fragrances assigned, such as Bach flowers and herbs; one can implement these beautifully for the therapy. You can activate the energy center by the use of different scents, as well. This works great, for example, with evaporating essential oils and an aroma lamp, a bath or a soothing chest massage.


Heart chakra aromas include jasmine, tarragon, cardamom and roses. In addition to the smells, herbs are also suitable for the treatment of the heart chakra, such as hemp.

Hemp: is one of the oldest ornamental and useful plants in the world. They currently use it, for example, in pain therapy.


Practitioners use this medicinal plant in natural medicine for the relaxation of the nerves and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Thyme: they utilize this well-known medicinal plant, for instance, to soothe the nerves.

Lemon balm: the plant was chosen as the healing plant of the year in 1988. Practitioners value it greatly in homeopathy for its antispasmodic and sedative properties.

Activate and support the heart chakra

The following things energetically support the heart chakra.

Supportive stones – Green stones: malachite, emerald, aventurine, chrysocolla, jade, moss agate, olivine, tourmaline.


Pink stones: pink coral, rhodonite rhodochrosite and rose quartz

By aroma: rose, jasmine, cardamom

Through incense: cardamom, sweet grass, mugwort

With food – Light meals: rice, steamed vegetables, sprouts, salads, fruit, edible flowers as decoration and in the salad: borage, nasturtium, elderflower, rose petals, daisies, dandelion flowers, etc.

In addition, richly fragrant, green herbs: basil, coriander greens, marjoram, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, quenelle. These are also excellent and nourishing ingredients for a rejuvenating, uplifting and detoxing green smoothie.

My Green Smoothie For Cleansing & Healing Of Body, Mind & Soul

Fragrant flower teas and water: rose, calendula, lavender. Chamomile, jasmine, elderflower.

Heart-opening specialties: lotus seeds or nuts, red apples (known since Adam and Eve!), Rosewater

Dearest starlings, so you’ve now learned that people who tend to self-abandonment need to know how to balance the heart chakra. I truly pray that you do not belong to those folks who believe they have to constantly earn the love of other people and the Universe/God. Yet, secretly they are convinced that they do not deserve that love.

These people serve, but not from the fullness of their love, but they serve to receive love as a type of reward. They are totally dependent on the world, which appears to them as the only access to love. It is not possible for them to be alone or to feel love in themselves.

It is very sad, but, we as a unity, can change this. Remember we are all one, in the end, part of one another and much more connects us than it separates. Thus, we are responsible, and I would like for everyone reading this to send out a healing meditation to every vibrational being that requires help to open the heart chakra. Thank you.

Remember, you are a unique expression of the Universe, there is nothing and no other like you. You are immensely powerful and unconditionally loved. Thank you for existing, my dear co-creator.


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