How To Control Your Thoughts And Stop The Inner Chatter


Learn to control your thoughts: This is how you ensure calm!

How to control your thoughts can be an uncomfortable topic, which is why some people choose to just close their eyes to them instead of learning to handle them.

Here’s why it is important to have control over what you’re thinking, what forms your thoughts can take, and how you can learn to control them.

Why you should learn to control your thoughts

Our thoughts are an important tool in order to function in this world. However, if this tool consumes your own perception, suffering can quickly arise.

It is, therefore, important to gain authority over when you should use thoughts and when not.

This process takes some time, but it’s worth it, because it can reduce their influence before that. However, before you can start controlling them, it is vital to understand their different forms.

Forms of thoughts

The mind is composed of many different functions, which I will all describe in a separate article. To free yourself from the influence of the thought process you only need to know two of these thought forms.

These are:

The commentator

It is the simplest form of the thought process. As soon as your senses make you perceive something, or a memory impression arises from the subconscious, this part of your mind gets to work.

It comments on whatever unfolds before him. These comments are not always pleasant.

The conscious thought

You create this more mature form of thought through your own decision. It is often used in response to the commentator.

This is the point at which you can influence your mental content. Now that you know these two forms, you can learn to control your thoughts.

This is how you gain control

What follows is a simple instruction with which you can learn to rise from the stream of thoughts and thereby gradually deprive it of your power over your perception.

Start watching your thoughts!

In the beginning, it is helpful to sit down for this exercise and close your eyes to be distracted as little as possible. Over time, however, you will be able to integrate this tool more and more into everyday life.

The moment you observe your thoughts, you are at a point in yourself that your thoughts cannot influence.

At the very start, it can happen that through your observer position the commentator begins to comment on himself. Don’t let this upset you and just keep watching.

Once you’ve gained a little distance from the commentator, you can use conscious thoughts to change the content of your mind.

If the commentator reacts negatively to a sensory impression or a memory from your past, you can change his habits by correcting him with consciously set thoughts.

It is important here that you can also observe these deliberately placed thoughts, i.e. you return to the observer position after you have given a mental impulse.

Whether commentator or conscious thought – you are independent of both!

With these methods you can gradually change your thinking process and identify less and less with it.

Enhance the effect of the exercise

The higher your focus and the better your inner balance, the easier this exercise will be for you.

For this I recommend you to practice yoga and meditation daily:

The 5 Tibetans are a simple series of exercises that will only take a few minutes and will help you stay in the center. You can learn them in the article below o our sister website

The 5 Tibetans Rites - Yoga Exercises For Holistic Well-Being

Dear starlings

Meditation is another powerful method to effectively improve your focus.
Only when our thought process is under our control can we be able to shape a life according to our wishes.

With the right mindset and tools available, it doesn’t have to be difficult to control your thoughts, and, thus, create the desired life you are so longing for.

It’s best to start learning today to become master of your thoughts! Have you made any progress or do you need help?

Tell us about your experience in a comment below! If you need guidance just email me, and I will happily work with you to solve the blockage that’s on your path to enlightenment and fulfillment.

Thank you, my starlings, for existing and being such an asset to our entire collective. You’re immensely cherished, appreciated and unendingly loved. ~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~.

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