How To Open The Root Chakra – The First Step To Enlightenment


How To Open The Root Chakra – Remove The Root Blockage In Order To Awaken The Remaining Chakras

My dearest starlings. In this article, I will introduce you to the primary of the seven main chakras – the root chakra. I will, furthermore, explain to you how to open the root chakra, dissolve blockages and its associated element, symbol and gemstone(s).

Thus, without further ado, let’s dive right into our newest discovery. Grab yourselves a nice cup of tea, lean back, relax and enjoy the reading material.

In Sanskrit, they call the root chakra “Muladhara,” which one can translate into “root support”. This basic chakra is the first of the seven main chakras and forms the starting point of the chakra system in the body.

In this very chakra lies the root of the training of one’s own spirituality. The Root Chakra represents the connection between the mind and the physical body and guides its energies.


Where is the root chakra located?

The root chakra lies on the perineum, the site between the genitals and the anus. Mainly formed of muscles, this severely nerve-trapped dam is part of the pelvic floor muscle group. This body region is particularly associated with the pudendal nerve, also called the pubic nerve, which branches into several other nerves.

Root chakra meaning: will to live, trust and vitality

The root chakra is deeply connected with the primal emotions and, therefore, intensely linked to the instincts. “Fight or flee?” The root chakra also helps to answer the vital question of whether to fight or to flee, because we can find the will to survive precisely in this energy center.

A strong life force associated with some endurance is assigned to the root chakra, as well. The development of the energy center occurs mainly during infancy. It is related to the sense of smell, for example, such as the homey fragrance of the mother to the child.


The root chakra opens down towards the ground and, thus, represents an energetic connection to the earth. It is the basis of the original trust and we associate it with the innate trust and the feeling of security for ourselves and others.

The dependability, the desire for a safe home and the proverbial “standing with both feet in life” stem from here.


A functioning basic chakra manifests itself, among other things, in the feeling of having a solid footing in the world – not only in terms of work or material security but also in relationships with other people. Due to its position, the energy center is in physical connection with the pelvic floor.

The large intestine and rectum are also assigned to the root chakra, as well as the associated digestion. An active root chakra shows in healthy digestion and in a good physical condition. Strong bones, teeth and nails also belong to the root chakra area, as well as the blood formation and the sciatic nerve function.

The basic chakra is allied with the adrenal gland, which is associated with the formation of various hormones such as epinephrine and cortisone. These hormones have an effect on stress and allergies.

The root chakra

The root chakra is related to one of the most powerful colors that has had a profound effect on humans for millennia. At the same time, it is connected with intense earthy energy.


Color of the root chakra: powerful red

The root chakra is in charge of the resonance color red. These are attributed in the color interpretation activating properties that are affiliated with an increase in the life energy. Red stimulates the metabolism and has a warming radiance.

Symbol of the root chakra: four-petalled lotus

The four-petalled lotus is the symbol of the root chakra. This specific flower is also the symbol of the world, Its four leaves are indicating the four directions.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, one views the leaves as continents, and the flower in the middle as a mountain on which one can encounter the palaces of the Gods.

The element of the root chakra: earth

The root chakra is assigned the element earth, which bears the name “Prithivi” in ​​Sanskrit. One can translate this as “Mother Earth”. In the Vedic religion, she is revered as the Mother Goddess who is benevolent and generous. She supports and carries everything.

Gemstone(s) for the root chakra

There are more than one gemstone and crystals associated with the root chakra. All of them come in the warming and radiant color red. These stones include the garnet, ruby, carnelian or tourmaline, just to name a few. I will, however, introduce the red jasper today. A simple, yet, powerful and gorgeous gem.


The red jasper has the most intense effect on the root chakra and, as well, on the sacral chakra. It is best to charge the health-promoting gem overnight in a bowl of tumbled hematite stones.

Even stemming from a microcrystalline type within a quartz group, the jasper can recharge your energy without any problems.

The stone’s forces penetrate deep into the body during meditation. However, during your phases of complete relaxation, you can experience how the jasper releases blockages, tightness and cramps.

If you are picking up meditation on a regular basis, and are incorporating the red jasper, it will give you fresh life energies, caresses the soul and reduces negative feelings such as anger, envy, resentment and hatred.

What do I need for an optimal jasper effect?

The jasper is a might energy stone, so you should wear it directly on the skin. This precious gem is particularly helpful in diseases of the spleen and bile.


Many people who suffer from a stomach or nervous-system disorders are regularly wearing a necklace made with red jasper stones or simply a red jasper centerpiece.

The gemstone is also excellent for preparing jasper tea and jasper water. Hereby, it is essential that you follow the instructions carefully and precisely. After you utilize the jasper stone, always cleanse it under warm, running water.

What is Jasper’s effect on the psyche?

The Jasper’s effect on your psyche shows in the enhancement of your self-confidence, will-power and your stamina. The powerful Jasper gemstones stand for mental strength, durability and conciseness.

Furthermore, Jasper also relieves anxiety, nervousness and panic disorders. Plus, it promotes the preparedness for conflicts and that you are able to cope well with energy-draining situations.

Despite the wide range of colors and varieties, jasper healing stones have similar basic effects, but the healing powers can differ in their intensity.

What is jasper’s effect on the body?

The jasper enhances overall rejuvenation and is an excellent circulation booster. The mineral strengthens the organ functions, counteracts abdominal fullness and nausea, stabilizes the immune system and helps with indigestion. Jasper, furthermore, reliefs liver and kidney ailments.



This semi-precious stone acts very supportive against frequent vomiting and enhances the blood formation within your body.

On the other hand, experts recommend the use of green jasper, especially against hyperacidity and nightmares.

Root Chakra Blockade: existential fears of the past and present

Blockages and a defective function of the root chakra are widespread. This is partly due to the fact that we don’t only encounter our own experiences and emotions in this very original energy center.

We, furthermore, still harbor the fears and challenges, which our ancestors were exposed to, in this body region. The energies of wars, natural disasters and famines of the past have left their mark on this basis chakra.

Unfortunately, one can easily manifest a root chakra blockade, among other things, through low confidence in life itself. This is often reflected by distressing existential fears and mistrust of other people. Phobias can also occur in the course of this. Those affected also suffer from a lack of vitality and depression.


Balance your root chakra

An unbalanced root chakra can be overactive or underactive and then, accordingly, causes different symptoms. Signs of an overactive root chakra can be strong emotions such as anger and resentment towards others.

Changes are often difficult for those affected because they are very dependent on certain types of collaterals, such as a job or a person. They tend to attach their self-worth to material things, and an excessive urge for sexuality can accompany them throughout the entire time.

A weak root chakra can be responsible for the feeling that you have no connection to yourself and your environment.


Those affected often complain about a lack of self-discipline and are not well organized. They feel aimless and do not know what they want in life. There may be a diminished interest in sexuality.

Physically, one can identify a blocked root chakra through various occurring diseases of the digestive system, from constipation to diarrhea.

Lower back problems, such as lumbago and sciatic syndrome, may also be associated with blockage of the energy center.

Also, fluctuations in blood pressure, as well as anemia or venous disease may indicate difficulties in the basic chakra. Since the energy center is linked to the stability of life and the relationship to the earth, it also plays a role in various ailments of the legs and feet.

How to activate the root chakra?

The healing of the root chakra forms the basis for balancing the other chakras, which are all connected. Practicing sports does strengthen your energy center in everyday life. Gardening and barefoot walking can also heal the root chakra, as these activities act grounding.

There are a wide variety of suitable meditations that specialize in activating the energy center. You can, furthermore, begin with some daily root chakra exercises for mindful breathing.

How do you open the root chakra?

How to open the root chakra begins with a look into the past. This not only reaches back into one’s own experiences and emotions as a baby, but it also attacks the traumas of previous generations and of one’s own ancestors.


Then the recognition and processing of existential fears become an important topic. In the course of the opening of the energy center, frozen fears can be set in motion and resolved.

The focus of the treatment of the basic chakra is the development of a new relationship to one’s own physical corporeality.


To open the root chakra, one can use bodywork, in which you consciously feel and touch your own body. To heal the chakra, it is essential to provide basic and innate security and confidence in life.

In that way, it is no longer necessary to flee or to have absolute control over everything. The use of the color red, also in the form of a gemstone, such as the blood jasper, garnet, ruby, etc., can be of great aid in addition to supportive aromatherapy and special meditations.

A personal note to my starlings

Dear starlings, I hope that I could explain to you well how to open the root chakra, and what huge importance the associated gemstones have, as well. Please, feel free to leave comments with your personal experiences, stories and questions below. We are always looking forward and happy hearing from you.

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