How To Open The Sacral Chakra – The Svadhisthana “Flow Of Life”



How To Open The Sacral Chakra – The Flow Of Life

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven main chakras in the human body. It is called in Sanskrit “Svadhisthana,” which can be translated as “fair and lovely one” or even “your own place”.

At this specific point, you find the true and unaffected self. The sacral chakra is associated with the ‘joie de vivre,’ original feelings, creativity and fantasy that is also related to sexuality.

Where is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is located about a hand’s breadth below the navel and between the two hip bones at the base of the spine at the level of the sacrum, coccyx, and pubis.

Sacral Chakra meaning: The flow of life energy

One can find the significance of the sacral chakra above all in the sensual level of consciousness. The flow of life energy encounters an important point here, and this conveys itself through deep emotions and intense sensations. In this energy center, the desire of the soul unites with the worldly passions.

Just as the conception of imaginative inspiration is in the foreground of fantasy-filled creativity, conception in the sense of reproduction is also connected with the sacral chakra.



This particular energy center represents the sexual energy combined with the lust for life and sensuality. An active and open sacral chakra can show itself through the affirmative bond to other people, including the opposite sex.


The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water and, within the human body, relates to the organs and functions in which more water collects.

These include, among others, the urinary tract, bladder and kidneys, as well as the reproductive organs. The sacral chakra is assigned to the sexual glands in the ovaries and testes.

The sacral chakra also influences the female sex hormone estrogen, as well as the hormones testosterone and progesterone. The two latter occur in men and women alike. Although in different concentration, they play a role in sperm production, pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

In addition, the prostate and lymphatic flow, as well as the immune system and skeletal parts, such as the lumbar spine on the lower back and the hip joints, are assigned to the sacral chakra.

Symbolization of the sacral chakra

The symbols of the sacral chakra reflect the living, vital and creative power of this energy center.

Sacral chakra color: life-affirming orange

A powerful, warm orange is the color of the sacral chakra and reflects the inner fire of one’s being. In color psychology, the orange is connected to the life force. Sociability, excitement and activity are also attributes of this optimistic appearing color.

Symbol of the sacral chakra: six-leaved lotus

The six-petalled lotus symbolizes the sacral chakra. They very often plant this sacred flower near Asian temples in the Buddhist and Hindu religion. Among other things, she stands for the rebirth.

The element of the sacral chakra: water

The flowing water is the element of the sacral chakra. In Sanskrit, this element is also called “Apas,” which actually describes the majority and abundance of water due to the flowing nature of the water. Here lies the connection to the flow of life energy with the sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra blockages: Little zest for life and feelings of isolation

Since we associate the sacral chakra directly with the flow of life energy, it is often impossible for those affected to enjoy life in the event of disruption or blockage of that energy center.

Emotional instabilities and feelings of isolation plague them frequently. An unbalanced sacral chakra can lead to hypersensitivity and anxiety. It may, furthermore, negatively impact creativity and motivation.

In interpersonal relationships, people with a closed sacral chakra often find it difficult to trust, are often shy and feel guilty. Jealousy can also be an issue and passive-aggressive behaviors can occur. A change in the sacral chakra can have an impact on sexuality.


Affected individuals sometimes have an increased sexual urge and often deal with this topic in their thoughts. However, the reverse can also be the case: sexual disinterest, frigidity and impotence can occur.

Various addictions, such as alcohol or drug addiction, may also indicate a disharmonious sacral chakra.


Physically, a blocked sacral chakra may show various symptoms. Urinary tract problems such as bladder infections, bedwetting and kidney disease may indicate problems with this energy center.

People, furthermore, associate a blockage of the sacral chakra with blood disorders, such as anemia or leukemia. Skin problems, such as dry skin and eczema, indicate a disturbance of the energy center. Women can be plagued with PMS, ovarian and uterine diseases, menstrual problems and menopausal difficulties.

Triggers for a disturbed sacral chakra can include rejected love for a long period of time, but also sexual abuse. Financial worries, relationship problems, stress at work and many other situations that cause unpleasant feelings may, furthermore, affect the function of the sacral chakra.

Opening of the sacral chakra: awakening creativity and passion

An open sacral chakra is a feel-good center for mental and physical pleasures. If you experience them more intensively, they make life richer and more diverse.

The energy center is a valuable companion when you are turning to things that bring joy and bliss into your life. Once the sacral chakra is open, you will find an abundant space fortified with ingenuity and a fulfillment.


An important step in the opening of the sacral chakra is the devotion to the joyous elements of life. Often, one of the most direct approaches is to engage with talents that are already expressed in the Self.

When the sacral chakra is unlocked, sensual sexuality, eroticism and devotion are arising possibilities.


One can, then, indulge yourself and satisfy the needs of the soul and those of the body, alike. A vital basis for this is love and acceptance of your own self.

Positive attachments to other people, including in the partnership, will follow thereafter. To open the sacral chakra, it is of the essence to focus attention on the given talents and, ultimately, to be authentic.

Activating the sacral chakra for a close bond to the self

People with an overactive sacral chakra are prone to extremes that may manifest in emotional outbursts, as well as pathological dependencies on other people. In some cases, an overdramatization of events can occur.

A below-average active sacral chakra can cause sufferers to spend most of their time adapting to people and groups and trying to “belong” to it and to “fit in.”

These people run the risk of losing their authenticity and can no longer be themselves. For sufferers, it is difficult to recognize their desires and needs because of their devotion to the mainly negative thoughts. People with a balanced sacral chakra have a close connection to themselves.

Release blockages and establish balance to heal the sacral chakra

There are various suitable methods in order to release the sacral chakra’s disturbances and blockages, to open it and to create a balance.

For a cure, it is necessary to draw attention to past traumas that have an influence on the soul life until today. Working with them also involves dealing with feelings such as guilt or shame.



These can have a very blocking effect and prevent those affected from being themselves. The vibrations of the chakra color orange can help to activate and open the energy center.

You can utilize the color orange, for instance, on accessories or clothing.

Furthermore, healing stones, such as citrine, orange jasper or carnelian, offer wonderful support. One can encounter essential sacral chakra exercises in the sensual bodywork.

This can include, among other things, massages and therapeutic dance. In everyday life, staying on or in the water can help to heal the sacral chakra, as well.

Effects of the citrine as a healing stone

Citrine is a very versatile stone. We can use this precious quartz crystal as a healing stone concomitantly in diabetes. Here, he shows a strong effect, especially in children.

The citrine does also strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem, help with digestive problems, stomach inflammation, arthritis, dermatitis and uterine infections.

In addition, they say that the citrine does stimulate the blood circulation and, thus, offers great aid with weather sensitivity and exaggerated sense of cold. It is also helpful for dry skin, dandruff and varicose veins.

Effects of the citrine on the soul and feelings

The effect of the citrine also influences the inner emotional world of the human being. So he does play a huge role in regards to the sacral chakra, which makes us better communicate with our higher self. Wearing a citrine is, furthermore, effective in case of uncertainty and inner restlessness.

The stone bestows more self-confidence upon its wearer and helps to respond less sensitively. It harbors a positive effect on the courage, safety and happiness of the wearer.


Effects on the mind

Already the Romans considered the Citrin as a protector before the evil eye. Even today, many believe that citrine strengthens the body center.

Uses of citrine

People use the citrine, both as a gemstone and as a healing crystal. For curing purposes, the ailing person usually either drinks citrine water/ tea, or Ayurvedic practitioners place the stone directly on certain parts of the body. Citrine water helps with digestive problems.



Alternatively, you can wear the stone as close to the body as possible, for example, in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring or earring. The citrine also brings relief with stomach inflammation, arthritis and skin issues.

Citrine water makes the body less sensitive to weather changes, temperature sensitivity and coldness.

Energy healers also recommend wearing the citrin for the treatment of cramping, dry skin and dandruff.

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