How To Open The Solar Plexus Chakra – Unlock Your Manipura


Discover How To Open The Solar Plexus Chakra And The Divine Benefits Of An Unlocked Manipura

The solar plexus chakra bears the name “Manipura” in Sanskrit, which means “shining jewel”. The third of the seven main chakras is associated with energy and vitality, symbolizing willpower and self-responsibility.

The solar plexus chakra stands for both physical and mental strength and balance. This powerful energy center has a great influence on the holistic constitution of an individual.

Where is the solar plexus chakra?

You can find your solar plexus chakra above the navel between the pit of the stomach and the thorax, hence the name “solar plexus.”



The solar network consists of an autonomous network of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve fibers. Among the latter is also the vagus nerve, the largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system.

This cranial nerve plays a major role in the regulation of almost all internal organs and directs their activity.

The vagus nerve of the solar plexus is also responsible for the transmission of taste and touch of the tongue base (palate) and the external auditory canal.

Solar plexus chakra meaning: individual personality and life energy

The solar plexus chakra plays an essential role in the development of your own ego. Furthermore, this energy center stores all your emotional memories. This shows in powerful life energy, which you need for the energetic implementation of goals.



The familiar gut feeling hides within the solar plexus energy field, as well. A strong solar plexus chakra characterizes itself through high resilience and the ability to sleep restfully.

People with an active solar plexus chakra can take their lives as it may come. Accepting and expressing emotions is possible for them without any difficulties.

Sensitivity associated with willpower and the ability to perceive self-responsibility are also assigned to the solar plexus chakra.

The development of the energy center mainly takes place between the fifth and the 12th year of life. Physically, the solar plexus chakra is especially in charge of the digestive organs and the pancreas.

In addition, this energy field overlooks the pancreatic hormones insulin and the glucagon, which are responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Symbols of the solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is a very powerful chakra, which is also reflected by its associated vivid color and its energetic element.

Color of the solar plexus chakra: a bright yellow

A bright yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra. No other shines brighter than the powerful color yellow. In color psychology, this is associated with the energy of the sun and its warming rays.

The symbol for the solar plexus chakra: ten-leaved lotus

The symbol for the solar plexus chakra is the ten-petalled lotus. The plant, which is mainly distributed in Asia, is associated with the chakras due to its ability to open and close like an energy field, as well as its round shape.

The element of the solar plexus chakra: fire

The fire element belongs to the solar plexus chakra, also called Agni in Sanskrit. In Hinduism and the Vedic religion, Agni counts as God of fire to one of the most influential Gods. They consider him as a mediator between the Gods and the people.

Solar plexus chakra blockade: fear of rejection and a distorted self-image

The fear of rejection and the sensitivity to criticism are connected with the disturbed solar plexus chakra. The fear of losing control or “face” is assigned to this energy center.


Unfortunately, one can manifest blockages of the chakra, among other things, by a multiplicity of wrong decisions and a bad judgment in life.

It is difficult to draw one’s own boundaries. Difficulties in tackling things, completing them and maintaining concentration can also indicate disturbances of the solar plexus chakra.

An unbalanced solar plexus chakra can contribute to a distorted self-image that under- or overestimates one’s own value. Thus, self-hatred, bitterness and frustration may result.

Solar plexus chakra – heal and grow as a personality

The solar plexus chakra is not only linked to the physical digestive system, but also to the mental “digestion” of emotional experiences that we keep as memories. To strengthen the solar plexus chakra, the knowledge of one’s own strength and individual personality are of great importance.

For a trouble-free functioning of the energy center, it is necessary to have a meaningful limitation of the own ego to the environment and to have integrated the emotions of past stages of life, such as childhood and youth, into the adult personality.

In order to cure blockages and disbalances of the solar plexus, strengthening, activating and opening this energy center is of the essence.

Open, activate and strengthen the solar plexus chakra

In order to solve a solar plexus chakra blockade, an opening of the energy center is the central task. For this, one should first throw a look into one’s soul life in order to recognize and process emotions that have been suppressed over a long period of time.


In the course of this action in the chakra work, dogmas can emerge, which until then have subconsciously significantly influenced their own reality.

By developing the concept of the self during childhood and adolescence, at the same time that the solar plexus chakra is being developed, it is also recommended to work with the past.


The treatment to open the energy center, can be done, among other things, through special chakra meditations, massages of the sun network of the body or rotation exercises in yoga. You can apply aromatherapy with scents of lavender, fennel or grapefruit, as well as baths with the medicinal herb chamomile.

Cinnamon and cloves, but also rosemary, frankincense or sandalwood can be used in the therapy with incense. The use of singing bowls or healing stones, such as tiger’s eye, carnelian, amber and citrine is also ideal.

Activation of the solar plexus chakra

In order to activate the solar plexus chakra, its assigned color yellow comes into action. You should utilize it, for example, for wall paint, in clothing, jewelry or as accessories in fashion and interior. In everyday life, it can help to create good-humored situations in which you will laugh heartily.

Sports in the team and / or in nature are also beneficial engagements for opening the solar plexus. Only seek out challenging activities if you have anxiety and stress thoroughly under control.

If the solar plexus chakra is overactive, the affected people can be very demanding, prone to criticism and never satisfied with what they have achieved. Envy, anger and aggression can be the result. Workaholics and very ambitious people often suffer from a blocked solar plexus chakra, as well.

Set your emotions free

In return, a faltering solar plexus chakra can lead to a life in the “autopilot mode” in which people suppress and avoid emotions. Sufferers, furthermore, feel overwhelmed by their feelings, thus, apathy and depression can become the consequences.


The appearance of emotional coldness and strong factual thinking arise. However, often also the opposite, such as choleric emotional outbursts, can occur.

Dependence on other people and their opinions begins determining the sufferer’s life topics, and he often slips into the victim role.


The physical symptoms of a disorder in the solar plexus chakra may include slow digestion, bowel disease, colon cancer and stomach ulcers.

Diabetes and arthritis are also associated with blockages of the solar plexus chakra. Mental illnesses in relation to a blocked solar plexus chakra, for example, show up in eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and weight problems.

Healing stones – helpful companion to open your solar plexus.

There are a few wonderful crystals that promote the proper function of the solar plexus. Citrine, tiger’s eye and amber are a few of them. However, I have decided to introduce you to carnelian – the most powerful healing stone for the Manipura.

How did carnelian get its name?

The origin of the name carnelian is not unique. The Latin name in the Middle Ages was corneolus, which was already commonly used from the year 1078 onwards. Later, the stone was also called Cornelius.

Thus, in the thirteenth century, Albertus Magnus wrote: “corneolus, quem quidam cornelium dicunt,” meaning “corneolus whom they also call cornelium.”


Origin and occurrence of carnelian

Carnelian occurs in nature either as a sintered coating of rocks or as a filling of cavities. In some agates, it also forms more or less thick layers within its characteristic bandage. Often carnelians are also extracted from their original rock and found in the boulders of the river deposits.

So far, they have detected carnelian in about 120 localities. Among others in Uruguay, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, India, and also in Germany. There are some areas, for example, in the Black Forest, Fichtelgebirge and Odenwald.

Colors and properties of carnelian

The element iron is responsible for the carnelian’s color. The most highly appreciated are the carnelians, which look fiery red when looking through, but appear blackish-red when looking at the surface. In addition, there are all the brown shades, monochrome, striped or spotted to light, almost pink specimens.

Use and effect of carnelian

In the Middle Ages, they wore the carnelian sometimes in amulets, which should protect against enchantment. Hildegard von Bingen counts this precious crystal among the most important healing stones; he allegedly helps e.g. for bleeding, headache, cough and colds.

Carnelian was praised as a panacea for the character in a work from 1354, the Oeconomia of Konrad von Megenberg:

Who is weak but wants to be firm, Carnelian-Necklace

who is lukewarm but wants to burn,

who is cowardly but wants to be brave

who wants to be master, but no longer slave,

he always carries a carnelian.

Carnelian pendant

Even in later centuries, the carnelian has a special effect on women. The sincere jubilee of 1773 writes: “Carnelian, worn by men, makes them look strangely attractive to women.”

As a healing stone, carnelian is able to cure arthritis, depression, neuralgia and rheumatism, as well as an aid to relieve fever and infection.

He should also promote vitality. It is said to alleviate abdominal spasms when worn in a sachet around the neck during menstruation. They also use carnelian for infertility and impotence.


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