How To Stop Negative Thoughts About Money


How to stop negative thoughts about money

In response to my telling a few people that I’m wanting to write more in-depth about money manifestation and how to treat money, I got quite a few questions from acquaintances and friends in return. They are asking me “how to stop negative thoughts about money” or “how to get rid of automatic negative thoughts about money.” They also want to know how to manage or how to stop worrying about money and wealth.

The irony is that we try harder to stop the negative thoughts in our heads as they grow stronger in our minds. Affected people often ask me if there is a way that they can control the negative thoughts in their heads, because they make them feel miserable.

How can I start to cease negative beliefs regarding money?

Of course, it is not only possible to stop the negative thoughts, but also to replace them with a positive belief about money, or anything else that you wish to influence positively and manifest within your life.

But before we jump on the process and the technique, let’s try to understand the thought process and how the mind works.


How and why do the negative thoughts occur?

The origin of the human species on this planet is not new. Thousands and thousands of years ago, when man lived in the caves, the prevailing thought was survival. Man’s actions were programmed to look for food, eat and live. Man, furthermore, had to protect himself from countless threats to his life and predators.

There were wild animals, such as reptiles, natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes, lack of water, diseases, etc. Thus, the instinctive fight for survival, in the midst of known and unknown dangers and menaces, was the order of the day. As a result, our lower brain acted as protection against negativity, and so did our responses to a sudden sound or light.

While the modern man has not faced these problems, the programming of the lower or elemental brain has remained within the man.

Is the human not the master of his mind?

Even now, there is duality, whether we like it or not. There are yin and yang, day and night, good and bad, poor and rich, negative and positive and so on. Therefore, it is natural to receive negative thoughts under uncontrolled conditions.

Why do we develop more negative thoughts than positive thoughts

There are two components to the answer to this question. First, there is a lot of negativity around us, and we allow it to enter our individual world. For example, the news channels, radio and newspapers like to sensationalize more negative events, such as accidents, wars, deficit, rape, crime, suicide, etc.

There is a continuous bombardment of it on the human mind in terms of images, videos and texts. From the time you wake up to the time you spend sleeping, the TV channels and mobile news do their subliminal job.

Secondly, we not only allow the negativities of entering our world by keeping our doors open, but, to top it off, we are feeding them as well. You may be wondering what is feeding. Well, it simply means that if we give our energy time and attention to the negative thoughts then they become stronger.

They become stronger and occupy more space in our mental disc and displace the creative, constructive and positive thoughts. Whatever you feed, grows. Thus, I use the term “feeding” in this context.

Let me give you an analogy. Suppose you have two monkeys in one cage and you feed one monkey a lot more and better than the other. Then over a period of time, the first monkey will become stronger and predominant, and the second will become weak and pushed into the background.


How To Stop Negative Thoughts About Money: Technique # 1

Drawing lessons from the previous example, we must stop feeding negative thoughts like poverty, inadequate resources, lack of money, etc. Here is a simple technique in three steps:

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed for the next 5 minutes, or so. Rethink any negative thoughts about the money you have, such as:

“I do not have enough savings.”

“What if my client refuses to pay?”

“What if my business fails?”

“What if the venture capitalist does not fund my project?”

“How will I pay rent or bills next month?”

Step 2

Think through one thought at a time and tell your thoughts to go as far as possible to show the ultimate consequence. Put it boldly and be ready to see some outcome in front of your inner eye.

Step 3

In the majority of cases, you will find that the negative thoughts about money become weaker and lose momentum. They evaporate in a short time, among them all fears and worries. It’s best if this happens, and you should try to deal with all the big negative thoughts one by one in a row. See them all through as they dissipate.

The second possibility is that some thoughts actually exist and bother you about your financial position and money issues. In this case, you say “Cut & Cancel”, “Cut & Cancel” and “Cut & Cancel” (3 times, loud).

Furthermore, neutralize it with an appropriate affirmation such as “I am very happy and thankful that the money comes to me in increasing amounts from many sources and on a continuous, steady basis.” Try doing this and implement full visualization and all your emotions.


How To Stop Negative Thoughts About Money: Technique # 2

Step 1

Think of all the things that are positive and in your favor and say them aloud. For example:

“I am well educated”

“I have very supportive parents”

“I have a job”

“I own the house I live in, so I have no rent subsidy”

“I am blessed with very good health”

“My communication skills are excellent and the clients are happy to deal with me”

“I have a nice personality”

“My reputation is very high and goodwill is impeccable”

Imagine these statements to be some items and tools that you use to construct a solid baseball bat for yourself.

Step 2

Another way how to stop negative thoughts about money is to remember your most disturbing thoughts or fear for money. Now with your power of visualization, they are transforming into a baseball.

Step 3

In your mind, hit the ball hard with your baseball bat and see the ball flying high and far away from you. With your imagination and the power of visualization, send the ball towards the sun, where it catches fire, bursts and turns into ashes. Keep yourself happy until the ball is completely turned into soot.


Some more powerful suggestions to stop negative believes regarding money

It is strongly recommended that you combine some conscious efforts with the above two techniques. These conscious steps are:

Stop speaking negative words or sentences

Watch your words and sentences. Even casually or jokingly words can hurt, for example:

“I am broke.”
“I’m destitute”
“I am not as rich as you”
“I wish I had the money to buy this dress”
“I can’t afford this”

Over a period of time, when repeatedly confirmed, the habit and subconscious mind accept these expressions as the command of the situation in which you want to be. Subconscious dutifully creates everything that is given to him.

Remember, our subconscious mind doesn’t have its own brain. It is merely our humble servant, delivering to us what we truly focus on.

The subconscious mind sees things simple. Frankly, try to put yourself into the position of your subconscious mind for just a moment. Wouldn’t you assume that what your master is constantly concentrating on is what he truly desires? I sure would!

Why else would someone be focusing on a specific object or subject unless it is his aspiration? Thus, in order to keep my master happy, I’d bring him what he’s been thinking about for all this time.

So don’t go out and blame your subconscious when it delivers to you what you don’t wish in your life. It only tried to be helpful and fulfill your desire.

It’s not the subconscious fault that you cannot get your priorities straight and always focus on what you don’t want.


Stop thinking in extreme negatives

It’s just the continuation of the previous point. You should neither talk nor think negatively. Do you seriously believe that the higher source, or God who created you, sent you on planet Earth with a manual that allows only negative things to happen to you?

I hope you don’t, because it’s simply not true. So why should you usually think of a lack of money or not have enough money?

As a backlash against negative thinking, it is to substitute a positive thought or at least something better than absolute negative thinking. Say you are worried about an increase in salary.

Instead of thinking, “It’s going to be a disaster, I just know how my boss is,” replace it with, “I’m sure there will be good bits, if not very big, but just like my colleagues’ experienced as well.”

Always make room for something bigger and more positive to happen, no matter if you believe it, or not. Leave the door open, and something great will unexpectedly manifest. This is an effective way to control fear for money.

Never kill positive thoughts or positive possibilities

Negative thinking has the power to stop people from seeing the positive, even if it is there or becomes a positive outcome. It’s a filter that locks out the positives and invites only the stuff that confirms the “negative bias”. Negative thoughts about failures, setbacks, and minimizing achievements are leading to demotivation and misery.

Also, try to be mindful of your thoughts. Most people are in the habit of criticizing any positive suggestion or the possibility of success. In order to obtain a more positive outlook concerning money, you must stop sabotaging yourself with such negative assessments.

Instead of making criticism a habit, replace it with mindful thinking. The power of positive thoughts can hardly be emphasized enough.

Use affirmations

Good affirmations, when done regularly and positively, may draw your mind’s attention and resources to the idea of ​​opportunity, success, and positive outcome.

Stop the visualization of negative outcomes and focus on the abundance of money manifestation, instead.

Find out when and how you tend to envision negative scenes related to money and finances for yourself. Stop it right there and then. In addition, it is a valuable practice to engage in positive money visualization on a sustainable and regular basis.


Dear starlings.

Most of us had times where we went through financial struggles and thought that money was divided unequally and unfairly on this planet. However, we didn’t realize, at this particular moment, that we, ourselves, created the lack of money and luxury with our negative thoughts and stance toward money.

Thus, I truly hope that my post is helpful in your quest of how to stop negative thoughts about money. Just continue to replace all negative arising feelings with positive thoughts as often as you catch yourself thinking.

With time, this will become a new habit, and your mind will automatically adapt to the positive thought patterns. This, in turn, will be a game-changer and open a portal from which money can flow freely to you.

Starlings, please share our website with your families and friends on social media, so they, too, can become part of our loving community and get advice, uplifting words and encouragement during their awakening journey.

I am wishing you healthy, happy, prosperous and abundant in all aspects of your lives. Also, never forget that you are precious, unique and beautiful spiritual beings who decided to come here to enjoy life, learn, grow and fulfill your very own mission.

The Universe wouldn’t work as properly as it does if you weren’t here. So how brave, great and special does that make each one of you? Thank you for your existence, dear starlings, and keep on sparkling. ~Namaste~


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