Intuition – Where’s That Inner Voice Actually Coming From?


The relation between intuition and conditioning

What’s behind intuition and where is the little voice and gut feeling coming from? Discover all this in our post below.

I am sure that each one of you knows the following situation. Your mind says: “Yes, it’s a safe and lucrative job.” But the gut says: “No, I don’t want to do that, something else appeals to me more, even if I earn less there.”

If we do too take this dilemma any further and ask our family and friends for their opinion, the mess becomes complete.

We are becoming increasingly insecure and no longer know what to do. Too many considerations often lead to the result that we leave everything as before and don’t dare to do anything new.

Almost all “reasonable” decisions usually fall “short” sooner or later. If one listens to the inner voice, something good usually comes out of it, even if it didn’t look like it at first.

It is actually better to follow the first impulse. Spontaneous inspiration comes from our deepest inside and is pure and unadulterated.

The more we think and tear our heads, the less willing we are to make decisions. This happens because our mail order moves more and more into the foreground and the little voice from our belly gets quieter until it completely stops.

Conditioning also plays a big role, the so-called beliefs

As our hard drive is stored, we think we have to behave. You just don’t do this or that, it was instilled into us as a child.

Only if you do it that way will it turn into success. Play it safe. Tackling our beliefs is usually very difficult. It can drag on for years until behavioral patterns that have been educated disappear and thoughts take other paths.

Not everything that has been imparted to us as a child has to last a lifetime. Our time has become much shorter of breath anyway, at least that is how it seems to us.

Rules from back then are being overturned. Just because times have changed it is all right that way. Only we ourselves react much more phlegmatic, lagging behind in time.

Where does our inner voice actually come from?

Psychoanalysts say that we store everything we have experienced in our subconscious. Nothing, but nothing at all, gets lost.

Only our consciousness can no longer remember everything. It would be way too much. Perhaps our intuition results from all of our experiences, which are searched at computer speed.

The inner voice would be the result of all our stored data, which then evaluates the best for us.
Esotericism also has other views, as well.

Maybe we are actually constantly connected to our soul family, or soul guides or angels stand by our side. The might sometimes whisper to us what is good for us and what helps us in our development.

It doesn’t matter, however, who or what exactly the inner voice is. The fact is that it exists, and it is not unwise to listen to it every now and then.

We deprive our children of their intuition

Children automatically go by their intuition. Unfortunately, this behavior doesn’t enjoy much promotion in our culture; even worse, we pull it away from them. “Use your brain!”, who is not familiar with this request from childhood and school?

Or is it simply our convenience? We know what we have. The new is frightening and brings with it along troubles and efforts. It is easier to leave everything as it is. Changes require courage.

We believe that we risk less when trotting in the flock. The sheep may be wronged with this statement, but sheep actually feel comfortable in the herd.

They think that if they are protected, they don’t offer the wolf too much of an attack surface. Many of us lack the courage to stand out from the crowd, to run off track.

It’s a shame, really as spontaneity can be so exciting. Like the salt in the soup. Don’t just look at what the others are doing, go your own way, just as you wish. But please, don’t have a bad conscience. As long as we don’t harm anyone, everything is allowed.

Dear starlings

Do you listen to your gut feeling or are you over analyzing everything? When was the last time you used your intuition, and how did it affect you?

Please share your exciting story with us in a comment below. We are all looking forward to read from you.

Also,  feel free to leave a message with questions regarding the law of attraction, spiritual awakening, and everything associated with this divine topic. I will make sure to get back to you with the answers as soon as possible.

Last but not least, I want you to rediscover who you truly are. You are a multidimensional being who chose to spiritually grow while having a human experience.

You are part of the divine, the Universe and higher sources. And no matter your circumstances in life, your age, looks, race and decree, you are immensely valuable and an asset to ur entire collective system.

You are highly esteemed and unendingly loved. ~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~

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