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Begin to learn how to manifest everything you want without any doubts

Rumors are often circulating that our fate is predetermined and unchangeable. But this thought is just an illusion. If we learn how to manifest, we can consciously create our dream life. You can find out how to do this in this blog post.

Manifestation what is it?

What does it mean to manifest something? It sounds a bit like magic. But even if it does have something magical at times, it is at the same time basic.

What does manifest actually mean?

The term comes from the Latin “manifestare”, which means something like “to make it tangible.” That is, you create something that previously only existed in your imagination.

As I said, this is something completely normal, because we do it every day. Every action you take is preceded by a thought. So what does manifest mean? Very simple: you create what you think of!

Manifest in other words & synonyms

Accordingly, there are a number of synonyms that make the meaning of manifestation even clearer to us. For example:

to show yourself, How-To-Manifest-Wealth
become recognizable
become apparent / visible
express / appear
come to light;
express, to show,
to express;
reveal (upscale)

All of these synonyms help us understand a little more clearly what manifesting really means. For example, when someone talks to you or others, they already manifest their reality. Why?

Well, he shows himself and reveals his inner attitudes and these will determine his fate. You will either resonate with what he says (this is how friendships develop), or it will be more repulsive to you (then you will distance yourself). So we manifest our lives practically around the clock, even if we are often not consciously aware of it.

How does your desire manifest?

How does it manifest? Opinions differ widely and there are countless books about it. What counts for me is what works in practice. I want to see how my desires manifest in reality and why it is.

That’s exactly what happened to me on my chosen trips without money through Europe, hundreds of times! The very things I needed were in the right place at the right time.

I analyzed why this was the case, and how I behaved in the situations. And from that, I could deduce what seven things have to be given to successfully manifest.

Manifesting goes without esotericism

Even if many esotericists write or speak about the law of attraction, again and again, manifesting in the real sense has nothing to do with esotericism, but with common sense.

On my travels, I don’t use any esoteric techniques to manifest something, and yet I’m incredibly successful with it.

Manifest thoughts

To manifest thoughts, we first have to make up our minds to do what we want them to do. Because most of our thoughts are unconscious and happen completely arbitrarily.

I call it the ego noise – that is the destructive part of our minds. As soon as you practice conscious mindfulness, for example through meditation, you will first recognize the unrest in your mind.

If you learn not to let this restlessness manipulate you, you can create your own destiny.

Manifest dreams

That is probably one of the heart’s desires that each of us has: to manifest our very dreams! From my own experience, I can say: You have the power to do that!

Because whether you are able to manifest your dreams is determined by your thoughts, your habits, your convictions and your character.

If your character is not yet compatible with your dreams today, you can transform it through personality development and take it to a new level.

Then your dreams will suddenly come within reach. Such a development is also something completely normal! If a caterpillar has the dream of flying instead of just hanging on the ropes all day, then it has to develop further.

Maybe dreams are not possible directly on the next level, but on the thereof following, To get there, however, the caterpillar has to go into the cocoon first.

Then the dream suddenly comes true and you can rock your life! I have manifested many dreams and they always came into my life when I was brave, developed and faced my fears. You can do that too!

Manifest your desired partner

Unfortunately, simply manifesting the partner of your choice is not quite possible. However, my travels have shown me that we can manifest encounters with people. For example, when I longed to have a boyfriend, I often met a handsome young man shortly afterward.

However, that does not mean that everything will fit and the church bells will ring. Always be aware that your personality influences to a large extent whether others find you attractive. For example, those who look good and have a sense of humor always have better cards than someone who lacks social cues and friendliness.

Manifest health

The prerequisite for manifesting health is believing that you can get well. This often proves to be not so easy. For example, if the doctor explains to you that you have a fatal illness and you only have three months to live, he has a high level of authority.

We perceive him as an expert and tend to trust his statements blindly, according to the motto: “He’ll know – he’s the specialist after all!” Unfortunately, many doctors are not aware that their words alone are the death sentence for most patients.

We are talking about the so-called nocebo effect. That means if you think you are going to die soon the chances of it happening are very high. This weakens your immune system and if you mentally organize your funeral, there is almost no chance of getting well.

It would, therefore, be much better if the doctor said: “I am at the end of my ability to help you.” This is far from a death sentence. In this case, the patient could say: “Well, if this doctor can’t help me, I’ll just go to another one.” So the belief in your own healing is the basis for becoming healthy and manifesting health.

Manifest money and prosperity

Doesn’t everyone want that? Just snap your finger and 1 million falls from the sky? In practice, manifesting that much money is, of course, not so easy. You have to prove to the Universe in advance why you made this million.

This is very much related to your mindset: in other words, money has to be comfortable with you! This is the case with very few people because most think badly about money. And then try to manifest something that you reject internally – it will be difficult!

However, if you change your attitude towards money, then paths to achieving wealth will open for you. Try to let go of false beliefs, such as “money stinks and it is dirty”.

Treat each cent with respect, keep your bills organized within your wallet and say grace whenever you find a random coin on the street. Soon, you will realize that money comes flowing into your life without resistance.

Also, do not forget to be giving. Keep in mind that money is there to be exchanged and that it’s circulating freely and in an abundant stream from and to you; never ceasing.

Manifest: How does it work?

I am not yet a millionaire, but in the past few years, I have manifested hundreds of Euros during my trips without money, and I think that this is a great success! And what’s even more of a success is that for the past three years I’ve lived as if I was a millionaire even though I didn’t have all that amount of money.

Dear starlings

So whether you are able to manifest something depends largely on your self-confidence. For example, if you wish to finally be with your dream partner, but you lack the courage to speak to him, you can wish so many times.

No matter how many orders you send to the Universe, unfortunately, they will simply not be filled as long as you stay in your comfort zone. Therefore, be brave and become your luck’s own smith!

Share your experiences and stories with us, dear starlings. We are always looking forward to interacting with you. Also, do spread the word about our website with your friends and family so I can continue writing and sharing posts, info and uplifting words with you.

Always know that you are beloved, treasured and unique spiritual entities, who are here to gather new experiences, expand and help this world to reach a higher dimension along your way. Thank you for existing, beloved ones. ~Namaste~



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