Learn To Love Yourself With These Tips And Exercises


Let me help you learn to love yourself, because you are worth it!

Self-love is one of the trend concepts of our time, but in reality not so easy to implement. I’ll show you some tips on how to learn to love yourself the way you are.

How can one learn self-love?

Mostly we find it comparatively easy to love other people and to show our love to children, the partner, parents or friends. But when it comes to loving ourselves, we are often in a dead end. Self-love is an essential basis for coping with problems, dealing with stressful situations and finally loving other people.

You’ll also be much more self-confident, relaxed, and free through life as you recognize and appreciate your own values.

But can one learn self-love? Definitely yes! There are some simple tips and tricks that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. That, on the other hand, can help you to better perceive, accept, and appreciate yourself.

However, the basis of all these practices is the principle that self-love can only come from within you and is not triggered by outside influences.


Self-love through mindfulness

Yoga and meditation can help you to go through life more carefully. Self-love already begins to perceive feelings and signals of the body.

Often we rush through everyday life so that we no longer feel the state of our body. Only in the evening do we notice a headache, weakness or nausea that we can not explain.

To protect you from this, several short breaks of two to three minutes usually help. Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath in and out, and feel what you are doing right now.

This particular kind of attention is called “mindfulness.” Mindfulness refers specifically to the perception of the inner and outer state and the ability to accept it without evaluating it.

Mindfulness, thus, forms, so to speak, the basis for self-love. It helps us to get to know and understand ourselves better. Often we know too little about our own personality, because we never take the time to deal with ourselves.

But how do you want to love yourself if you do not know your own strengths and qualities? Mostly we find it very easy to enumerate our weaknesses and disadvantages. But when someone asks us about our strengths, we just do not want to or cannot think of anything.

Mindfulness exercises can help you to better understand your own qualities. But they also help you recognize your weaknesses and limitations and accept them with serenity and calm.


One way to “train” mindfulness is meditation.

There are several ways to do this. In the beginning, guided meditations will help you to get to know the basics and different variations.

Later, you can do the exercises on your own and tailor them to your needs. With every meditation, you place yourself in a position that is comfortable for you, close your eyes and begin to perceive your body, your environment and especially your breathing movement. It is important that you only register without evaluating anything.

Another method that you can incorporate into your meditation is the Bodyscan:

You lay down on a soft surface and scan each body part individually with awareness. For example, you start with the left little toe and then work your way up to your forehead.

Realize which areas of the body are relaxed and which may feel tight. Here, too, the main thing is to feel and register without having to make a score.

A dynamic variant of meditation, in which you bring mind and body into harmony, is yoga. You have the choice of a variety of yoga forms. The spectrum ranges from powerful Vinyasa Power Yoga, to calm Yin Yoga.

A principle in yoga is the motto: “Everything is possible. Nothing has to be forced.” This again refers to the acceptance of your (physical) limits. Maybe you are not so mobile yet and you cannot do splits or a handstand.

Accept this state with serenity. Only then will you be able to expand your limits through mindful training. So do not force yourself into a posture that does not feel good, and treat your body with care and respect. Once you are able to transfer this idea to your everyday life, you are already a lot closer to self-love.

Embrace Your Beautiful Self

When you begin to perceive and accept the messages of your body, you will probably automatically desire to follow it. Here self-care comes into play.

Of course, each of us knows the need to care for the well-being of people who are close to us. And just as you care about the people you love, you should also deal with yourself.

This can be expressed in a wide variety of areas. For example, by taking the time to cook a well-balanced, healthy dinner for you, light a candle, and watch your favorite movie. Or, after a stressful day, take a relaxing bath, go to the sauna or take part in a yoga lesson.

Often, apart from our job and everyday duties, we tend to neglect the things we actually enjoy. But an essential part of self-love is that you consciously take time to do things that will do you good.


“Body-Image” – Satisfaction with your own body

Advertising posters, fashion shows, fashion magazines or the fitness mania, which is distributed especially by social media, plunge especially young people into self-doubt again and again.

Terms like “body-shaming”, which describes the shame about one’s own figure, make the rounds. Eating disorders and compulsive sports behavior are not uncommon.

Many of us will know the feeling of standing in front of the mirror and looking at one’s own reflection pejoratively, disappointed or even angry.

This feeling of being uncomfortable in one’s own skin is mainly due to the constant comparison with seemingly “perfect” people, such as the bikini model on the billboard or the well-trained athlete in the gym.

A reaction to these developments are counter-currents to the fitness trend, which emphasizes the diversity of the human body and call for self-love and satisfaction with one’s own body shape. After all, each of us has different genes, prerequisites, and, therefore, an individual body too valuable to compare with others.

We should stop constantly emulating a supposed ideal of beauty and try to accept our bodies as they are. Then we are also able to treat ourselves with respect, appreciation and self-love.

Improve self-confidence

Boost self-esteem: Practical tips for more self-confidence

You can strengthen your self-confidence. It is not an immutable property, but a process. These four things you can do every day …

Unfortunately, the beauty ideal in our minds has been firmly anchored for a long time, as it is nourished and confirmed day by day by external influences.

It seems to be the only perfect body that should be the goal of every human being. In order to drive this image out of your thoughts and to learn to appreciate your own figure and individuality, there are some tips:

1- Stop comparing yourself with others! You have your own requirements, heredity and, above all, your own personal story that shapes your body.

2- Expand your aesthetic horizon! Instead of being showered with the same models that set the tone in the media, you’re looking for other inspirations. There are many strong women (and men too) who radiate beauty and confidence with a variety of characters.

3- Be grateful for what your body does for you every day: to carry you from A to B, to allow you to try new things, to make an effort and to relax. Form a unity with your body and do not work against it.

4- Concentrate on your inner life! Unfortunately, our society is far too focused on trying to impress with outer, superficial charms. It is the inner values ​​that make us the person we are. No six-pack will make you a good, lovable person, but values ​​such as helpfulness and compassion do.


My dear starlings

If you try to integrate these suggestions into your daily life for the long term, you will notice how much more relaxed and loving you are with your own body. Although it might seem impossible at first to learn to love yourself, it will become easier every day.

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise are an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and if you want to lose a few pounds to feel better, that’s fine too.

However, it makes a difference whether you force yourself into rage, anger and self-doubt for the workout and salad for lunch, or whether you want to do yourself and your body something good and show some self-love.

Let’s share some opinions regarding this topic in the comment section below. If you need help or want to talk, please let me know. I’m always here for you with an open ear and immense understanding.

Also, please, do spread the word about our website, so I can continue to offer free articles, tips, ebooks, help and personal advice. Show your friends and family our community, so they know where they can turn to anytime they wish to recharge their life batteries.

In the meantime, I’m sending you all my love and healing energy, along with much harmony, joy and an abundance of all good things that you desire.

You are unique spiritual beings who came here to learn, expand have fun and complete a special mission for the greater good of our entire collective.

Thank you for your passion, devotion, selflessness, courage and existence. You are appreciated, cherished and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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