Living A Life Without Remorse & 5 Things Dying People Most Regret


Life without remorse – Five things that the dying most regret

Are you familiar with these situations? These days, when you end up with a dull feeling in bed and you think: “What did I do today?” On a golden and sunny November day, just like today, in California, the gray autumn seems far away. The thoughts about life without remorse seem to linger far in the distance. But as certain as everything that goes up must eventually come down, also the despondent fall will eventually arrive.

On these days you feel it very clearly – regret. While under ‘normal’ circumstances you will hopefully forget this kind of remorse again, the situation differs when drastic experiences such as a serious accident or a life-threatening illness take place.

The sentiment remains the same, but in a completely different dimension: repentance before death.


What are the five things that most dying people resent?

The Australian Bronnie Ware has dealt with this kind of remorse very intensively. In her bestseller “The top five regrets of the dying,” she draws on her many years of experience in palliative care.

Through this job, she met old and young people shortly before their demise. The conversations with her protégés have inspired her immensely and made it clear to her what really matters in life.

In her gathered experience, these are the 5 things that most dying people regret:

1- I wish I’d had the courage to stay true to myself instead of living as others expect me to.
2- I wish I had not worked so much.
3- I wish I had had the courage to express my feelings.
4- I wish I had kept in touch with my friends.
5- I wish I had treated myself to more joy.

How do you lead a life without regret?

There are principles that you can live by and build a happy and fulfilling life for you. At the same time, you will less likely come into the situation, as the “dying” do in the book:

1- Stay true to yourself instead of living as others expect you to.
2- Stop working so hard.
3- Be courageous and express your feelings. Be yourself!
4- Keep in touch with your friends and other loved ones.
5- Treat yourself to more fun and pamper yourself more often. You deserve it!

If you want to know more about the individual points, I, from the bottom of my heart, recommend you read Bronnie Ware’s book. It has been very thought-provoking for me, and I’ve changed quite a few things in my life afterward. It’s actually been a gentle eye-opener.

At this point, I only wish to add a few thoughts from my side:

1- Find out what and who really brings joy to you.
2- What or who makes your heart beat faster?
3- Focus on exactly these things and people. Give them your time and your attention.
4- Chose your company wisely. One who hinders you to evolve is not your friend.
5- Clear out “the weeds” from your circle of friends. Only keep those who truly support your actions and make you feel good – no matter the current situation.

You cannot always change things or people you do not like. But you can always decide to pay less attention to negative things and people. I deliberately say “less” and not “none” – “no attention” is often too exhausting.


The healing powers of a regretless life

You, the radiance of your eyes and obviously your skin, reflect the way you feel. When you are at peace with yourself and live a life plan that suits you and your being, you attract the happiness of even honey bees.

Trust yourself: Your body is the home of your soul and that is exactly why it reflects your state of mind.

Numerous studies prove this, even if it is rightly said: “Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.” (by Arthur Schopenhauer).

In other words, if you have a great circle of friends and an exciting professional life, but your diet and your lifestyle represent an excessive demand for you, then even a life without remorse does not make you happy and healthy.

By the same token, the extremely disciplined athlete with an ambitious training plan and a perfectly balanced nutritional diet, who has no social life due to sheer optimization, is also on the wrong track.

The same rule always applies again: Find your own balance and rhythm.


Everyday tips for a life without remorse

Here are a few ideas from me for a life without remorse. Also, keep in mind, that I am always happy to hear your opinion. So, please, share your favorite personal tips with us and the community in the comment section below. I’m sure many will be happy to find great advice from a co-creator.

A short stroll with your best friend

Take every day half an hour only for yourself – Even without your smartphone and the associated message flood.

Did you know that already a 10-minute walk relieves stress and produces happiness hormones to that point that you will begin to think more positively?

Just take your stroll, go within yourself. Think about how you truly are good enough and reflect upon all your great achievements so far.

Bond with your inner child – let it all out and have some serious fun time with only yourself. You are your best and most loyal friend and companion at all times. Be grateful and practice self-love.

Give out a hug – whether to a friend, girlfriend, parents, siblings or simply a tree, which brings us to the next tip:
Forest bathing – costs nothing and is just as good for the soul like a day at the ocean shore.

I wrote an article about the benefits of spending time in the woods on our big-sister website. Please, feel free to visit us there. Here’s the link:

Forest Bathing ( Shinrin Yoku) - A Natural Therapy For A Healthy Body, Mind & Soul 

Your very personal life without remorse

What do you really enjoy? If you do not really know that at the moment, that’s not bad. Remember, what made you happy as a child – this is often a very hot tip on what still makes your eyes shine brighter.

Take your time – make small steps, but steady ones. Get help, and ask people you care about, what makes you special to them. For what are you appreciated, and at what times are your friends coming to you for advice?

Just walk open and attentive throughout your life. Do not wait for the big luck to drop into your lap. In fact, the entity of fortune consists of many small moments of happiness.

Try to remember every single piece of these happy time-fragments, recollect those fractions and put them together until you completed the fulfillment puzzle. Then you have reached the end of your rainbow.


Dear starlings

And last but not least a hot tip: Leave the perfectionism behind. It’s only useful for heart surgeons, sushi and pastry chefs, etc. In most people, however, it solely brings anger and frustration.

Keep I mind that you are perfect, and that any other perception of yourself is fake and unreal.

You can take small steps toward living a life without remorse. But don’t delay! None of us know the exact amount of time we have left this time around on Earth, and we most certainly all have the same intention in mind: To make the best of it.

Starlings, please, let me know your thoughts about this topic in a comment below. I’m always happy to read from you. Also, please, share us with your families and friends on social media. Just spread the word.

This way, your loved ones can come here too and read up on new things, expand and share their awakening journey and get my personal advice and encouraging words in tough times.

In the meantime, I am sending you all my love and healing energy, much harmony, joy and an endless abundance of all your good desires.

Stick together, love and help one another and know that I’m always here for you, as well. We are all in this together, and I want to thank you for your bravery and strength to fulfill your personal mission here.

You are highly appreciated, cherished and immensely loved. ~ Namaste~

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