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How to manifest miracles with the Law of Attraction

Can a practitioner of the Law of Attraction manifest miracles in his life? The clear answer to this question is “yes.” It is certainly possible to manifest miracles with the law of attraction as long as you apply it correctly and only have good intentions in mind. But not only that, the Law of Attraction can create so many wonders in your life.

It can interfere so much that you no longer have the feeling that what’s occurring are miracles, but rather just regular events that are naturally happening within your life. Of course, you want to know how to manifest your desires, as well.

Perhaps it seems to you like this big secret that the rest of the world is eagerly trying to keep locked away from you. I, however, want to introduce it to you properly, as it is yours, and everyone else, birthright to know and make use of it.

So let’s continue and learn systematically.


What is a miracle?

A miracle is defined as “a surprising and often incredible event that eludes a common logical and/or scientific explanation.”

Since miracles are so narrowly defined and described in the context or background of science, it is no wonder that people call the products of conscious creation “miracles.”

What is the manifestation of the miracle?

To be honest, the products of your manifestations are simply the creations of your mind and vibrational energy. So, in other words, they actually are not miracles. You’ve been the mastermind behind the wonders, the good and the bad alike, all along the way.

Make no mistake: If you have been an unconscious creator for the longest time and were, therefore, unaware of your own ability to create things in physical reality, the paradigm shift and its positive effects will seem amazing. And it’s alright to be astonished!

How can you create more wonders in your life?

I keep telling friends and readers: Conscious creation is not rocket science. You do not need a degree to try and succeed with the law of attraction.


How To Manifest Wonders With The Law Of Attraction

I have learned and refined some techniques over the years. It is my observation that these tips and techniques will help you to manifest miracles in your life. If you follow it seriously and practice it with faith, you can use the law of attraction for yourself and make it your secret weapon – if you desire to do so.

However, there are some things you need to do if you want these “manifestation miracles” to continue in your life:

1. Destroy your fears

Fears are just evil bugs that pollute the way to success. Instead of letting your dismays decide which way to go, ignore them and walk right through them. If a certain uneasiness bites your toe, shake it off and continue along the path you have chosen.

Your trepidations do not represent the results of your actions. Your thinking, behavior, and the actual steps you take are the elements that influence the outcomes in your life. These are all important pieces to keep in mind when you manifest the life of your dreams.

2. Leave hardships and difficulties behind

Your time on earth does and should not have to be burdened with woes. If you are currently experiencing difficulties in your existence, it is possible to leave this unpleasant situation, so that you can lead a better life.

The change begins with the decision to take action. Taking measures is synonymous with receiving, which is the second step in the manifestation process. The more movements you make to improve your life condition, the more abundance you get from the universe.


3. Control your thoughts

Thoughts, as well as emotions, can be either negative or positive in nature. Avoid negative thoughts at all times. One negative belief attracts another (in the true sense of the Law of Attraction) and soon you have to worry about a plethora of negative notions.

You are responsible for your convictions. Nobody else can take care of you for mental and emotional negativity. We choose to be positive in our thoughts and ways. We train to overcome negativity at any cost. This is the path you chose when you accepted the task of conscious creation.

And, it is also part of taking action! Always keep in mind: It is important to work on your business in order to be successful, but it is even more vital to work on yourself to reap your desired outcome!

4. Understand what you want to manifest

Be absolutely sure what exactly you want to manifest with the Law of Attraction. Make a list of everything you are looking forward to making you happy. For example, if it is a career in a particular area, make a list of everything that makes you happy – position, money, location, tasks, reputation, management, etc.

Ascertain that you specify how you want to feel. How would you like to feel in your job using the desired career example above? Respected? Compliments? Estimated? Happy? Secure? Write down everything!

For even greater clarity, take another sheet of paper and write down why you want to make a career in this area.


5. Clarify through visualization

Individual desires and needs make much more sense when you imagine how they look, feel or even smell (if that applies to what you want!). Creative visualization releases the power of the subconscious, which is often suppressed by the waking consciousness.

When you’re done visualizing your current desire, use the same technique to find out how to achieve your goals. Writing down your goals is fine, but if you visualize them in a way that gives you an idea of ​​your intended outcomes or results, you are much better equipped for the tasks ahead.

6. Visualize what you want

Visualize every day that you have manifested your desire. Imagine that you have achieved your goal and that you enjoy it. Spend time every day by being in the picture.

In fact, experience what it feels like to manifest your miracle before it even happens. Get into the movie with full feelings.

It takes only 5 to 10 minutes per day to practice this visualization. Once you can actually feel, smell and even touch your desired object, subject or circumstance, then you are in the perfect momentum of receiving. Just send these deep and powerful sentiments, which you experience in that very moment, out to the Universe and consider it done.

Have faith and know that the Universe is taking care of the rest for you. Don’t question when and how it will happen, just rest assured in the knowledge that what you desire is already yours.


7. Repetition makes it perfect

At school, teachers often repeat important points and lessons, because it helps the students to remember the essential lecture better.

Apply the same method the first time you set affirmations and wishes. The one-time writing down of your desire is not enough for the mind to accept it as something that you must immediately manifest.

I use two methods to “capture” new desires: I write them repeatedly on a piece of paper until I’m satisfied, and I recite out loud or, depending on my whereabouts, mentally speak special positive affirmations at regular intervals throughout the day.

Some people I know create mantras that allow you to reach a higher consciousness with a single thought – their present desires. This is, indeed, an effective way to ensure that the mind can focus on essential tasks.

8. Give yourself to the Universe and trust in the planning of the higher source

You should now be able to reach a point where, if you are convinced, you can manifest your desire with confidence – exactly or in a way that is better for you. You are also ready to wait and you have no doubt or impatience.

You do not have to look at your watch from time to time.

In other words, you are not wondering when your miracle will manifest. You have full confidence in higher powers and have surrendered to it after you have made your contribution. So give up all attachments, sit back and trust your miracle to manifest when the time is right.

You leave the timing and way in which the results are transmitted to the Universe, as it has a plan that you know is the best for you.

Never forget, however, that whatever it is that you truly desire needs to be of one hundred percent positive intentions. This means that no other vibrational being must be harmed because of your yearnings and aspirations.

It is, therefore, always better to mindfully ascertain yourself that what you wish for is for the highest good of all (the collective).

You can do so by adding the words “under grace, in perfect ways” (from the teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn) before you are sending your intentions out to the Universe.

Completely Surrender…Just like that 😉

Towards the end

I encourage you to follow these steps to manifest miracles so that your dreams become your reality now! And as with everything else, practice makes the master. Don’t ever think that manifestation is only for others.

You, too, are part of the collective and the divine unison. Thus, you are holding the same potentials and powers as anyone else. Just keep on aiming and focusing, and remember: “The Universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.”

Dear starlings,

I hope that you found this comprehensive article informative and useful in your search for information on the subject of how to manifest miracles with the Law of Attraction. I am, as usual, looking forward to hearing/reading from you.

Thus, do leave a comment below with your questions, remarks and/or own personal experiences and stories. You know that your opinion matters to us here in our loving community.

Also, please share this article on social media with your families and friends. It is our goal to spread more awareness, mindfulness and the knowledge that there is a place for everyone to seek shelter and help should they get lost during their spiritual awakening journey. I am always here for you, as much as I can. Trust in that, please!

Meanwhile, I am sending you tons of my love and healing energy, clarity, faith, joy and a never-ending abundance of all your desires. Remain aware of the fact that you are unique, and that you came here to fulfill a specific task that only you have the skills to accomplish.

Thus, you are of the essence and more than enough! And I want to thank you for being so brave and joining us here on Earth to help and make it paradise.

No one forced you to take on this quest. You came on your own free will to learn, grow, gain strength and uplift this world with all that vibrates in it.

So, thank you, my starling, for your courage, heroism, nobility and existence. You are appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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