Manifest Your Desires In Five Steps – Definitely Worth A Try!


Try these five steps to manifest your desires if you had problems before

My dear starlings. I’d like to talk to you about how to manifest your desires. Many people find it very difficult and somehow haven’t succeeded yet. Most of the time, a certain blockage within us is the reason for this.

To manifest actually only means to make something visible. So to actively bring something into our life that was not in it before. For me, these five steps have proven successful, so I want to share them with you.

Step 1: Finding the desire

We are constantly bombarded with ideas and visions of how life could and should be. That’s why you won’t find it difficult to formulate your wishes.

Whether you want a new car, a promotion, and a deeper connection with your partner. First, write everything down on a list. It can be as long or short as it flows out of you.

When you’re done, take a moment to consider the wishes. How likely do you think these wishes are?
After each wish, write a number from 1 to 10. Where 1 is unlikely and 10 is very likely.

We need less trust for the probable wishes than for the difficult ones, so start with one of the wishes that have a value between 8 and 10. With enough training also the more difficult desires will manifest with ease.

A friend of mine always said:

“We can do the impossible now, miracles just take a little longer.”

Anyway, pay attention to your gut feeling and decide intuitively. Don’t think about it too much.


Step 2: Your emotional reaction

Our gut feeling and our emotions are not the same. If your gut instincts led you to a wish, there are still some feelings within you that might agree or disagree with it.Your feelings always have the last word.

But different from what you think. If you have a strong emotional reaction, this is not the time to make up your mind. It doesn’t matter if your feeling is positive or negative.

Watch your feelings and wait until they settle down and you are calm inside. This can take a few minutes, a few hours or even days. Exercise patience here.

Does the wish still feel right now? Then yo can proceed.

Step 3: Uncover fears

No matter how likely the first wish seems to us, there is always an inner voice of doubt. All doubts we have about the possibility of our wish being fulfilled are based on fear.

Fear makes us shy away from something, even when we really want it. And so we cannot manifest anything.
To prevent this from happening, you can use this exercise to clear your fears in relation to your wish.

You need a pen, a piece of paper, and 5 to 10 minutes of undisturbed time.

Write on the top of the sheet: I, (your name), fear that I will never (your wish) because …

And then you just write down all the things that keep you from doing it.
So all the skills that you lack. All the flaws that you have. Anything bad that could happen if you do achieve it.

Let’s take a banal example: You want a new car.

But you don’t have the money for it. You are not creditworthy. And even if you were, you’d be terrified that it would be stolen, or that someone crashes into it. You already have four points for your list.

Just let it all out. No matter how big or small the aspect seems to you. The list is just for you.

Hopefully, if you can’t think of anything else, you’ve already got a long list. All of these aspects are linked to your fear, even if they don’t look like them at first glance.

To make yourself aware of this, read your list aloud once. In this way you make the individual points more real for a short moment.

Then take each of the points and really feel them. Read it through several times and feel into your body.
How does this thought feel? Where do you feel it? Which adjective best describes the feeling?

Maybe you experience very different sensations. Fear has many different faces and likes to combine with other negative feelings. Just watch it mindfully and with curiosity.

If you want, and I recommend it for more confidence and reaffirmation, you can then burn or tear the sheet of paper and flush it down the toilet to clear the energies again.


Step 4: Internalize what you want to manifest

You will now see that exposing our fears actually makes a difference.
It is important that we internalize our desire on a subconscious level so that we vibrate in the same frequency.

The easiest way to achieve this is to write down the wish and keep it in a place that we always see. For example on your desk or on the bathroom mirror.

It is a personal preference how exactly you formulate your wish. You could write: “I receive a bouquet of roses” or “I get flowers all the time”.

Notice what feels right for you. Contrary to what most say, I leave out the timing. Life will set it up as quickly as possible. And we don’t know when is the perfect time.

Step 5: Receive the invitation

Now you’ve done all that is necessary. As you must have noticed, I didn’t say anything about being happy or thinking positively. Well not yet. That part is coming now, albeit differently than you probably think.

Now comes the hard part – waiting!

But on what? That the millions are secretly sneaking into your account? Of course not. If you expect that, you just get impatient, the doubts come up again and in no time you have completely lost your wish.

Instead, wait for something to speak to you in your everyday life. Notice what makes you shine. What feels easy and right. Or what just makes you happy in that moment.

This can be an invitation, a suggestion, or just an inspirational phrase in a book. But it can also be a car that drives past you or a scene on your favorite series. Everything is an invitation from life.

Perhaps you suddenly feel the urge to take a different route home than usual. Or your old painting things fall at your feet while you are cleaning up, and you feel the desire to paint again.

Keep your senses open and be receptive to whatever you come across. No matter how big or small. And it doesn’t matter whether you think it has something to do with your desire or not.

Feel how you react to these things. Does your gut feeling pull you there? Or does everything in you contract and your whole body says no?

Our body always gives us the right signals and leads us purposefully to the right place. Maybe it’s not where you originally wanted to go. But it is one that you will live happily in.

Trust in it and accept what life gives you.

In the past few years I’ve read and tried out dozens of books on the law of attraction. This approach is a mix of all of the things I’ve come across.

It’s the first strategy that really feels right to me, one that I’m naturally drawn to. I am curious where it will lead me and maybe you too.


Dear starlings

It takes some practice to find and internalize your own method. Try this way to manifest your desires with me. And then let me know how it went for you.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all but one of your dreams come true so that you can always strive for something new.

Thank you, dear starlings, for your co existence, bravery and willingness to help uplift this world into a much more loving and peaceful dimension.

Always keep in mind what powerful and unique light being you are. You are special, appreciated and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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