Regarding Matters Of The Heart And Viewing The World Through It


Let’s talk about matters of the heart and the importance of seeing the world with it

The heart is the key to trust, forgiveness and love. If we learn to understand the matters of the heart, start to act on the heart and see the world as our heart does, then we can love unconditionally.

The physical heart

Our heart acts as a pulse generator within the bloodstream of the human body.

The location of the physical heart

The human heart is in the middle of the chest. It is the center of our body. Many people think their heart is on the left. However, this is not the case. This assumption probably stems from the fact that the heart lies at an angle in the body. The two large chambers of the heart point forward and the two atria point backward.

The path of blood through the heart

The human bloodstream is a closed system and consists of the heart and blood vessels. The blood flows from the body into the right atrium of the heart via the two large veins (vena cava interior et superior).

It takes the path from the right atrium into the right ventricle and then into the pulmonary artery. From here, the blood reaches the lungs and gets enriched with oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide.

The four pulmonary veins then transported the blood back to the heart. It reaches the left ventricle through the left atrium. From here, the blood gets pumped back into the large body circulation.


Four heart valves and coronary arteries

There are four valves in the heart. These are in the course of blood flow, the tricuspid valve or sail valve, the pulmonary valve, the mitral valve and the aortic valve.

On the one hand, the valves regulate the blood flow between the atria and the heart chambers, on the other hand, they represent gates of exit from the heart chambers.

The coronary arteries supply the heart muscle with blood. They arise from the aorta, the main artery just behind the aortic valve of the left ventricle. The heart thus takes care of itself first. Only a well-supplied heart can nourish the rest of the body with blood, our vital juice.

The task of the physical heart

So the physical task of the heart is to keep pumping blood through the body. This means that our body cells can be supplied with both oxygen and nutrients from the digestive tract.

In addition, the blood also distributes metabolic products, messenger substances (e.g. hormones), defense and coagulation substances in our body.

The spiritual meaning of the heart

In most ancient cultures in human history, the heart was worshiped as the most important body organ. It is attested to great spiritual power.

In quantum physics, scientists assume that the heart’s frequency can cause changes in the shape of the quantum fields. This also means that the heart is our most important organ for contact with the higher-frequency levels.

The Love Of The Universe - You Are Endlessly Loved

There reign trust, forgiveness and love in the heart

If I let the mind prevail in my life, there can be no trust. Fears and worries predominate in the mind. In the heart, however, lives trust.

If I am connected to the heart, I can trust that everything that ultimately serves me will happen in my life.

In this connection of the heart, we can also forgive all those who are even further away from love. If I can forgive and let go, then I am also in love. So the heart is also the place where love is at home.

Exactly this quality of the heart is what mankind primarily needs. Only with the heart can we change the world to a more positive and light-filled place.

If we could collect and network the entire knowledge of all civilizations on Earth, we would be able to transform the world with our hearts into a paradise.


Unconditional love

Love is unconditional when it does not need expectations, ideas or requirements. Man does not have to do certain things here to get love. Then it just flows.

In our society, love is usually tied to some prerequisites or conditions that we should meet. Only then does it seem possible for us to both receive and give love.

On the other hand, we need not look for unconditional love outside or let it approach us from there. Living spiritually also means that we are this love.

The gateway to our soul

The heart is also the gateway to our soul. Our soul can communicate with us through the heart. Since our soul has its origin in the divine source, we embody exactly this source in our innermost essence.

Thus, thanks to our hearts, we are also part of the divine, unconditional love.

But almost every heart is surrounded by a tank with many layers of acquired views, opinions, prejudices, actions and patterns.

We are partially aware of these and to a large extent also anchored in our subconscious. We are asked to recognize what it still serves us today or what is no longer beneficial.

It is only when we gradually remove these layers and dissolve the patterns that unconditional love comes to light.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944) from “The Little Prince”


With the power of our hearts, it is also possible to achieve self-love. We can also solve problems with our self-confidence and low self-esteem when we are in connection with our hearts.

Feeling guilt within your heart can lead to forgiveness. This is how we forgive ourselves and others. When we are in the heart, many problems simply dissolve, because it also gives us a different perspective. So we usually think of the steps necessary to solve it.

Going to the heart increases our vibration

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about “increasing vibrations”. Every matter in our Universe “vibrates” at a certain frequency. If we increase the vibration of an acoustic tone, the pitch rises.

Similarly, we humans automatically vibrate higher as we develop and align our perspective and consciousness duly.

If we want to get to a higher level of consciousness, we have to adjust our vibration accordingly. This cannot be achieved with a simple determination, and certainly not under pressure or stress.

Increasing vibrations is like a change of perspective that we need for our further development. The best way to achieve this vibration increase is to connect with the heart.

How To Balance Your Heart Chakra - Opening The matters Of The Heart

Problems can only be solved on another level

The solution to many problems in the world is in our hearts alone. When we go to our heart, we get to a new level. And this is where the key to peace in the world lies.

Enemy images and armed conflicts only arise from the fact that people are almost exclusively in their minds. At the heart frequency, for example, we can see that violence is never a solution.

If we look at a problem from above, so to speak, we are much more likely to see the solutions. From this perspective, the problems also appear to us to be far less dramatic.

Make changes with the heart

We often have the feeling in a situation that it should actually be different. Then, however, we find it difficult to overcome our previous views, ideas or beliefs.

The first step is to go to the heart and “listen to the voice of our heart”. If we want a change for our life, society or our environment, we are called to be this change ourselves.

“Be yourself the change you want for this world.”
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

When we act together, network and exchange as humanity, we theoretically have all knowledge in our heads. However, we still don’t have it in our hearts. To have something in the heart means to live something, to be something.

Every change starts with ourselves. First of all, we have to be clear about what we really want to have differently. And finally, it’s about these things coming to your heart.


Dear starlings

When we are in our heart, we start to see the world as our heart sees it. And then we can start acting on the ethics of our hearts. We then act from our heart, literally “with heart and soul”. In this way, we are also connected to our soul.

I hope I was able to bring the importance of the matters of the heart somewhat closer to you. It would make me very happy if you would share your opinion and story regarding this topic with our wonderful community here.

Also, please, help to spread the word about our website with your family and friends on social media. This allows me to continue to write and share informative articles, tips and free ebooks with you.

It, furthermore, enables me to hold private talk sessions with those of you who are feeling misunderstood, are in need of an open ear, advice, moral support and/or uplifting words during trying times.

Always be aware of the fact that you are special light beings who decided to come here and have a ‘human experience’ in order to learn and expand while having fun here on Earth.

Most importantly, however, you came here to fulfill a unique mission and to help to uplift our world into a much higher, more peaceful and loving dimension.

Thank you, my brave starlings, for your dedication, courage and existence. You are highly appreciated, cherished and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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