My Story – My Life Transformation To Live My Purpose


Dear  starlings.

I am here to show you that, no matter your current circumstances and how bad things might look at the moment, there is a way out of your struggles. Don’t give up on your desires; they are already living within you.

All it takes is the right mindset and firm belief that the power lies inside you to transform your life forever.

I am here to help you along your journey regardless of what your most burning desires are.

May you wish for better health, a lasting change in nutrition and diet or losing some extra pounds – no matter what you want to achieve, I can put you n the right path to success.

Perhaps you dream of a better job, financial independence or building your own business? How about the ideal partner or quitting bad habits like sugar addiction, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, etc.?

These all seem to be very different wishes, but you know what? They all stem from the same source, and it takes the same tool to achieve any of them/all of them.

To make you understand how I realized that the above insight is all you need to manifest whatever you want, I shared my personal story with you below.

My Story

After I have been emotionally and physically abused and held hostage in a relationship in a foreign country for over two years, I found the inner strength through the higher source within me to escape the living nightmare.

Not long afterward, I developed sever panic disorder accompanied by agoraphobia. I withdrew myself from the world, lost many friends, my new job and with it the remainder of my self-esteem.

My situation worsened quickly. My symptoms grew stronger, I even had panic spells at night that woke me from an already restless sleep. I couldn’t even think about crossing the threshold of my apartment without getting a panic attack.

I always dreaded conventional medicine, as it does only patch up the root damage but not actually fix it. So, I turned to herbal teas, meditation and mantras that I found on either YouTube or somewhere else on the Internet.

Researching and finding a lasting relief for this mental disorder was my newest passion. I spent years in solitude, crippled by fear and mostly confined to my room.

The occasional visits from my roommate were all I had back then. She brought me groceries or stopped by my room to see how I was doing.

While I was still capable to take care of the household and doing the cooking, going outdoors had become an impossibility.

The Universe Loves A Stubborn Heart

No matter how physically and mentally ill I felt most of the time, I continued my research. By that time, I had numbed my mind with alcohol every time I felt panic arising within me.

I ignored at first the fact that this was not the solution to my problem. Naturally, my body began to ask for more alcohol over time – it started to consume me.

And here comes the part of my story that I never really knew how to describe or convey to others. That one night during the Christmas season, where I felt a change within myself.

I have been asking millions of times for intervention from ‘above’ so far, but nothing ever happened. That special night, however, I was guided.

I was home alone, and my roommate out of the country for the holidays. Naturally, I knew that if I wouldn’t give up drinking soon, I’d be getting sick and most likely die prematurely.

I detested alcohol and it’s taste and scent. The only reason why I drank it was to control my panic symptoms. I knew I had to get out of this vicious cycle, but had no idea how.

You have to surrender

So I surrendered all my fears, worries, problems and my entire life to the higher source that night. I never knew I actually could do it, but I just did it.

And source took the wheel for me. The next morning I woke up and I expected a huge panic attack hitting me. Even though the thoughts about it were there, no anxiety occurred.

It was clear to me that I was tapping into some dangerous, unchartered waters, as well. My determination to end this torture was great, and I was sure I could handle it well.

After all, I attempted to quit drinking alcohol cold turkey over the Christmas holidays and all alone.

Perhaps it is time to add that I quit smoking cigarettes the back in September of the same year cold turkey too in the hopes it would ease my panic symptoms, which it didn’t.

I’m still glad I gave up that filthy habit though, and I never looked back.

I hadn’t told anyone about my intend that Christmas time either. I knew that it was something I had to do ‘by myself’.

Everyone knows about the risks involved with quitting alcohol on your own, and yet I went for it without any doubt.

I felt and ultimately was guided and safe.

To make a long story short, ever since then, I have not only discovered that I was the creator of all my good and bad life circumstances.

I also realized that I alone have the incredible power to stir things around and change my reality to the one I truly desire to live.

Once I found out that we all possess this power, but that it lies dormant within most of us, it became clear to me that my life purpose is to guide people and support them along the way to their own realization.


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