On The Path To Inner Peace – 10 Tips For Your Journey


Essential steps to help you move along steadily on the path to inner peace

Are you tired of this crazy fight and insane competition in life? Do you want to come out of this 24×7 rush for nothing and are looking for guidance on the path to inner peace? It is clear that you are now looking for tranquility and happiness.

Internal harmony means that you appreciate the qualities of unity, emotional well-being and fulfillment in your life. It is a great decision that you have made, and here are a few important but practical ways to find inner peace.

Is it possible to find inner peace without leaving the world?

The answer is absolute “yes!” There is no need for any change in your career, occupation or whatever you do in life. You can continue to be a student, home-maker, spouse and even go on with your activities to achieve your goal.

In fact, the fight will decrease. Furthermore, you would put less strain on your shoulders. As your experience level evolves, you would glide effortlessly through it, and master everyday situations without agitations or stress.


The paths to finding inner peace

If you want to enjoy inner peace, a calm mind, harmony, joy, positive energy, good vibrations, and better health, please be aware of the following:

1. Practice acceptance

If you cannot change something that you do not like, negative emotions such as frustration, helplessness and sometimes extreme anger arise. In the beginning, the nature and intensity of the negative emotion are minimal.

However, as many other external or internal stimuli increase in number, the negative response gains momentum and increases in intensity. In other words, it has a cumulative effect, which is never desirable when in conjunction with obstructive emotions.

Since you are unable to change what you do not like, it would be best to accept the circumstance as it is. Please read: How to control anger with anger management techniques. It would be useful to understand the nature of irritants. One is the external environment, the other is the internal environment.

If, for instance, the central, state or federal government or city authorities have levied taxes, you can do nothing about it. This is the example of an external environment that is beyond your control. With this example, instead of opposing the extra taxes, you can find ways to increase your income or reduce your savings, or both.

Even better yet: If you are in the fortunate position that this particular tax increase will not put an extra strain on your finances, then consider yourself lucky and be grateful that it is that way. Remember, many are not so blessed!

As a thumb rule, instead of seeing the negative in the ongoing happenings, try to look for the positive aspects of it. This will immediately shift you into a stage of appreciation, thus, an uplifting and positive mood will set in.


2. Be at peace with yourself

Now let’s see what the internal abode is. For example, if you are not satisfied with your average height, it is an internal problem. Talk to yourself about what height has to do with success and other things in life. Many well-known personalities of our time and our history were short.

Consider the following famous personalities:

Yuri Gagarin – a Soviet cosmonaut, with a height of 5 feet 2 inches
Voltaire – a French writer, philosopher, had a height of 5 ft. 3 inches
Napoleon Boneparte’s size was 5 ft. 6 inches
Charlie Chaplin’s world-famous actor and comedian was 5 ft. 5 inches tall
Dustin Hoffman, actor and winner of two Academy Awards, is 5 ft. 6 inches tall
Sachin Tendulkar, famous batsmen and former Indian cricketer is 5 feet and 5 inches tall
Shahrukh Khan, the world-famous Indian actor and heartthrob of millions, is also 5 ft. 6 inches tall

Do you think they could have achieved so much if they allowed their internal conflicts to weaken them continuously?

3. Simplify life

One of the reasons for the inner peace that eludes us is our hectic lifestyle with multi-tasking, adherence to deadlines and abidance to obligations. Ask yourself, is all this necessary? Do you have to attend so many parties, seminars and meetings?

For example, do you have to buy so many cars, watches, clothes that would require a large parking lot, closet space, laundry, facility, dry cleaning, etc.? This makes daily life unnecessarily busy, hectic and competitive.

For inspiration, one only has to look at nature. Apart from humans, everything else moves at a rhythmic pace. Nobody hides money or goods, except people. No other vibrational beings, except humans, tend to do this.

The rest of the universal existence just goes with the flow of life. Simply beautiful and inspiring to take proper action. Therefore, remember to reduce at least some of your “needs.”


4. Slow down

Let’s take some lessons from nature, again. Have you ever seen an elephant or a turtle or a tree in a hurry? The lifespan of an elephant is up to 70 years, while the turtle can live up to 100 years and a tree can stand there even longer. On the contrary, the cheetah, which is the fastest land animal, only lives an average life of 10 to 12 years.

I’m sure you get the message precisely. Reduce unnecessary activities and defuse too many obligations. Do not try to please too many people. It’s better to have some loyal and dedicated friends than a big social circle where people envy you, spy on you or try to outsmart you. Those aren’t friends, anyway!

This brings us logically to the next point.

5. Find a method or technique to relax your body, mind and soul

The masters, gurus and philosophers of the East have always pointed to the need and importance of relaxation. They also gave us so many techniques like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, deep breathing and much more.

While you may or may not choose to follow their suggestions, there are a number of the more basic options. You may want to start watching an uplifting movie, listening to soothing music, playing with your pet, etc. Do it to enjoy, relax, and calm down.

The idea is that there should be at least one activity with you that will help you free yourself from the high pressure of society and the demanding world. Simply something to bring you into contact with inner peace, joy and harmony and your true self.

6. Erase the mess and chaos from your life

Everything you have not used for more than 6 months is an untidy state of affair (except for a few exceptions). Clutter can exist in the form of both physical goods and thoughts. Junk prevents free flow and the circulation of good energy.

Make it a regular exercise to get rid of disorder from your home, office, car and even mind! You will often find that when you get rid of disarrangements, new ideas arise and the positive matters get moving again.

7. Watch a day of silence and privacy

This concept may have its origins in Indian Hindu and Buddhist practices. In contrast to loneliness, privacy is a deliberate practice of being in silence and cutting yourself off from others for some time while practicing stillness.

The idea is to part with so many distractions of this materialistic world and connect with your higher self. This can be done once a week or once a month or for about an hour each day. This practice, when applied regularly, has immense benefits. It helps increase one’s own spiritual vibrations, mindfulness, and the connection with the creator of all that is.

Perhaps attaining peace of mind, harmony with oneself, and inner peace is one of the advantages that exist in the early stages. It also aids to remove unwanted thoughts, fears and clutter from the head.


8. Do not be a control freak or perfectionist

Trying to have everything under control is not only a matter of impossibilities, but it is, furthermore, extremely stressful.

Every time you are tempted to influence people or circumstances, it is a clear sign that your ego is acting up and having the winning hand over you.

The human ego hates it when something is not running as smoothly as it is used to, thus, it’s alarming us with feelings of frustration, anger and a sense of unworthiness.

Don’t let the ego control you. Instead, acknowledge its presence, thank it and let it move on. Never argue with your ego, because that way you are feeding it and it will gain more strength and keep you down.

Regarding perfectionism: There is absolutely no need for you to strive for it. In the eyes of the higher source, the Universe, or however you personally want to refer to the creator of all things, you already are perfect even with all your anthropoid imperfect perfections.

9. Solve past and present problems

It is possible that a serious problem can severely burden your mind. Therefore, it is important to keep other things waiting and to deal with this urgent matter first.

It is quite possible that such serious matters cannot be resolved without the help of a professional therapist or a psychological counselor. Thus, do not let the persistent problems deny your inner peace and joy. Consult a good therapist or counseling psychologist.

10. Be grateful

Concentrate on all the good things in life, and be thankful that they are part of your existence. One way to practice gratitude is with gratitude affirmations.

There may be many things in your life that you take for granted and accept, while many people may not be so fortunate.

Many folks lack eyesight, limbs, good upbringing, a loving family, supportive parents/spouses, etc., or they have to fight a lot to receive the fundamentals on a daily basis, such as two basic meals, means of transport, a roof over their head…

Take an inventory of everything you already have in your life; this can include: family, friends, a car, job, enough to eat, medical facilities, infrastructures, such as roads and transportation.

Thank the Universe that all these things and blessings are always present in your life. This opens doors to more grace and divine intercession in life and you will gain more inner peace, joy and harmony.


Personal note for my starlings

Dear starlings, hopefully, my above post will be helpful on your path to inner peace. Anyway, I just wanted to emphasize that I am always here for you.

Whether you have any questions, are hanging somewhere in limbo during your journey of spiritual awakening or want to share a personal story with me, just reach out in a comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP.

I just always need to get this off of my chest. This is exactly why I created my websites (this and lovebodyfatsolutions.com) – to help you find your path to a fulfilled, happy and healthier life.

Please, also share us with your families and friends on social media. In this manner, we can spread the word faster and help more confused souls through the sometimes not so easy awakening process. Many feel lost in the dark and don’t even know that there are others who feel and go through the same process.

They are scared to talk about it, because they think that society will believe them to be insane.  Thus, lighten your torches and guide them with your light to our little sanctuary here. Thank you, starlings.

Meanwhile, I am sending you lots of love and healing energy, clarity, harmony, joy and an endless abundance of all your desires. You are unique, chosen for a special task, cherished and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on sparkling. ~Namaste- Before thy spirit, I bow~


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