Our Collective Incarnation Contract And Helpful Tips


Our incarnation contract and useful tips

§1) You get a body, mind & soul composite system.
It is new and unique in the Universe. Nobody else gets the same.

§2) You get a brain.
It can be very powerful to use.

§3) You get a heart.
You get the best results if you use the heart and brain in a balanced manner.

§4) You will receive lessons.
Nobody gets the exact same lessons as you
and nobody can take yours from you.

§5) You can do what you want.
Everything you do to other living things comes back to you.

§6) You will repeat a lesson until you completely understand it.
And this, if necessary, also across incarnations.

§7) This contract is the same for everyone.
There are no privileges, even if some say so.
Handwritten changes are not valid!

§8) You get a lot of mirrors to learn.
Many mirrors look like other bodies.
They are there to show you something that is within you.

§9) If your body gets destroyed or stops working,
you get a new one.
There may be waiting times.

§10) The incarnation contract only expires when all of your lessons
have led to a satisfactory result.

§11) You determine what is satisfactory.

Useful hints and tips

1- The goal is not to have as much money as possible when leaving a body.

2- There is no celebrity or popularity bonus.

3- You don’t have to be guided by the mistakes of others.

4- Rules are there to be checked.

5- Others’ claims about the target can be distractions.

6- You can’t go wrong. At most, it can take longer.
Time is an illusion!

7- You have access to all the answers through a special connection in your heart.
Everything within the training room reacts to the heart’s charisma.

8- Attempts to damage the classroom result in restrictions.

9- Nobody can take the responsibility off of you.

10- Violence never leads to a solution.

11- It can be useful to pay attention to the situations that repeat themselves.

12- Drugs (legal and illegal) can distort lessons.

13- Just because everyone behaves in one way doesn’t mean that it’s right.

14- There is rarely only one correct solution.

15- You can apply for forgiveness.

16- There are no extra clauses for anyone.

17- You are loved.
Even if you are in the Bronx or Somalia.

18- Everything else is deception.

19- Lessons are special opportunities to develop and not an evil intention.

20- Trusting your body to others can be risky.

21- There is no advantage in hindering others in development.

22- You are given the opportunity to leave the body (preferably during the night).

23- Memories of experiences outside the body are not stored in the body or brain.

24- Playing around with your body is your right.
On the bodies of others, their consent is required.

25- Copying others is pointless!

26- Anyone who offers you life insurance is a scam.

27- The wanton ending of an incarnation leads to a lot of useless paperwork.

28- Scientific advice and scriptures are confusing.

29- It’s not about being first.

30- It’s not about looking cool or being handsome/stunning.

31- No one cuts a better figure in your situation than you.

32- You are not the only one who doubts the meaning of the incarnation contract.

33- Since you agreed to this contract,
it is useless to complain that you are here.

Dear starlings

I hope my little post helps you understand that it’s pointless to question and doubt the process of reincarnation.  Instead, open your heart and embrace your incarnation contract, which you initially happily and eagerly agreed to.

Learn to accept the constant changes in life and know that certain lessons, especially the tough ones, are not here to punish or belittle you.

The instant that we start to appreciate and understand the positive aspects of each moment and are grateful for the repetitions of specific teachings, we create and draw abundance and fulfillment into our lives.

Starlings, please, do communicate your experiences regarding your thoughts and experiences with your incarnation contract here with us.

I would love to hear from you, and your opinions are important to me and our community.

Also, please, do share us with your families and friends on social media, so they, too, can become part of our “tribe”, learn new things, get free ebooks, personalized advice and uplifting words during trying times.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you my love, peace and healing energy. Remember that you are a unique spiritual being, here to explore, expand, have fun and fulfill your individual mission for the good of the entire collective.

I want to thank you for existing. Note that you are precious, cherished, endlessly loved and appreciated. ~Namaste~


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