Our Mysterious And Loving Universe – The Difference To Other Deities


A tribute to our mysterious and loving Universe

Let’s try to get a deeper insight into our mysterious and loving Universe. After all, it is our home, even if we are only a tiny little speck of dust in this gigantic structure.

The idea that everything is in order in this huge cosmos has an extremely calming effect. Even if our human brain does not understand so much of it, one can rely on real meaning.

Looking up at the sky during a starry night carries something very sublime. More often you should take the time to consciously experience this huge natural spectacle.

Actually, one can only come to the conviction that there must be a higher power that coordinates and directs everything.

Believing in a deity provides inner safety

For people who don’t believe in a specific God, everything is alright as long as they can handle it. But for atheists, in particular, personal happiness should have top priority.

For them, there is only this one life and that should be as beautiful as possible. Afterward,  it’s all over -lights out, and good night forever!

Everyone else will feel on the safer side with the idea of ​​a higher being and the possibility of reincarnation – another life to redeem oneself.

In principle, it does not matter which denomination someone belongs to, because if you take a closer look at the individual religions, you will find many parallels.

At one time higher power is called God and at another time Allah. The prophets have the names Jesus and Mohammed and, in the very different story, Buddha.

If a belief contributes to making a person feel safe, it is of great benefit to that person. Whenever comfort is needed, it is available.

It only gets worse if wars are waged over religions. Who is sitting up there now? Or is one enthroned on the right and the other on the left or vice versa?

This question alone expresses how idiotic wars of faith are. It is even more devastating when belonging to a particular denomination limits freedom of thought and action to an extreme.

The Eternal Love Of Our Universe - You Are Endlessly Loved

Would you like to create your own religion?

Likewise, the threat of retaliation for misdeeds in hell has a very bitter aftertaste. Our conscience should influence decisions and actions and not the prospect of retaliation by the higher authority.

Let us, therefore, imagine a loving God who understands and forgives wrongdoing.

Anyone who gets along with their faith in a religious community and feels well cared for there should be congratulated.

However, the reality is often different if the existing options are not or no longer satisfactory. How about if everyone could put together their own religion?

The idea is just great, right? What actually prevents us from doing this? Nothing at all.

Each person has his own religion. How it should look in detail, of course, everyone must determine for themselves.

Declarations that make life on earth more bearable are important for our peace of mind. That’s what matters.

We shouldn’t ignore the questions of injustice and grievances. Because whether life on the edge of existence is more acceptable through the expectation of paradise, remains to be seen.

Maybe Buddhism offers a solution. Many people, including those in the western world, are now magically attracted to this worldview.

The prospect of multiple lives makes things much more appealing. However, one should note the karma that one imposes on oneself through bad deeds and that one can only get rid of with difficulty.

The Universe grants freedom of choice

There is no special deity in Buddhism, because everything is divine. With that our mysterious and loving Universe and, therefore, also you and me. Everything is one, nothing is lost and certainly no soul. That is very reassuring.

But there are many more views that take the universal into account. Sects should be treated with caution, however!

They too want to exercise nothing but power – probably far more than any official denomination. But why not live out your faith freely, without followers?

A very interesting way of thinking is that which assumes that every soul chooses its earthly life in a targeted manner in order to always go up one level at the stage of development.

A life’s task is deliberately integrated, which one has to face. If one does not solve it in detail, it is not so bad, because in the next life there will be another chance. This goes according to the motto: “New game, new luck!”

At some point, every topic will be on the table with all conceivable roles. Only those who are familiar with all facets can change to the status of the enlightened one at some point.

Between the individual episodes on Earth, the astral plane announces regeneration and reappraisal. Only when everything is back in line can you set off on new shores again.

That would at least explain why things don’t always go the way you want them to on earth and why some tough nuts have to be cracked.

The trust that your life has meaning beyond earthly measurements is a relatively great factor of happiness. Those who feel embedded in the Universe, see themselves as part of the whole, can react much more relaxed to various adversities in life.

Dear starlings

How do you feel about our mysterious and loving Universe? Don’t you find it liberating that it does not push rules, such as the ten commandments, onto you?

Indeed, our Universe, and the associated higher power, truly leave us the freedom to decide and walk any path that we choose.

Naturally, our goal should be spiritual growth and ultimately the great awakening. But isn’t it through mistakes and cul de sacs that we actually learn and correct our directions?

Let me know about your personal philosophies regarding this topic. Our community here is always looking forward to reading from you.

Feel free to ask your questions, make suggestions and requests for related topics you’d like to read more about here.

Also, don’t be shy to share your spiritual stories with us. We truly care about you, and we are excited to learn what’s going on in your world.

I want you to know that your worth is priceless, because through your existence alone, only through your breathing and thoughts, you’re helping to shape, design and co-create our worlds – our collective eternity.

Thus, I am forever grateful to you – Keep on sparkling and expanding!

Nam-Myoho Renge- Kyo


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