What You Need To Know About Outer Appearance And Inner Truth


The connection between outer appearance and inner truth

So let’s talk about the different perceptions of the outer appearance and inner truth today. Do you always show everything that goes on inside you? My guess is that you, like most of us, don’t.

In a way, it seems to be a good thing, as the majority of the supposedly mature people out there don’t do that either. A need to be accepted in our society? A testimony to the sluggishness of our closed social system, I say.

Children vs. Adults

Once again, children should serve briefly to clarify the difference to us. A child always gives out what is going on within his soul. If it is happy on the inside, you can see it on the outside.

If it is sad or angry inside, we perceive that on the outside as well. They give us everything uninhibited, and at the latest when it comes to injuries or the like, that’s more than good, otherwise, nobody could intervene.

But when does the urge to stop begin? The direction from which it becomes influenced is obvious. Let’s take another symptom of complete congruence between inside and outside: children are also relentlessly honest.

If we were to be honest in our private or professional environment with this caliber, we could estimate the effect very easy – although it would be extremely funny 🙂

What we show and what’s really going on

The older you get, the less you inevitably show off your inner world. Whether this is to protect yourself (here we should rather use energetic protection or healthy limits) or to avoid having to relive past reactions.

Perchance to protect others who might not be able to tolerate our feelings and thoughts? The reason doesn’t matter at all. Because, no matter how the individual justifies it, today we show little of what we are at the core.

I had wanted to write a post about this for a long time, but a few days ago I was shown a great video, which I do not want to keep from you.

It wonderfully shows what is meant:

It is not only nice to see the difference between young and old, but above all the dynamics in the interaction between two adults.

If both do not give out what is going on inside, there is a falsified public dialogue between the two, which provides an excellent breeding ground for manipulation.

Modern manipulations

If the other one smiles so beautifully, the only difference between him and me is his openness, right? Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case in our society.

As a member of this society, one can only be ashamed of it. Salesman grins, consultant swag, New Year’s greetings from the hotline, … you could spin the list of modern manipulations as you like.

So how do you deal with it? How should the personal characteristics be distributed so that less bad results result?

Different types of people

First of all, it would only be half as wild if both sides were completely spoiled. Then it would just be a power struggle between stupid and stupid – civilized animal life. That’s ok, you can find it often enough in our world. All of this will eventually die out.

Both sides know about the mechanisms and the damage is calculated on both sides. Nothing to worry about. Both sides poison themselves to the extent that they deserve it – and learn from it at some point.

But mostly both sides are not spoiled and ready for this kind of game. The far greater damage suffer those people who are much purer at heart and do not expect certain types of manipulation.

After all, an open smile is a good thing. But unfortunately not if the other side does not feel the same way. If a touch of experience is missing here, we are capable to sign sales contracts for the annual delivery of submarines for the bathtub – in green, yellow-orange, brown and white, depending on the season.

Both the manipulative and the open-minded people have not fully exploited their awareness potential. Both differ significantly in their character maturity, influenced by experience, environment, as well as the expression of target and value-giving ego parts.

However, it is not a question here of progressing only on the levels of the mind and feelings. The main question is what we use these two levels for. We should meet at the highest possible denominator.

Striking consciousness

What can you do there? When people can’t handle their minds or emotions properly and two such people collide, it’s like a misplaced chili pepper in food.

We often don’t even notice it, but we need a neutralizing agent. Our consciousness can strike here several times.

The decision for a conscious cooperation

First of all, with increasing sublimity to certain situations, we can let the mind analyze what is happening there much more impartially. After all, there is not only negative impartiality but also disproportionately positive ones.

An offer is always good for those who make it. What does my counterpart gain from his offer?

So what could his other intentions besides charity be? We can just ask that straight forward.
We then grow mentally, through these considerations, but also emotionally, through the fact that we control our misplaced acceptance.

Certain, demanding circumstances even give your own consciousness the chance to grow and make the above even easier:

Do we even feel certain fears or other blockages in the other that make his actions explainable? Then we can manage ourselves in a completely different way, and subsequently, deal with the other person.

Even in such a situation, our matured consciousness can let others know that their actions are wrong. We can let people know very easily and without hurt that we recognize that their exterior is doing something different than the interior dictates.

Ideally, we will help him immediately instead of intensifying his suffering and further heating up the manipulation oven.

The effect may be that the other person’s awareness also increases. But maybe not – and that shouldn’t matter to us then.

We are not responsible for other people’s maturity. Not even for those of our children – but they are also the least who need it, by far.

However, you should definitely train your own (self-) awareness, in the article on strengthening self-awareness you will learn how to do it. It will help you better withstand certain situations and discover your inner Truth.

Dear starlings

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You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~

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