Possible Answers And Speculations About Our True Purpose In Life


Let’s find out what’s our true purpose in life

The question about what’s our true purpose in life may invite a smile. Sooner or later, however, every spiritually growing and searching person will stumble across the answer.

You may have caught yourself saying “Am I really just here to work?” Or something similar. Strictly speaking, the question of the meaning of life is actually a very central one.

You put the spiritual way of thinking far too quickly on one side of the bank and your life with the dreary everyday routine on the other.

With a healthy, spiritual-based attitude, however, this distinction does not exist at all. Let us, therefore, begin to pursue the question of the meaning of life.

What’s the point?

Next to us, the words are quite literal. As soon as we ask for the meaning, we refer to a connection that is logically understandable by the mind.

We demand a justifiable need for something to exist. Strictly speaking, when asked about the purpose of life, we demand justification for our requirement here on Earth and for our own existence. Phew, difficult? Not really, let’s take a closer look.

The existence

Everything in the Universe exists – we can certainly agree on that quickly. Nothing is missing. Different things undoubtedly exist in different ways: as matter, as energy, as information, and so on.

But regardless of what we talk about, and even if we talk about things we don’t know or understand at all, we always know one thing: they exist. There seems to be a lot more than we currently assume, but in any case, there is nothing less than that.

Everything that IS exists – Promised!

But that means a perspective based on our late birth. Let’s crank back what we call time a little. Let us imagine the beginning of time, the birth of the Universe. For now, gladly: a point surrounded by nothing but yourself. Endless expanses in every direction. This point wants to understand why it exists. Question: what is it doing?

The apparent separation as a necessity of knowledge

The answer is that he has to split off. You also cannot look at yourself without a mirror. So what should the poor point say or do? He doesn’t even have a mirror – at least not as long as he can only fully perceive himself. So what is he doing? He sees his own infinite potential as an aspect of himself. But he doesn’t cut anything off.

No, he considers everything he can imagine to be an aspect of his own being:

1- The perception of feelings
2- Experiencing the power of your own thoughts
3- The enrichment of the self through a constant exchange of information
4- The potential to experience different forms of existence
5- The experience quality of sensory impressions such as smells, etc.
6- The perception of empathic messages of being
7- Self-puzzling questions like the meaning of life

To be able to exist with all those aspects in every imaginable form makes him what it is, but he doesn’t know that yet – he has never experienced it. This one point only knows: everything that is possible lives in it.

Infinite potential. It is part of its undiscovered nature. This being that is inherent in him does not yet understand what it is all about without having experienced its own aspects. What was the meaning of life?

But experiencing something takes more than just the idea of ​​an apparent separation of its own aspects. You need an environment in which these aspects of yourself can live out.

The little point, everything that is, wants to see how its own aspects behave with each other. He needs a mirror of himself.

Being aware of all aspects

Knowing all its aspects: they are not only part of everything that is, but they also know and are everything that is. You know part of the point is experienced with and through them. They are just one aspect of all existence that wants to experience itself.

But for the moment they live in apparent separation from the rest, so that this experience can work. They are their own reflection. A universal spirit that experiences itself in every conceivable way.

Just as it is with the point in the void and its undiscovered potential to expand, so it is with the Universe and humans. Every soul is an aspect of everything that is.

If we divided the big sphere of the Universe in the middle, we wouldn’t have two half-spheres of the Universe – we would have two complete Universes, instead. And what we do with one ball the second one also feels immediately. That is exactly the origin of the soul.

Let’s summarize this so far. Every soul is an aspect of everything that is. She knows and feels everything that happens in the Universe.

It is created by the self-experiencing Universe and, thereby, supplied with what we call life. Every soul enriches the big picture and the big picture enriches every single soul – at the same time.

But this enrichment is based on an apparent separation of being into an infinite number of aspects (many souls). Great, but what about life as a human being?

The incarnation as a condition of experience ability

Every incarnation means nothing more than the acceptance of a certain form by the soul. It fits into a certain dimension, a certain form of existence.

Each dimension has its own frequency, and therefore a different density. The density of the earth is extremely high, the frequency correspondingly relatively low.

Yes, mankind has a very special quality of experience. It is extremely rare in the Universe. Such a high degree of self-imposed density is something very extraordinary.

Accordingly, we can enrich the Universe with our life here on Earth. Do you feel how much an ever deeper meaning of life is showing here for everything – not just for people?

Everything that is experienced gives us an opportunity to notice very high limits. Today you can understand that you have always been more than you dare to be as a human being. You are infinite, have always existed and will always exist.

But you have not necessarily experienced everything that you set out to do as a soul aspect of the Universe. And keep in mind that you only enrich yourself and all other souls when you experience all aspects.

The physical reality as a valuable anomaly

With regard to your physical embodiment and the meaning of your personal life, it may now become clearer: Everything here serves a very special kind of experience of being. And what benefits the Universe also benefits you.

Everything is connected, there is no real separation. But what kind of experience is it, you might ask, right? First of all, pure existence in this dimension is an added value in itself.

It is like walking blindfolded through a labyrinth for which you would actually have eyes on your head and a map in your hands. But it’s not just about that.

The physical embodiment brings with it very special challenges. For example, interpersonal conflicts arise here. It’s exciting, isn’t it? In the field of infinitely high frequency from which you come, no hatred manifests itself without being asked – here it is.

In this part of existence, we do not immediately know what is going on in the other being. But we can learn to understand this ignorance and start to deal with it. It is a transformative process, both small and large, to get closer to the knowledge of what the Universe has always done with complete self-sufficiency.

With every negative emotion, we see what we are not comfortable with it. We learn a lot about ourselves. We know which way to go: away from the dark towards the light. A process that is already noticeable in you in deep meditation.

Few places in the Universe are filled with such low-frequency (“dark”) energies, such as the Earth. But this is exactly where the knowledge potential for everything lies: Where can it go and how do you get there? Hardly anyone has understood the answers to these questions.

The empath as a harbinger of the next dimension

Every cognitive process runs in leaps and bounds of development. One symptom that shows this is the empath. As an empathic person, you probably know exactly what I mean throughout the article, don’t you? You do not know exactly what will happen to you in everyday life, but you have always felt this subliminal certainty about knowing it. Empathic people know subliminally from birth that life is more than matter.

You literally experience the vibrations of everyday life with your own body. You remember what it is like to perceive certain things – and integrate all positive and negative impressions into this awakening process.

You build bridges. And with this very knowledge, you enrich the Universe tremendously. Transformation in small and large – because everything is inextricably linked.

Dear starlings

Especially if you feel addressed with this last paragraph, then you can be certain that you do understand our true purpose in life very well.

You may still be able to recognize that everything that is happening in and around you is positive – but you do not have to adhere to a belief that allows you to remain in negative frequencies.

You carry around so much because you know you can handle it. You answer the question about the meaning of life through your individuality. Enjoy it. In every moment.

My starlings, do share your sentiments and stories with us here in a comment below. I’m always looking forward to reading from you.

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