The Power Sources Of Nature – Gain Strength And Heal

The Power-Sources-Of-Nature

Fuel up on strength and healing energy with the power sources of nature

Nature is a source of power “par excellence”. No matter whether someone lives in the city or in the country, there are green oases everywhere. Here, I want to guide your awareness in the direction of the power sources of nature, and its abundant benefits for your health and spiritual development.

Once a week you should make time to enjoy nature, even if it is only for half an hour. In addition, there is movement in the fresh air, which brings the cycle back on track. What more do you want? Those who live near a forest have actually won the jackpot.

Cleanse and heal while forest bathing

The strength and energy that a stately tree radiates alone help to overcome many ailments. What I mean by that is not energy as a source of heat, such as electricity or oil.

It is rather an invisible force that arises in us when you look at a magnificent tree. Just think about the mighty trunk with the multitude of intertwined branches and the leaves that joyfully play and dance in the wind.

It’s worth stopping and letting the aura that a tree radiates touch you. Add to that the typical smell of a forest that exudes so much peace and quiet.

Going through life with all your existing senses is extremely easy, especially in the woods. The wind caresses our skin and moves the leaves, so that we hear the characteristic sound like a song. A piece of wonderful music, equipped with highlights when the song of a bird sounds in between.

Forest Bathing-Enjoy Natural Healing Of Body & Soul In A Tranquil Oasis

A tip for everyone who likes flowers

Just take the time to stroll through the nearest garden center. Many people do not necessarily go shopping there. This will not only challenge your eye here but also the nose in particular.

So hold the olfactory organ against a fragrant flower and soak in the aromatic scents deeply. It just does you good unless you have a flower allergy!

If your conscience would be too troubled if you only went to the plant specialist store to enjoy, you can, of course, treat yourself to a plant.

Often something with a fresh green, if desired with flower colors, placed in the apartment, and the mood automatically improves in a positive way. That’s how easy it can be.

Parks & effects on the human spirit

In every major city, there are parks that invite people to relax. Why miss this opportunity? The employees in the parks go to great lengths to keep it clean and as inviting as possible.

A visit there is always a feast for the eyes and for all the senses, because the element of water is usually also integrated there.

Sitting on a bench and letting the fountain’s noise affect you can do a lot more than any psychotropic drug or lucky charm you can buy in a pharmacy.

For those who cannot venture outdoors at a certain time being, even a TV show or documentary about plants or beautiful areas promises happiness for those who are enthusiastic about it.

Oh, what joy of heart brings the beloved pet

Nature also includes the animals of our planet. Animals are actually one of the main power sources of nature. Anyone who owns a pet should not be familiar with the term loneliness.

It is said that a cat’s purr can lower blood pressure. So, that saves us the trip to the doctor again. If you see yourself more as a dog friend, than that’s also great. All our furry friends are adorable and make great companions.

Anyone who has no possibility of keeping animals due to a corresponding rental contract or for professional reasons can make themselves useful in the animal shelter around the corner.

Animal lovers who take the time to take a walk with one of the inmates there are very welcome. The effect of a good deed must not be underestimated either. It can also be a source of happiness fairly easily.

Ode to the sun

The sun, the real energy source of our planet, I would also put on your nature list. It is she who positively influences our mind.

Let’s just give it a try and sit down in a sunny spot. How nice it is to feel the sun’s rays on your skin, but only if you pay attention to it.

Life gets that certain glow in a sunny environment. It is not without reason that there are downsides when it comes to less enjoyable things.

I would definitely like to point out one aspect. The sun’s rays are completely free unless they reach us on a self-paid vacation.

Well, okay, but in and of itself, the sun really shines for warmth regardless of where you are and what the circumstances might be.

It fills our hearts with positive energy, recharges our inner batteries, nourishes our soul, and it provides vital vitamin D.

So, let’s take advantage of the endless possibilities that nature gives us, so that we feel better and get a little closer to personal happiness.

Dear starlings

Nature offers so many things to us, and all it takes is to become more mindful of the wide variety available to draw happiness, strength and healing energy from.

You cannot pinpoint the most powerful source of nature, as it’s nourishing life-force and vivacity is in everything.

And if you open all your senses and your heart more to its gifts, it can have an extremely rewarding impact on your life.

Now it is time to have your say.  Be our guest to share your story and experiences with us in the comment section below. We are always excited to be reading from you.

Also, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends, so I can continue to provide posts, tips and free ebooks for you.

I, furthermore, offer personal talk sessions for those of you who have difficulties going through your spiritual awakening process.

It is part of my life purpose to guide you with advice, moral support and encouraging words. Together we will find a way!

Never forget that you are spiritual light beings, and you came here to discover, explore and expand. You entered the earthly plane to create a much more beautiful and fulfilling place to live in for the entire collective.

Thus, thank you for your dedication, bravery and existence. Always remember that you are part of the infinite source and that you are highly appreciated and unendingly loved.

~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~

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