Protection From Negative People – Here’s How You Can Do This.


Negative people: That’s how you can protect yourself from them

We don’t only encounter negative people just once in our lives. Sometimes they even belong to our family, circle of friends or are part of our workforce. What you can do to protect yourself from these negative people and their influence, you will learn here.

Life is not always easy and no, it definitely does not seem to be fair at times. Because some people in this world are doing very well, while others are permanently unlucky or even have to survive heavy fatalities.

Nevertheless, life is beautiful. However, only the people who want to see this fact can realize and experience it as such.

Negative people always focus only on the bad sides and pull other people with them into the swamp of negativity,  or they rob them of their energy.

Since I went through many circumstance where my life was filled with negative people, and even narcissists, I was able to gather some tips on how to protect yourself from them.


Signs – This  is how you recognize negative people

Negative people are people who have a negative attitude to life. This is expressed above all by these 7 points:

1- They want the seemingly impossible (to be a billionaire within the blink of the eye, for example).
2- They give up without even trying and find endless reasons and excuses for doing so.
3- They complain about everything and everyone – Other people are just always bad and out to get them.
4- They never talk about it, when something went well or was beautiful.
5- They immediately take criticism and jokes personally.
6- They are egocentric – it’s always about them.
7- They constantly compare themselves with others, make them bad and are jealous.

So now that you know the signs, it’s time to show you how to protect yourself from negative people

1. Recognize negative people

The most important step, as banal as it sounds, is to realize that a human being is exclusively negative. It depends on how we relate to each other, whether we quickly recognize a negative person as such.

Sometimes a person simply gives us a bad feeling and pulls us down, but we’ve already accepted that. Only when we recognize a negative person as such can we protect ourselves from him/her.

2. The Challenge: Strengthen Positive Thoughts

Negative people are a challenge. By consciously accepting them, we can expand ourselves and strengthen our own positivity. Therein lies the true art in the end: Oppose the negativity of another’s own positive attitude towards life, and delimit oneself instead of being pulled down.

Where a negative person sees bad, we find good. Remember that you are what you think you are, and only those who want to be happy, that can be or become content and fulfilled.

3. To show compassion

Negativity is not a beautiful attitude to life. It makes life difficult for you or at least heavier than it is. Voluntarily and consciously nobody decides for it. So, when confronted with a negative person, one can try to develop understanding.

Ask yourself why this person became so negative to begin with, rather than to be judgmental.  Compassion does not make the other less negative, but we are less disturbed by negativity when we treat it with emotions that come from the heart.

4. Address negativity

Even though the chances of a negative person changing his attitudes are very small, one should still try to talk to the human being in a friendly way. One should confront him without focusing only on bad things, rather than point it out. Set an example for this person. Mindfully pick out positive aspects even in some dark moments.

Become a bit like Mother Theresa of Calcutta. She was an expert at positive thinking and finding beauty everywhere. Mother Theresa used to walk down the streets of Calcutta.

She saw dirt, hunger, death, despair all at once, and yet, when she came to the side of one road, she found one, only one, blooming flower. And it was right in this little flower, that she found hope, positivity and beauty.

Sometimes perceiving something good can lead to a negative person becoming aware of his or her negativity and being able to look beyond its negative edge.


5. The Balance: Do not refute and do not confirm

If a conversation does not help, you should not pay too much attention to the negativity and the person who spreads it. As hard as it sounds, if you do not try to convince him of the opposite and not contradict him, he can not get excited. A “pity that you feel that way” offers little fuel for negative tirades.

6. Stay out of the way

If all else fails, and you realize that one’s negativity does not do you any good or rob you of energy, you should avoid this person. As hard as that is, if someone lives convinced in his spiral of negativity, only he can free himself from it. If you cannot do anything to help, you should protect yourself.

Dear starlings

Now it’s your turn. Talk to me and share your opinion and stories regarding negative people. Have you successfully helped someone to become more optimistic, or did you have to let go of a negative person?

Let us know about it in a comment below. I’d be happy to read from you.

Also, please, share us with your family and friends on social media. In this way, I can continue to offer informative articles, helpful tips and free ebooks.

It also helps me to recurringly give personalized talk sessions for those of you in need of encouragement and advice.

As usual, I’m sending you my love and healing energy, joy, harmony and an abundance of all your good desires.

Never forget that you are unique light beings, here to grow, enjoy yourselves and complete a specialized mission for the greater good of our entire collective system.

Thank you, starlings for your bravery and existing. You are highly appreciated cherished and immortally loved. ~Namaste~


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