Your Reality Adapts To Your True Desires And Expectations


The reality adapts to your true desires and reckoning – not vice versa!

Today, I want to talk about an important topic. In order to manifest successfully, you have to understand that your reality adapts to your true desires; not the other way around.

Your present state of being consists of all the things, events and people you imagine. You are convinced that you are the way you are and that your environment is real.

If you want to change something in yourself or in your environment, then believe with absolute conviction that your wishes will soon be fulfilled, or have already been granted.

Jesus explains this in several places in the Bible. Intelligent voices that speak through a medium, such as Bashar and Abraham, also say the same thing.

However, we have been programmed to believe that everything about us is what we think we are. Most people adapt to the expectations of others and, thereby, create a reality that does not delight at all.

Stop dreaming and stay grounded, we are told. And we buy these sayings from our parents, teachers and the media. Do you watch the news one to several times a day? A war zone is thousands of miles away and there are the worst hunger and the feared epidemics.

You can be happy with what little you have. Don’t you think so too? No, not with me. I want more and more, because the more I have, the more I can not only help myself but also others.

Reality is an illusion

A famous sentence by Einstein reads: “Reality is nothing more than an illusion.” Unfortunately, only a few know what to do with this information.

Observe how you behave and how your environment adapts to it. For example, if you fear that you will have to overcome problems on the way to a goal, then the reason for your fears will come up, and you will have to fight with problems.

If you focus on the fear of potential problems, you will face these problems. Fear always comes before. This gives rise to the reason you feared.

If, on the other hand, you are convinced that an event of your choice will occur, this will happen. Your reality adapts to your expectations. Absolute conviction is essential.

If several researchers carry out the same experiment, the expectations of the researchers influence the result of his experiment.

If you are not afraid, not fearful of problems, but do what you enjoy, then your surroundings – people, things and events – will adapt to them.

What do you want to do right now? I assume you would like specific information within this post. If you expect to get more helpful information, keep reading. If you enjoy reading my posts, you may continue reading. But if you’d rather do something different, do it.

What you do affects your vibration frequency. With a changed vibration frequency, your environment changes. When you do something that you find uplifting, your frequency increases, which improves your life.

Yes, you adjust your reality with what you do and what you firmly believe in

Oh dear, now I’m losing readers. I hope some of you enjoy reading and plan to call a friend, listen to music or go shopping because you want to enjoy yourself, then your frequency will increase.

If you see some usefulness for yourself in my posts, take advantage of it; your frequency will increase while reading my posts. I hope I can achieve that for you.

What world and reality do you want to live in? Who do you want to be surrounded by? Where and how do you want to live?

Arrange your life according to your desires. Be convinced that your reality is based on you, that the power to shift lies within you and not that you have to stretch out toward the ceiling.

There are some dice games where you can move forward as many boxes as the dice show at points after your throw.

Then you have to wait until it is your turn again. You cannot jump from start to finish with one action. It’s like this in life. You can get through more than one box at a time, but not make a quantum leap into your dream reality all at once.

If your faith were very strong, you could. However, the programming that limits us prevents us from that. You can’t go from zero money in your pocket to being a multimillionaire in a few moments. With a strong belief, you will reach it much faster, however.

The reason that you can’t change your reality very much in seconds is that you can’t change your idea and belief so much in a split moment.

Be convinced of your dreams

Are you convinced that you will move from your apartment to a property tomorrow? That is too big a jump. Are you convinced that you will be offered a better-paid job tomorrow?

That is possible. Are you convinced that you will meet your dream partner tomorrow? Also possible. Of course, you can’t stay at home, you have to go out in order to attract this scenario.

How far can you now imagine with a conviction that your reality will change by tomorrow or next week or within this month?

If you only allow a hint of doubt, nothing will come of it. If you remain convinced that your reality changes this way and not otherwise, this will happen. Your reality adapts to your belief!

Parallel realities do exist

Her life is like a movie. A film consists of many individual pictures. Movement occurs when we see these pictures playing in front of us quickly.

Every moment of your life is a reality. Your life is made up of many individual realities. These are parallel realities. Moving from one reality to the next creates movement.

At any moment you can choose which reality you want to switch to. If you’re still reading and haven’t called your best friend or do anything else, I’ve been lucky.

When I finish writing this article, I’ll go downstairs, sit down at the table, have a glass of wine and enjoy dinner in a good company.

Expectations create fulfillment

I will publish this article afterward, if only because I am curious how many of my visitors here will read it and how long they will read.

Yes, I enjoy writing. Always driving around, and I’m currently on a getaway, shopping, talking with friends, enjoying food, and so on, is getting boring.

It’s nice to travel to Paris, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii or anywhere else to enjoy life there. But indulging in sweet life without exception is not fulfilling for me.

If you dream of living on an island now, lying in the sun and dancing in the evening, and living that way soon, you will be fed up with it at some point.

Do just that if you think you are enjoying that right now. As soon as you no longer enjoy staying on this sunny island, switch to a next parallel reality, which in turn will be a lot of fun.

While reading this post, I have changed my reality countless times and so have you. Stop for a moment and ask yourself if you have changed since you started reading the first sentence of this article. Your reality has changed and you are no longer the same person. Neither am I.

Dear starlings

How are dealing with the fact that your reality adapts to your true desires? Have you already discovered and practiced the secret to manifestation enough and are on your way to becoming a master of manifestation?

Perhaps you do you have questions or would you like to add something to the topic? Please, leave your comment below to do so. We are always looking forward to hearing your stories.

Also, dear starlings, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends. This way, I can write more informative posts, add tips, free ebooks and offer private chat sessions for those of you in need of advice or encouragement during your time of spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that you are precious light beings, heer to absorb, expand, have fun and create a blissful and loving dimension for all of us to live in harmony.

You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~



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