Remove Blockages With These 3 Easy Steps


Simply remove blockages with the following three steps

Pretty much everyone carries various blockages with them, which must be released in order to really be able to live their potential. In this post, you will learn how they arise to begin with and how to remove blockages.

What are blockages?

Blockages are deposits in our karma that reduce our quality of life. They often have a major impact on our success and general approach to life.

Before we are born, we are mostly free from blocking influences. However, the first blockages often arise at birth, and these are rarely the last.

How a blockade forms

The causes of the blockages that a person carries with them are mostly formative experiences. Many of them happen in childhood, where we are particularly receptive to what we absorb from our environment.

If we notice violence, for example, or if our parents serve us unconsciously limiting beliefs, we take blocking impressions with us.

However, blockages can also occur outside of childhood. For example, if we end up in a job that we suffer from but still hold on to, we will block ourselves.

Our relationship and sex life can also be the cause of various types of injuries and blockages.

This is how we express blockages

Every inner blockade takes place in 3 different areas of our existence:

In energy

Every blockade has an energetic component. You can perceive these as irregularities in the breathing movement if you take really slow and full breaths.

In the thoughts

Each of the energetic blockages is connected with thought patterns. Whenever you encounter irritating or uncontrolled thoughts inside, you can assume that they relate to a blockage.

These patterns of thought and the energetic blockages remain in interaction with each other.

In the body

Te body also expresses the interplay of energy and thoughts. Most often it shows up as muscle tension in the area of ​​the spine, which can lead to poor posture. In really bad cases, such blockages can also cause damage on an organic level.

In our lifestyle

Since these blockages hinder our thinking in its freedom, they lead us to make decisions for our life that do not correspond to the ideal. As a result, our blockages are also expressed in our lifestyle.

What you can do to remove your blockages

There are various methods to solve these inner blockages.

It is important to note the following: Just use these methods without popping into certain blockages. If you stiffen too much to dissolve something, you will form even more thoughts around it and, thus, reinforce it.

If you do these exercises regularly, you will soon notice how your life is getting easier!

It’s best to do the following in the morning, immediately after getting up, in this order:

1- Body exercises

If you bring your body into certain yoga poses, you will gradually release tensions from your muscles.

When your body is relaxed, your thoughts automatically become calmer, which also loosens the blockages on an energetic level!

I can especially recommend the 5 Tibetans! They take up little time, are effective and suitable for beginners.

2- Conscious breathing

When you take conscious, deep and slow breaths, you further balance your energy and calm your thoughts. This also releases tensions from the body.

Do the following:

1- Sit in an upright position with your eyes closed.

2- Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose. Count mentally.

3- Exhale slowly, steadily, and completely through your nose – just as you inhaled.

4- Repeat this exercise for at least 5 minutes.

If you use this method for a few days in a row, you can start to exhale longer than you inhale. Gradually increase over several days until you exhale twice as long as you inhale.

3- Watch your thoughts

If you observe your thoughts long enough without going into them, they gradually become weaker and dissolve together with the energetic and physical blockages.

Do the following:

1- For this exercise, sit down in an upright position with your eyes closed and breathe calmly through your nose.

2- Let go of your thoughts and just watch them without focusing on them.

3- Take as long as you want. (at least 5 minutes)

You will notice that your thoughts take place in different areas of your body. Also, that your involving energies further balance this method and as a result your thoughts become more calm and controlled over time.

Once you have practice in observing your thoughts, you can use this technique in everyday life.

Dear starlings

If you follow these exercises regularly for some time, you will start to remove blockages. They will gradually leave you and you will find your life more balanced, more satisfied and with more energy and focus!

You are a beautiful and unique light being; cherished and unendingly loved. ~Namaste~

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