Secrets Of Money Manifestation – 8 Leads To The Path Of Prosperity


Simple secrets of money manifestation so the Universe can shower you with wealth

Do you really need money? Have you tried all the traditional ways to earn more money, but have not been satisfied with the results? Are you desperately looking for the magic formula to make money manifest? Well, congratulations, you are on the right web site, and I will share with you the simple secrets of money manifestation.

I’m not only going to share how to manifest more wealth into your life. I will, furthermore, give you tips that will make the whole process easier for you. Of course, this is provided you sincerely follow what I recommend here.

The secrets of money manifestation are actually no secret at all

Manifested money is all about energy work. The supplier or lender is the Universe with infinite wealth. The currency of the Universe is energy, and the method of communicating with the Universe is the frequency of your vibrations.

With a little common sense, the following steps will seem so logic you, and you will ask yourself “Why did I not come up with this earlier on?”


Secret 1: Just do your thing- do not despair

One of the important rules for manifesting money or anything else, as a matter of fact, is to be more playful rather than desperate. The logic is simple: Whenever a sense of lack is vibrating to the Universe, the Universe reacts with its blockage of money flow and abundance of you.

The exact opposite is true too. As you look to the Universe with faith, trust and expectation, you will be rewarded with the abundant supply of money from anticipated and unexpected sources.

Therefore, you should also send out your monetary manifesting intentions to the Universe in a regular manner, but without any discomforting emotions of the struggle of despair attached.

Read on, there are many more simple secrets of money manifestation.

Secret 2: Tell the Universe how much money you need

Be clear with yourself first regarding how much money you need, and then let the Universe know. Simply recognize the fact that the largest computer is the Universe itself. Therefore, like the third-dimensional computers with us humans, the principle of garbage in and garbage out also works the same with the cosmos.

Let me explain this to you a little simpler.

Suppose you go to a restaurant to buy dinner for yourself. Unless you tell the waiter what exactly the dish and beverage that you want is, he will not be able to serve you the dinner, even if you would be starving. T

hat’s because the waiter stands confused in front of you. He wants to satisfy your desire, but he cannot since you are not specific enough with what you wish to eat.

Therefore, clarity is the name of the game here.


Secret 3: Believe that you get it

There is now a need to reprogram your subconscious mind. It has to change the settings from the feeling of lack of the sensation of wealth. The subconscious mind connects you dutifully with the source of the money, the ideas to get money, the people who can give you money or teach you how to make money.

In other words, the new mind-shifting will give you the opportunities and the breakthrough you always desired.

You can make this happen with:

Affirmations (Affirmations for Money, Affirmations for Wealth, Affirmations for Prosperity and Affirmations for Abundance)
Visualization exercise

Whichever method you choose, the basic idea is to fake it until you make it. You have to feel as if the money has already been manifested. You need to act, feel and be rich.

Secret 4: Be grateful for what you have

You always have to be thankful for all the money, wealth and prosperity that you have despite your present physical reality. This is the ultimate key to fulfill your desires from the Universe.

The more you are grateful for what you currently have, the higher the chances that you will be financially better off in the future. People who are thankful in their careers can reach higher realms and earn more money in the end. Gratitude is an underrated but an essential element of success.


Secret 5: Love money

Most people think it’s an embarrassing idea to love money. So they are proud to say that they are beyond attachment for money or they have no love for money. As a result, the Law of Attraction says, “So be it.”

Let us think about that for a while. Are you not happy when you receive your paycheck, are not the children happy to receive money from the elders? If the child who is so innocent and unpretentious loves money, why hide your real feelings for it? The logic is simple.

If you do not care for or love someone, why should he or she come to you? It’s the same with money as well. That’s why it’s OK to love money or have money.

You see, many of us have been raised with the wrong attitude towards money. We get taught that money is dirty, for example. Money cannot be unclean, however, as it is a vibrational object. People are abusing money for filthy businesses and selfish deeds. Thus, money is not at fault, but the one handling it.

Treat money with respect. Most folks don’t bend down if they see a mere cent on the grounds of the street. They pass on by as if it was a plain piece of garbage. Imagine, however, a dollar bill on the floor – everyone would stop and take it, I’m sure. Now, that reaction already speaks for itself.

As long as you are not honoring the small amounts of money, you most certainly do not deserve big amounts of it. That’s how the Universe sees it, anyway, and I do have to say that I agree. What is it good for to be given something that you do not have any regards for, to begin with?

How To Stop Negative Thoughts About Money

Secret 6: Respect money

While we all want money and wish to spend a lot of money in our lives, we somewhere in our heads have these negative associations against money. This causes inconsistency in our vibrational messages to the Universe. As long as you have the slightest disrespect, you will never really get rich.

The best way to show deep respect for the energy of your current money is to make sure that all banknotes are sitting neatly in your purse or wallet. Do not fill your wallet with other papers or things. Do not put your wallet in your hip pocket.

If you get or control someone’s money, you receive it with deep reverence. Remember, rich people always have a high degree of respect for money. Millionaires do not waste it. They do not throw the money out for worthless items. They are not ashamed to have a lot of money either.

Secret 7: Pray

Prayer is one of the ways to surrender to the higher power. Let your finite wisdom be guided by the infinite and supreme cosmic intelligence. No individual or collective is wiser, more experienced, learned, knowledgeable or intelligent than the Universe.

So, when you say prayers, you humbly let the Universe follow the right path, opening the doors to the right opportunities, giving you the energy and motivation to act and receive.


Secret 8: Be gentle

This is the most effective and loving advice you can get if you face too many challenges – all at the same time.

Instead of fighting on several fronts, just be gentle with yourself and treat one thing at a time. Also, take one day at a time. This can help you enormously by saving your precious energy and not disperse it.

With more energy you will be better focused, living in the present and not damaging your vibration with overwhelm by thinking about the uncertainty of your current financial position and financial future. This is a very important factor in successfully managing your energy during the manifestation process.

Dear starlings,

I hope you will use the tips regarding the secrets of money manifestation provided here to improve your current and future financial position. Please share this article with friends and families by clicking on one of the “Share” buttons below or above.

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Last but not least, I’m sending you all my love and healing energy, lots of inner peace, abundance and the fulfillment of all your desires – under grace, in perfect ways (Florence Scovel Shinn).

Keep in mind that you are a cherished, unique and endlessly loved spiritual being on an Earthly journey and mission here, and I thank you for your existence. Keep un sparkling bright. ~Namaste~

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