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Getting ready for, things you’ll need and a simple guide to manifestation

My dear starlings. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to a simple guide to manifestation. A high emotional vibration frequency is important to successfully manifest. It requires that you feel comfortable and happy.

The process of manifesting begins with positive and targeted thoughts that go hand in hand with the feeling that you will have once your wish has already been manifested.

I personally don’t like the word “manifest” so well. I call it materializing or realizing. It’s less about pulling something into reality than more about changing one’s perception.

What you perceive absolutely depends on your emotional vibration frequency. So manifesting means perceiving something in its reality or that subatomic particles form into the object you want.

When we speak of manifesting, we must also examine the word reality and its meaning. Einstein said that the reality was just an illusion, albeit a stubborn one, and he was not alone in that.

A lot of books were written on the subject of reality, and I don’t want to cover this topic any further here. I would like to emphasize, however, that according to some scientists and other clever minds, the reality is an illusion.

You can change an illusion with your thoughts and that is exactly what manifesting is about. Manifesting could also be described as controlling one’s thoughts with the purpose of creating something that one perceives due to a change in the vibration frequency.

Manifest with thought

We constantly manifest with images and feelings that we generate with our thoughts.

Manifesting means that you bring something into your reality, make it visible and tangible. Of course, everyone wants to realize their dream. Unfortunately, many manifest what they don’t want.

A quantum physicist could best explain the process of manifestation to you, because manifesting is a physical process on the one hand and a psychological process on the other hand.

This goes as far as it is about increasing your emotional vibration frequency, what is related to your emotional world and that goes from your thoughts and you can manipulate this when you control your thoughts.

You see (or perceive) what lies within your frequency range. If you no longer want to perceive something that is unpleasant for you, but you want something nice, pleasant and desirable, you have to change your frequency.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as with a radio, where you turn the channel selector a bit or press another channel on the remote control and you’ve changed what you tune in to.

If you just think of what you want, change the frequency of your vibration. This is not difficult to understand, but it takes a long time to implement, as it usually takes place gradually.

“And in the beginning was the word,” so the Bible proclaims, and with that, I begin to explain the process of manifestation.

My explanation here should be sufficient, meaningful and helpful that you can work on yourself in order to achieve a change. Now let’s begin with this:

We think in pictures. When we hear words, we see pictures. What is it like when you are told not to think of a white elephant? Or an old tree with a thick trunk.

With the word house, someone in Northern America will link the word house to a different picture than someone in Japan. Also, someone who grew up in a small family home will link it to a different picture than someone who grew up in an area where there is one stately mansion after the other.

The pictures arouse feelings, whereby the feelings differ from person to person through a certain picture, but also through music, fragrances and tastes.

What we have experienced and learned got stored in the programming of our subconscious, which equals part of the cell information. Even if you do not consciously remember one or the other happening, it still affects you at every turn.

Tune into a higher frequency

Before I continue with the vibration frequency, in the upcoming article, there are a few other factors to consider. There are negative thoughts that may awaken due to something that you are not aware of. These are killers for an abundant and happy life.

How do you eliminate negative thoughts, though? What do you do with unconscious, negative thoughts that repeatedly rule over you?

And when you hear the news with all the negative stuff …….. how can you only think about what you want? And – do you even know what you really want?!

All of these are the building blocks that are responsible for the frequency at which you vibrate. Within a certain range, your vibration frequency changes during a day and this range changes over the years.

Whether it gets higher or lower depends on each individual and above all on the extent to which he consciously changes his programming and his emotional world.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of tearing yourself out of your comfort zone to manifest multiple desires. Think about it! Go through your wish list and ask yourself each question: “What do I have to do to manifest this object?”

For example, if you want to live in the south, you have to find a new job there and quit the old one. You have to pack up your belongings and get rid of everything you are used to. This includes saying goodbye to friends and familiar places. To manifest something means to be ready for everything.

Manifesting is accompanied by changes

“I do everything right and yet nothing changes in my life”, readers write to me.

Here is the problem that prevents many of you from achieving your goals and manifest what you want. You have wishes that you want to realize, but you are not ready for all the necessary changes.

When you change your frequency, a lot of changes in your life will happen too. Among other things, you have to detach yourself from the friends you have kept in your previous life.

Yes, it’s often friends who block you. You may also have to say goodbye to your beloved apartment and possibly have to move to another city. Listen to your inner voice and do what it tells you.

In order to manifest successfully, you must be ready for the necessary changes. All of this plays a role in manifesting. Manifesting has to be learned and practiced.

Dear starlings

How are you doing with your manifestations? Do you find this simple guide to manifestation helpful, do you have questions or would you like to add something? Please, leave your comment below to do so. We are always happy to hear your stories.

Also, dear starlings, please spread the word about our website with your family and friends. This way, I can write more informative posts, add tips, free ebooks and offer private chat sessions for those of you in need of advice or encouragement during your time of spiritual awakening.

Keep in mind that you are precious light beings, heer to absorb, expand, have fun and create a blissful and loving dimension for all of us to live in harmony.

You are highly appreciated, important to the entire collective system and unendingly loved. Thank you for your existence. ~Namaste~


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