Sleeping Beauty – Hidden Morals & Deeper Meaning Of Life (Part 1)


Sleeping Beauty – Secret Messages and the inner meaning of life

Sleeping Beauty is a fairy tale that we are all familiar with. But hardly anyone knows its meaning, although many suspect that it wants to tell us more than “just” the story of a king’s daughter. What exactly does it want to tell us, however?

A flood of symbols

In contrast to dried flowers, the messages of some other fairy tales are more obvious. In “Hans in Luck”, for example, every child records that Hans behaves stupidly.

Exchanging the lump of gold that he has earned with his hard work for smaller things until he has only one millstone was not a smart thing to do, and even worse – it finally falls into a well!

Sleeping Beauty, however, does not make it easy for us. It overwhelms us with such a flood of symbols, unreal happenings and unusual formulations.

And, although they give a hint of the background, they are difficult to grasp, let alone that we could derive tangible wisdom from them.

Those, however, who take a lot of time and leisure to think about the text and also ponder the seemingly insignificant information will unravel their secret.

What then emerges is, to say the least, a sensational treasure. The fairy tale not only reveals to us amazing wisdom of life, but it also explains what influences we are exposed to from birth to death.

It, furthermore, shows us where dangers lurk that can shorten life, and what people should pay attention to, so that their lives succeed and they will be happy.

The law of life

Mind you, the Brothers Grimm do not give us specific instructions on how they think people can be happy, as countless authors do on this topic today.

No, this is about much more, something like the blueprint of humans, the universal law of life, which not only controls the career of humans but also regulates the relationship of humans with the world around them.

If you become aware of this universal law and begin to understand it, you get an idea of ​​the legal influences that affect people and when happiness arises according to this law.

This unique law of life can be thought of as a spiritual dynamic, as a set of rules for energetic processes that connect the world with people and in which forces work, the effects of which everyone can observe, feel or understand in their own life history.

Decoding the fairy tale

Similar to a scavenger hunt, the fairy tale contains a lot of small information that the reader has to track down in order to elicit the fairy tale’s message.

Over time, an image emerges that is initially only recognizable in rough outlines but gains more and more sharpness with each additional piece of information.

What becomes gradually tangible is the description of an event that is similar to a dynamic that we are familiar with, namely our breathing rhythm.

The universal law is, therefore, a mental and spiritual process that is basically the same as our breathing rhythm.

If you understand this dynamic and can apply it to your personal life, you have a great treasure because you know where you should set priorities in life and what is right and what is wrong for you.

However, one can only raise this treasure if he finds it himself, because the treasure consists of the knowledge of what man is.

Source of the living

The fairy tale explains this rhythm to us down to the smallest detail. I would like to pick out one aspect of the rhythm here, because it is completely new to us today.

We learn that rhythm provides us with the energy that keeps us alive – it provides us with life. This statement from the fairy tale only arises when all pieces of the puzzle are put together.

Only then, when we are familiar with this connection, do we notice that it is already in the name Sleeping Beauty.

It is hidden in the symbolism of the rose. It stands for love and is an expression of life. To give birth to this life, again and again, is the most natural task of women.

However, this does not mean to give birth to children, but to bring the living into the world and to care for the family and the people who are close to the woman.

All life is essential and unique

Today we assume that the living is abundantly available to us in vain. But that’s wrong. The living is also vitality and it has to be acquired.

Only when a woman decides to be a mother in this sense and to take care of others, only then does she connect to the source of all life and pass on this power to others.

This requires a diametrically different attitude than trying to survive economically in the world. Operating both sides at the same time does not work.

Many working mothers try this balancing act. Since it cannot succeed, some women choose the economic side. Life, love and vitality decline. Then the person feels empty inside and becomes dissatisfied.

His life does not succeed, he can become weak and sick. It is a fundamental mistake in life to neglect women who choose their maternal and caring side and to exclude them from the festival of life.

It’s the nurturing mother in women that leads to abundance

This is one of the most important messages of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty: the motherly side of women is essential for the well-being of a family and a society. That is behind the symbolism of the 13th wise woman.

If we displace this, living energy decreases. This not only reduces man himself but also conjures up a thorn hedge.

His life becomes thorny, because the lack of vitality is reflected in inadequate, arduous, often threatening living conditions.

The fairy tale makes it unmistakably clear how important the 13th wise woman is to our lives. She should be respected and invited.

There must also be a gold plate for her. That means that the woman who cares for life and the vital force, i.e. the immaterial side of life, has a right to enjoy the material side of existence, because, without the life that she contributes, our material world cannot exist at all.

The fairy tale also decodes this connection. It is the eternally motherly, the old woman up in the tower who spins the thread of life, something immaterial, just the living.

We use a thread to make fabric. The living coagulates into the material. It has always been mothers, with their work on the living, to whom we owe our material world.

Inner wealth and beauty

When a woman performs this task, she accumulates the living energy like an inner wealth. This wealth is visible and makes women beautiful.

Sleeping Beauty is also beautiful. Right at the beginning, it says: “… and the queen gave birth to a girl, that was so beautiful that the king couldn’t be relieved for joy …”.

Beauty is a yardstick for successful, feminine and energetic work. Because female work is not primarily about care, i.e. lending a helping hand.

Rather, it is about a certain mental state, which can best be described with a picture, as the fairy tale at the beginning shows us: “When the queen was once in the bath …” The woman in the bath is a woman who rests in the middle, which is one with itself.

Just as the picture of an egg with the egg yolk in the middle suggests. It is a woman who no longer feels torn, but who feels content, healthy, round and whole.

Dear starlings

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my decoded version of Sleeping Beauty, and that you may find many conclusions within it. You can continue reading the second part by following the link above.

Please, feel free to leave a comment with your theories, additions or questions regarding this unique topic. I am looking forward to your contribution and am always here to help you out.


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