Spiritual Awakening And Bodily Symptoms


Symptoms in the body during the spiritual awakening process

Spiritual awakening is a process that can reveal its symptoms on many levels. In this article, you will learn what symptoms spiritual ascension can bring, how you can best deal with them and how you can make your spiritual development progress faster.

What happens when you wake up?

One can describe the process from different perspectives. In this case, where we speak of the physical symptoms, the following description suits best:

Spiritual awakening means that your bioenergies along the spine shift to a higher level.

This process entails far-reaching changes in perception. Apart from that, this shift of energies can be expressed in different ways in the body (also apart from the spine).

Many often see these expressions as symptoms of illness, and people go to the doctor because they worry about these symptoms.

The physician then recommends, to the best of his knowledge, treatments or medications, which often stand in the way of the actual process.

Note: It is of course advisable to have your doctor clarify symptoms, but you should be careful not to follow an inappropriate treatment based on speculations.

What the symptoms look like

Since each person’s energetic situation is unique, there are innumerable physical symptoms that a spiritual awakening can bring.

The list here is intended to give you an overview of what such symptoms can look like, but it is not out of the question that there are more. (I am grateful for additions via the comment function!)

Outbreaks of sweat

The body starts various cleaning processes during awakening, one of which takes place via the sweat glands.


The shift in energy can lead to symptoms of exhaustion, which, however, usually go away soon if the process continues.

Muscle twitches

Energetic discharges can cause muscles to start twitching in an uncontrolled manner. One can often observe this phenomenon, especially in the neck area.


This symptom is often about your body wanting you to know that you have given it something that it no longer wants to deal with in the future. Here is an article on our sister website regarding a meatless diet and if it is healthy.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Meat

Elevated temperature

In the course of the cleaning process, it may be necessary for your body to remove toxins from the body via fever. In such cases, you should not take medication.


This is particularly noticeable along the spine or in the head area and can radiate in all directions.

Changing sleep patterns

Due to the changes in the system that result in a spiritual awakening, it can happen that sleeping habits change. Many people often wake up around 4 a.m., which is also the best time for spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

Chuckling in the body

The shift in energy can often feel as if air bubbles are rising in the body.

Lightning/flickering in front of the eyes

This symptom occurs especially when your energy makes its way through channels that have not been used before.

This is how you can promote your spiritual awakening

There are several ways to speed up your spiritual awakening and thereby leave the symptoms behind you:

Follow a spiritual practice! My tips for this are mainly yoga and meditation. But also how you use the time after waking up in the morning positive is important.  You can find out more here:

Morning Kick-Starters - Go from Zero To 100 Energy With These Tips

Watch the symptoms!

The spiritual process is an interplay between energy and consciousness. So if you keep your attention focused on the energetic phenomena, you can accelerate the transformation of the energy.

Learn to act selflessly!

Actions based on selfish motives keep your energy in the lower levels. Once you start acting selflessly, you can overcome the structures of karma and thereby transform your energies.

Karma Explanation: Understand & Apply The Principle Behind It

Once these symptoms have really been overcome, they will not return, but for this, it is necessary to practice regularly, which also brings many other advantages.

The spiritual process gradually dissolves inner resistance, which makes you happier and even more joyful by the day. What are you waiting for? Relieve the symptoms of your spiritual awakening and free your consciousness!

Let us know more about your experiences so far in a comment below!

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