Standing By Your Dreams – The True Essence Of Your Happiness


No matter how old they are, keep standing by your dreams if you still desire them

My dear starlings, in this post I want to discuss the vitality of standing by your dreams, for it is the key to your deepest fulfillment in life. We all have dreams; big and small.

The little desires are the ones that we grant ourselves, admit to and perhaps even share with others around us. These are the dreams we dare to talk about the most.

But what about big dreams? They are usually made of the kind of stuff that gives us a sense of detachment and utopia. They seem megalomaniacal, inappropriate and perhaps even outrageous. So we keep them to ourselves, hiding them in the farthest corner of our mental dream storage box.

The dream box

And only on extremely seldom occasions do we confess to loosening the lid of this box for a few moments, and to peek inside to see what has actually become of these dreams. What happens to dreams that have been banished in this manner? Are they getting older, just the same as we are getting older?

Could they possibly evaporate like alcohol in an open bottle? Or fade away like colored paper in the sun? Or will they just get smaller and shrivel up to merely nothingness, like prunes?

They do not seem to disappear completely. Now and then they show themselves, as they flash through like small fragments of thought.

Sometimes they catch us in a moment of concentrated inattention, and we fall into daydreams. A moment of apparent weakness – Our façade tilts. And our dreams sneak into our thoughts and haunt our souls. “What if…?”

And here and there we encounter things that match well with our dreams. By the way, ‘m talking about little things that would make our luck perfect. Those sorts of things that would truly make us happy if we just could someday implement or realize them.

In order not to seem unrealistic, however, and let us not be too badly guided by any reveries, we even stuff these small, at first glance seemingly irrelevant, details in the dream box. We force them in, even though the lid is slowly no longer fitting.

The thing about courage

And when we finally gather all our courage, are willing to risk everything, but once again take a look under the “dream suppressor” lid of our box, we find that the box is filled to the edge.

If we are still brave enough to look in detail at what is in it, like a childhood memory-box from which we rediscover old, perhaps long-lost treasures full of loving memories and emotions, all the unfulfilled dreams pour out.

The fuller the box, the less we have allowed ourselves to live our dreams. The more there’s inside of the box, the more dissatisfied we are likely to be. This, in turn, causes us not to forget the dream box altogether or even to throw it away.

Our dreams are still so important to us. They make the difference between a lived and fulfilled life and a life in which we have only worked.

The courage and the fear – Like cat and mouse

Courage always faces fear. In our society, fear is a tried and tested means to “protect” people from their dreams. And society protects itself by “educating” with fear and warning against the realization of our dreams.

As a matter of fact, society is successfully selling us this scam on a daily basis!

The 30 to 50-year-olds among us today are people who had kept their dreams in boxes for many years and locked them away.

We grew up in compliance with the rules. We were taught and brainwashed to say what we should dream of: good grades, which will lead to graduation and great jobs.

Doing our duty, behaving in line, swimming with the flow, not thinking, not attracting attention, not dancing out of line, etc. Just do what others do and tell us to do.

But what a good job really is, for example, nobody has told us. When is a good job is a good job? What makes a job a good job?

What makes life a good life? Happiness and deep satisfaction were never a topic! That contentment is the most important part of our lives – no one ever spoke to us about that fact.

And what happens when you have fulfilled all that the parents have told you, that you have achieved all that but are still not happy? Our happiness and desires usually go far beyond all the goals that our parents and society describe.

The wonderful power of dreams

We have to finally muster our courage, again, to admit that we are still dreaming. And, we are more than welcome to be very precise and take a very close look regarding what actually makes up our dreams.

Nothing is bad about dreams; quite on the contrary.

Only our dreams enable us to grow beyond ourselves and our negative beliefs and convictions; even beyond ourselves.

Go deeper into what we have assumed and start to accept what we can or know. Dreams enable us to tear down our own limitations, expand our boundaries and completely reinvent them.

Our dreams free us, allow us to breathe freely and deeply. They expand our view and our horizons. Dreams allow us to question our belief system and guide us towards the belief in the divine.

The divine, which is in everything that surrounds us, and within each single one of us.

“We are not used to the idea that what God wants for us could be in line with our own dreams.”
(Julia Cameron)

And our dreams permit us to believe in things that are not visible to the naked eye, but that hide behind the obvious stuff and work in the background, affect us, and carry us through our lives.

Our dreams authorize us to know that the Universe, with all its divinity and immeasurable creativity and creative power, is always right behind us and enables us to make the best of each one of us.

Without our dreams, we are circumcised; cut off from the heartbeat of life. Isolated from happiness and from ourselves.

A zombie-like state, if you will, where the body is preserved, the mind works somehow, but body and mind will always feel that something essential is missing – A link.

A connection to the higher powers. A wire to where everything works by itself and life is in flux. And our dreams, creativity and courage represent this link.

The way out of fear and into the courage – straight into our dreams and happiness

The Universe is there for us. It is pure divinity and absolute creativity. It was not out to save or keep us from our dreams, but it is behind us when we live our desires. The Universe is wasteful and abundant. Not just for itself, but for us all.

The higher source and its energies are built in such a way that we can all be wasteful in the same way with our very own resources.

Here it works according to the principle: the more wasteful we are with ourselves, the more we receive in return. It’s one of the universal laws, and life has best equipped us for this.

So God, or the Universe, wants us to be ourselves, completely and without any restrictions. Our deepest and most true dreams about ourselves always correspond to what the Universe wants for us, wishes for us and always supports us with.

We just have to be honest with each other, and ourselves, and openly pursue our dreams. We have to live our dreams as if they are already in our reality and, voila, the Universe is standing firmly behind us, supporting us and literally throwing us what we need and desire.

Dear starlings

That’s why it’s finally time to be “wasteful”, in a good sense, with what you can do, what you have to give and above all, what you are! Standing by your dreams is the only way to one day waking up feeling the deepest gratitude within your heart and thinking to yourself ” Oh yes, I am leading a perfect, desireless and fulfilled life.”

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This way, your families and friends, too, can join our community and learn new things, receive valuable advice and personal help, if needed, during their spiritual awakening journey. You all know that I’m always here for you.

Meanwhile, I am sending you all my love and healing energy, joy, harmony and an abundance of all your desires – under grace, in perfect ways (Florence Scovel Shinn). Remember that you are unique and cherished spiritual beings, here on Earth to have fun, explore, grow and fulfill your individual and own mission.

I want to thank you for being so brave and returning every time for the best of the entire collective. You are endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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