Symptoms And Vital Signs Of Your Spiritual Awakening


The important indicators and signs of your spiritual awakening

What is spirituality? Are there any real signs or symptoms of spiritual awakening?

Of all the issues we are dealing with here, spiritual awakening is perhaps the most misunderstood.

Now let’s solve this confusion and make sure that we are on the way to real spirituality.

Going through a spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing, lonely, alienating, but also most beautiful experiences in life.

Put simply, spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path.

Without experiencing it, we go on a lifelong search for the emptiness of money, fame, power and respect to find “happiness”.

What is a spiritual awakening?

So spiritual awakening is an awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the boundaries of the ego. The ego is our exclusive sense of self or “I”.

This awakening happens when, for whatever reason, the ego somehow lets go so that a higher self or spirit can arise within.

The average individual is more an archetype than a human. This means that the ego is usually a collection of archetypes, programs or defined behavior patterns.

The Taoists call this series of programs the acquired mind – a series of worldly conditioning that we have been collecting since we were born.

Spiritual awakening implies the return of what the Taoists call the primordial spirit or what Jung called the self. And it is this return of the spirit that really makes us human.

What exactly is a spiritual awakening, and is there any way you can tell if you have one? Here are signals and symptoms to look out for.

A deepening of your emotional well-being

The disturbance in our emotional body is perhaps the main thing that blocks spiritual awakening. The Jungians call it a “wound function”.

When we resolve emotional traumas from childhood, we undo this wound so that we can feel deeper and more real.

The resumption of this emotional flow affects every area of ​​our life. Now, instead of being obsessed with a multitude of archetypes, we become authentic people.

As such, there is less resistance to the feeling (even negative emotions that we previously resisted).

Instead of numbing himself and fleeing his feelings, there is a growing willingness to deal with emotions such as fear, anger and guilt.

A feeling of networking or unity

The ego, or as Alan Watts calls it, “the superficial self”, feels separate and alone.

It fears for its safety, clings to life and fears death.

The primordial spirit has no such fear or feeling of separation. It does not play the game of the ego “we against them”.

The mind does not identify with gender, race, nationality, religion or a species.

It’s just like that. And it exists outside of time and space, so death is not a relevant concept for it.

Increased intuition

Have you ever thought of an old school friend who runs into you at an airport the next day?

Did you ever hear your phone ring and know it was your mother before you looked at her?

Have you ever felt an immediate and irrational aversion to someone or experienced the feeling of meeting someone you already know for the first time?

These are all signs of intuition. When thoughts, objects and individuals all have energy, spiritually awakened people seem more likely to connect with this energy on a regular basis.

A massive change in lifestyle choices

Another clear sign of spiritual awakening is that you become very aware of your way of life.

Many “normal” things that we did before are now becoming unacceptable.

If your connection to earth e.g. increases, your concern about your environmental impact begins to change your behavior.

Ethics become a major driver of comfort.

A deep sense of self-righteousness and personal responsibility

When you start to find more authority in yourself, there is a willingness to be radically honest with yourself.

You just can’t stand the shadow play of the magic of self-deception.

Now you feel a growing sense of responsibility and responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions.

If we are passed out for our behavior, there is no accountability. And if there is no accountability, there is nothing to feel guilty about.

But the guilt that comes from spiritual awakening does not come from someone else who shames you; it comes from your conscience, driven by the desire to correct your way of being.

Keep the opposites together

Most of us have a pretty rigid, fundamentalist mind that sees things in black and white.

Red and blue, democrat and republican, man and woman, good and bad, left and right … you get the idea.

To avoid the ambiguity of mature adulthood, we cut off a counterpart and only identify with the other.

For example, as parents, we might think that we love our children unconditionally without recognizing the source of hatred and resentment that we have towards them.

And while the separation of a pair of opposites seems to release the tension in our ego, it really only strengthens our shadow.

With our spiritual awakening, we begin to keep the tension of opposites within us and set ourselves on the path to mental wholeness.

A transformation of the inner world

When the average person is awake, the individual’s ego concentrates almost exclusively on his external world.

Work, money, performance, family, friends and social life are all elements of the external environment.

Another spiritual sign of awakening is a profound change from this outer world to the inner realm of thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas.

In Buddhism, this dimension is called the subtle realm, and it is more real than the gross dimension of our waking state.

A shift in priorities and values

Anchoring authority in ourselves changes our values. Religion offers a moral code based on a system of rules. “Do this, but don’t do that.”

But now we can develop our personal ethical framework by evaluating the best in the context of the moment.

The ego is unable to do so because of basic needs; only the higher self can do it.

This shift to higher spiritual values ​​is the reason why our behavior changes during spiritual awakening.

Dear starlings

During your spiritual awakening phase, you will begin to develop a tendency to slow down and reflect back. Have no fear, as it is a perfectly normal part of the procedure.

For the above signs to unfold, self-reflection is necessary when you turn around to understand the present.

Let me know about your experiences with spiritual awakening, please? Do you already trust the Universe to the fullest and know your mission?

If so, would you like to share your exciting story with us and maybe some tips on how to make this transition easier?

We are always looking forward to hearing from you. Also, do share, like and follow us on social media to spread the word and keep updated.

Meanwhile, stay aware of how precious, unique, beautiful and endlessly loved you are. Don’t let energy suckers and negativity bring you down. Stand tall, know thy powers and keep on sparkling.

I’m sending you much love, clarity, peace, joy and an abundance of all good things. ~Namaste~



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