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The importance of all the cosmic laws, the Universal order and how it helps us become the part of the big plan

The golden rules of the cosmic laws are the guide to a happy and harmonious life in love and joy. At the same time, they are the key to the spiritual way, the way of man to redemption, back to his origin, the light.

With a little practice, they can become part of your life easily and simply. If you ask for it, you have all the help you need. All the golden rules are at the same time part of unconditional love, but also part of your own responsibility.


You can find love for yourself on my page about learning self-love. Practice until you get longer successes- first over a few minutes, then over for several hours, then all day, and finally LIFE.

Finally, you can also achieve through self-observation and love for yourself that you can accept yourself unconditionally as you are, with all your weaknesses and all of your still human imperfection.

Simply by acting consciously, you can release the effect that the blocks that bend your thinking, perceiving and acting!

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Honesty is very important. At a certain point, it is a basic requirement for progress on the spiritual path! It will be measured by the spiritual leaders from time to time.

They then ask us questions, perhaps in a dream, as it happened to me, something like this: “Why do you do this – Why do you think that – Why do you feel that – Can you love – could you kill another person?”

Honesty means not using the slightest white lie and being truthful even when no one can watch and monitor you, all for you and the higher source. At some point, you can’t help but be sincere.

When this time came for me and it was very clear to me, I told the Universe that from now on I always want to be honest – and the force smiled…

Truthfulness also means naming things by their real names and not glossing them over. It also means not hiding anything, that is, not having any secrets and being clear – completely transparent for everyone!
(Remember: the characteristics of the darkness are ambiguity – seduction – deception – lie!)


Humbleness has become very strange to us, and yet it is of the essence. This means that we are humble towards our creator alone, by worshiping him – You, the Source of all Life, out of Love and with an inkling of inconceivable size and almighty.

Many people equate humbleness with submissiveness – but it has nothing to do with it. True humility is part of unconditional love.

It raises – submissiveness, however, pulls us down and makes us small; it humiliates us because it means that another person has power over us for selfish reasons, or we allow him this power over us out of a lack of self-esteem. This, on the other hand, suggests a lack of clarity and self-love.

Humility also signifies that we are humble in judging our own spiritual development. I have met many people who are very convinced of their high level of development and, therefore, consider themselves better than the rest of the world.

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Leave old thinking patterns behind

Now it is very difficult to determine your own level of development because you do not know how far others are – and what criteria did you want to use as a standard?

Everywhere you will meet people who are still unawakened and stuck in old thinking. But do you know if they are perhaps not ancient, high beings who wanted to have this experience in order to put themselves in the position of unawakened people?

We are all beginners and advanced, there are no ‘masters’ on Earth. See yourself that way because you still cannot estimate how a fully-guarded person can be – even the thickest books, allegedly channeled by AlphaXY, do not help.

Reading and knowledge, experiencing and recognizing are completely different things! With the latter, the heart comes into play, and for most people, even those who are spiritually experienced, this does not really take part.

And with that, knowledge and recognition still fails.
Be humble- head held high! – And assume that you haven’t even started scenting the cosmic knowledge. That is the best foundation for Humility. This opens you to the true unlimited.


Being grateful has also largely been lost. Above all, this means that we should thank our source – if only for the life that he gave us.

Not our earthly mother did that for us – she gave us our earthly body and agreed to lead us in love for a few years. Naturally, we should be grateful for her efforts, and shower her with our love and honor. However, we lived long before that, we live and go on forever and ever since the higher source created us.

That’s a reason to be grateful, isn’t it? We can also be thankful for the animals and plants, the light, the air, the water and the fires of the sun, and for the food and warmth they give us.

And we should also thank our mother earth for our body, the food and the strength it provides for us. Think about who you can still be grateful with, you will surely discover many more people and entities …


Be grateful with those who hurt you – It’s them who make you expand

For example, you can also thank people who were uncomfortable or hurt you, because – if you think about it – didn’t they help you in a way?

As long as we still have to learn about pain and suffering, we need other people to help us learn! So these others are doing us a big favor, aren’t they? See the world from this point of view.

And you may have hated and cursed them for your pain and never wanted to hear from them again … but think about it: Aren’t they actually also part of our best friend cycle, instead of only those we like to see and meet and talk to, from which we cannot learn essential lessons?

Yes, they help us to feel recognized and understood and to have joy – that is also very important. The big development steps come through pain and problem solutions.

However, and these can help us to achieve the state of unconditional love. At least that’s the case until we come to the conclusion that we can learn voluntarily, and then do it in love.

The Importance Of Gratitude In Life

Self Observation

It is important to observe yourself to see what patterns of thought and feeling we still carry inside us. Also, to see if we have resonance with certain situations if something is bothering us, so that we can change something in ourselves.

Sometimes blockages wish to be released, or we feel energies within us that can harm us, etc. For all these reasons elf observation is an essential practice. Only in this way can we and ourselves recognize and approach our problems and resolve them in a targeted manner.

Freedom of judgment and materialism

Extremely important steps on the Spiritual path are freedom of judgment and materialism. Who are we to blame or judge others? What do we know about other people’s karma and learning and teaching processes?

You don’t always have to approve of others’ actions or statements – on the contrary. It is also never to be endorsed if someone harms someone else, not even with the best of intentions or in order to achieve a positive goal.

Even crimes can never be approved of. But be aware of how you think about the perpetrator. How easy it is to make a quick judgment.

Feel the subtle difference between saying that someone out of anger has wronged or harmed another person – or that you say that person is not a person but a ” beast ”. Or, even worse: “This person is not worth looking at”, etc. These are strong and uncalled for allegations.

The Universe knows no judgment – solely unconditional love

But our higher source, who knows every being very well, does not judge – but loves unconditionally. Judgments can be read in all newspapers and seen and heard on television every day.

The condemnation of other people is jointly responsible for all the evil things happening in the world, because there is always a lack of love behind it, and with it a contempt for other people, a standing over themselves.

In the past, this has always interfered with the rights of those who have been judged and convicted – and that is why people have repeatedly spread lies about people in order to “justifiably” condemn or “fight” them.

So judging others can be a bad tactic. Suddenly other people come up with terms such as “locusts” (now) or “people’s pests” (once) – what did that lead to? To hate and annihilation!

Overcome this loveless and disregarded thinking at last. Live consciously and observe, be attentive and change your view of everyday things, of your environment.

Recognize what is behind human actions and how karma works. Conscious living causes our inner development.

The Love Of The Universe - Know That You Are Endlessly Loved


Mindfulness to the outside world is important because the outside world is our mirror in which we recognize our problems for which we are otherwise ‘blind’.

In the outside world, we can find important clues, answers to our questions, solutions to our problems. In nature, we can recognize the source’s higher laws, e.g. the holy geometry when looking at a beautiful flower.  We recognize the force’s work in everything and the splendor and diversity of all life.


Bein patience is one of the hardest things you have to learn as a poor human child – especially for me this is the case. See for yourself how hard it is to get rid of impatience, and how impatience comes up and drives us over and over, instead of finally becoming our own master!

Constant joy

As long as we are still impatient, our spiritual development will stagnate. Therefore, let us all practice and learn to live in constant true joy, which is the culmination of all our incarnations.

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Serve ONE and the WHOLE

If I can say that I serve one and the whole, I am already fulfilling my cosmic life task and do not take anymore, but give freely.

Then I am like a sun that shines, works and helps without judgment on all sides. This is the culmination of my life so far, the goal of all my incarnations!

All angels serve the higher source with pure joy! And we can do that too.

Submit to the higher will

If I only devote myself unconditionally to the Universal will, I have finally transcended my ego, and I have done so in a perfect way by completely withdrawing myself and submitting myself to the higher will.

That is what our source wants from us. That is exactly what we came here for and why we have learned everything that life on earth wants to teach us.

Now our long existence on earth is bearing fruit. We have reached the last semester of Earth University, because we are now taking our place in the big plan and are helping all other life in the best possible way.

Dear starlings

Please, share your personal experience regarding your alignment with the cosmic laws and divine order. What is your toughest commandment to keep? I’m curious, and I hope to read very soon from you.

Please, starlings, don’t forget to share our website with your family and friends, so they, too, can stop by and check out our articles.

Meanwhile, I want to thank you for your loyalty, devotion and existence. you know that you are an essential part of the whole. Thank you, and keep in mind that you are much appreciated, cherished and unendingly loved. And if you need to talk, I am always here for you with a private, free of charge talk session. ~Namaste~

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