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About belief, unwavering faith and the healing power of hope

It is vital to have hope that everything will be alright, whenever we are in a life crisis. Scientific studies have shown that, for example, people who keep their hopes and faith up high heal faster. The healing power of hope, simply lets them experience an all over speedier recovery after a heart attack, bone fracture, severe burns, etc. However, I’m not referring solely to religious belief, here.

So what do we truly understand under the terms “Believe” and “Hope”?

Hope always reflects our inner stance.

We are confident that, for instance, a certain situation will turn out just fine. That we, or someone close to us, will regain health, our financial circumstances will improve and/pr the conflicts between our daughter in law and ourselves will get resolved.

We imagine that we are capable of handling a specific situation. That the move into a new home will run smoothly, or that the imminent operation will be successful.

The firm believes that we find solutions, whether alone or with the support of others always prevails. The new artificial hip joint will bring us relief from pain, the freshly adopted diet keeps a heart attack away, and that the chemotherapy is going to kill all cancer cells.

What are the effects of unwavering trust and hope?

Hope mobilizes the self-healing powers of our bodies. A positive outlook leads to real and measurable changes within the human body. The loss of hope, on the other hand, diminishes our life energy and hereby also the self-healing powers.

A story to prove how important hope truly is

Some time ago, a man got accidentally locked in cold storage. He knew that no one would come by until the next morning and believed this to be his impending death.

He had no hope to survive a night under such extreme cold conditions. Thus, he began to write a “goodbye” letter to his family.

The very next morning they found him dead. His death, however, was incomprehensible to all involved. That night the cooling system malfunctioned and shut down, therefore, he should have survived.

He died because of his believe not to have a chance of survival. With this, he gave up hope and sentenced himself to death.

People without hope succumb to a depressive state of being. They not only lost the belief in themselves, but also in the present situation and the future.

They don’t see or find sense in life itself, and believe not to have any influence left to change things for the better. Persons who believe that they can endure pain, or even can influence pain, aren’t very fearful and don’t need as many pain killers.

How can we explain the effect of hope?

Hope, meaning positive attitude and feelings, lead to a strengthened immune system. This effect is based on the placebo effect. The term “Placebo” indicates “medication”, which doesn’t carry active ingredients.

Conducted studies, which involved ailments such as Herpes, Asthma, headaches or small ulcers, have shown that placebos had the same healing effect than regular prescription drugs.

It was the belief in the healing effect of the Placebo hat caused the actual healing to take place. This effect is also called “the self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Spontaneous healing from cancer can be explained with the lifestyle changes of the patient after he received the diagnosis.

People change their diets, habits, as well as goals. They firmly believe to be the exception to the rule, and take part in the therapy with full confidence.

The belief that they have the ability to influence their well being and the willingness to fight for their healing, helps to activate their inner self-healing powers.

The belief in a complete recovery and the faith in becoming healthy again, are the best medicines that we can prescribe for ourselves.

The most beautiful part about these medications is that they don’t come with any negative side effects, and they are absolutely free.

Why it is important to keep hope and faith up high

Whoever carries hopeful thoughts and knows that he has an influence on his life situations, or that he can be helped, has more energy to act. Such a person is also most of the time calm and in a positive mood.

This, in turn, boosts his mood and the affected becomes more creative. Furthermore, a calm and positive disposition enhances the immune system. Thus, one recovers faster from illnesses, accidents and operations.

What can you do when you lack hope, or when it has faded away?

1- Have some encouraging self-talk. If you cannot come up with any uplifting and empowering words at the moment, then think about what you would say to anyone else in a situation like this. I’m sure you will, then, come up with some optimistic words.

2- Remember positive experiences from the past. What situations have to already mastered? What all went well back then? When was there a similarly gloomy and hopeless circumstance in the past, yet you still found a solution?

3- Lookup people on the Internet and search for persons within your surroundings who’ve already found solutions. Make them your idols, and use their experiences to your advantage. Utilize their solution strategies. They’ll be proud of knowing that their stories could be helpful to others.

4- Avoid negative people and pessimists. Seek the company of positive and lighthearted people as often as possible.

5- Accept your illness for the time being. The more you fight the fact that you’re sick, the more your immune system weakens. Look for a personal reason that caused your ailment.

6- Think positive and confident thoughts: “Whatever lies ahead of me, there will be a solution. I do everything within my power and the higher source within me has my back. Thank you for my recovery.”

7- Become active. Don’t tolerate this situation in a passive disposition. Free yourself from the victim role.

8- Make your subconscious mind your friend. Use positive affirmations as often as possible. Most importantly, listen to them during nighttime. While your conscious mind is fast asleep, your subconscious mind is listening carefully. It will eventually start believing the healing affirmations, and turn those words into reality.

Dear starlings,

If you haven’t yet, then I’m wishing you the strength to keep hope, belief, and faith awaken and upright. The power of hope is immense, but, unfortunately, we are misled in this matrix. Tricked into believing that hope, belief and faith are solely part of a fairy tale. The truth, however, is that each one of us holds a piece of our divine source within ourselves.

Thus, we are extremely powerful beings, who don’t need to ask or beg for our desires. All we need to do is to claim them!

You see, they are already ours, and all it takes is for us to be open enough to receive them. Have hope and firm belief that the source within you will deliver upon you all you need, and so it is.

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