The Ho’oponopono Prayer – Expand With The Power Of Forgiveness


Ho’oponopono – Heal and grow through the power of forgiveness

The power of letting go – Ho’oponopono!

We believe that illness – or “just” a blockage on the way to achieving a goal – has its cause in a form of tension. And this tension prevents the free flow of energy in a certain area.

The causes of such tension can be, for example, fear or anger. Both emotions occur due to the attitude that injustice has been done or could be imminent.

This also and especially applies to family quarrels, problems in a relationship or friendship, difficulties with business colleagues or the boss, even a difficult relationship with the pet.

If you really can’t get anywhere, don’t want to heal an injury or illness, or don’t want an argument to end, then such injustice can often be the reason for the blockage. Even if you have no idea when it happened.

For the shamans, or even the head of the family of the old Hawaiians, it didn’t matter. If there was no apparent reason for the problem, it could have been in the past, with previous generations.

There was and still is a fairly simple method of eliminating the problem, but it requires a great deal of openness, honesty and goodwill.

You ask for forgiveness. You ask for forgiveness to the person who was wronged, even if we don’t really know who we have to apologize to.

Back in the olden days in Hawaii, it happened somewhat like this:

A family council was called and everyone sat in the circle. First, people chanted (sang) and played music to get everyone in line.

Because maybe the problem to be dealt with even existed between two people present.
Then the head of the family started the ceremony.

It was extremely essential in this undertaking for everyone to understand that with the end of this session the problem was eliminated once and for all.

If two arguing parties got into each other’s hair, because of the same matter, after such mediation, they would not only have offended the entire tribe, but also the forces that had been asked for help with the forgiveness.

The issue itself was never actually addressed at the ceremony. It was believed that when everything was connected to everything, the whole Universe somehow knew about it.

And because you didn’t know what else was resonating in this situation, they chose the path via a request for general forgiveness.

The texts used were very individual. The example below is only one possible version. If you go this way of asking for forgiveness, you can also choose your own version.

Just try it! It will help resolve the situation

Now, as promised, a possible variant of the prayer that you can say in your Ho’oponopono ritual:

Aloha Divine Creator, Father, Mother and Child in One. If my family, relatives, or ancestors have insulted, hurt, or behaved in an unworthy manner, or their family, relatives, or ancestors in words, actions, or deeds from the beginning of creation to the present day, we hereby request forgiveness.

Let this prayer be cleansing and dissolution from all bad feelings, memories, blockages, energies and vibrations. And may it transform all these unwanted energies into pure light. That’s the way it should be, today and forever. Amama! (Amen).

Also extremely powerful are the following typical Ho’oponopono words. You should use them as a daily mantra and speak them 108 times per praying/meditating session. These powerful phrases will not only cleanse, heal and free you, but it will also set other involved people free.


I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

Dear starlings

The Ho’Oponopono prayer/mantra is a highly powerful tool to lift away blockages like anger, resentment away from you. With total forgiveness also complete healing sets in, for both body and soul.

So, whenever you’re harboring hard feelings toward someone or a situation next time, take three deep breaths and chant the four phrases from above slowly and mindfully for 108 times.

Soon you will feel the energies within you shifting, and the anger, sadness along with all other unwelcomed feelings dissipate.

Beloved starlings, please, do let me know if you have any questions about the Ho’oponopono prayer. Also, inform us about your personal experiences with this mantra.

Spread the word about the great impact it had on you or anyone else life, so other readers here get encouraged to use this powerful tool too.

Furthermore, please, share our website with your family, friends and associates on social media. This way, I can continue to provide articles, free ebooks and personal support via talk sessions to you and everyone in need.

Always remember that you are unique light beings, here to grow, transform the world into a much more loving place and live a fulfilling and purposeful life. You are unendingly loved and highly appreciated. ~Namaste~

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