The Journey Of Becoming Your Own Best Friend


Be your own best friend – Your best friend walks through thick and thin with you

I am Alexandra Novotny. May I introduce my best friend to you? Alexandra Novotny

You need a best friend. That should be the person reading these lines right now. Yes, I mean YOU. You have to learn to be your best buddy.

Question: How nice are you talking to yourself? How kind do you think about yourself?
Would you talk to anyone the way you talk to yourself?

“No, you can’t. No, you can’t do it. You are really not beautiful now! You can’t talk about a lot of intelligence with you. Have a look in the mirror. The figure! Not been very sporty lately, huh?

And that face! You are away from being a model like the nearest Milky Way from Earth. And then the many mistakes you make!”

If you talked to others as you often talk to yourself, you would not have friends and who you would have met before would avoid you in the future.

Say to yourself, “Nobody really likes me!” Are you really sure about that? The only one who doesn’t like you enough is you yourself. I bet there are some around you that you like a lot.

Do you have to work very hard until you remember who it is? Your mother, father, siblings, children, school or work colleagues and friends.

Perhaps the vendors in the stores you shop in like you, and the roommates in your home. Do you miss all these people? You overlook the fact that people like you.

Make friends with yourself

Become friends with yourself and tell yourself that you like each other. Like yourself very much. Say this to yourself several times a day and you will be amazed because:

1- You will have great and positive charisma, thus, attract lots of kind people
2- You will then notice who still likes you.

Do you know that illnesses can arise if you keep saying something negative again and again? Yes, you are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not intelligent enough, not rich enough, make stupid mistakes again and again and so it continues.

Over time, this venomous broth poisons your body, and then you wonder how you develop cancer or any other chronic disease that a doctor then tries to cure with medical drugs.

We all have that voice within us that doesn’t stop chattering. How often does this voice tell you something sweet, such as: “I like you! I love you above all. I think you are great. You have beautiful eyes. I particularly like your smile.”

And this voice compliments you for all that you are good at. Be honest with yourself – how often does that happen?

Be grateful with yourself

You go to bed with this wonderful being every day, get up together and just share everything during the day. You should be able to have a deep and meaningful conversation, don’t you think?

Appreciate one another, and think about what you can do and what you have done and experienced in your life.

Think about it carefully. You have to learn to be a little kinder and gentler with yourself. See yourself as your best friend and start talking to yourself like you do with your best friend.

Build a close friendship with yourself

Construct a close friendship with yourself. It pays off! Speak to yourself with respect and love, acknowledge your good sides, motivate yourself to get better and praise yourself as you would with your best buddy.

Think about how much difference a word can make and how much will change in your life if you lovingly whisper many kind words and phrases.

You can be cured of illnesses, achieve great success and most importantly, you will feel happy around the clock, if you are your best friend.

What dishes do you use when friends come and what do you put on the table? And what about when you are alone? You don’t cook when you are alone?

You can also eat raw food or fix a quick sandwich, right? Because it’s not worth cooking for yourself alone, right? It’s about the choice of food and the presentation. Treat yourself like your best friend, because you are worth it.

If one of your friends is going through a bad time, what do you do? You give him courage, you tell him in a nice way that all will be okay.

And if things go badly in your life, talk to yourself as well. I’ll get through this! I can do it! Everything will be fine! Together we can make it, because we are a wonderful team!

Become aware that you are the most important person in your life

Stop thinking about what others think about you. Start thinking about what you think about yourself. And start recognizing and realizing your good sides.

Work on yourself! Get to know each other better and learn to be who you are.

You take time for family and friends, for Facebook and Google, and for TV programs that are not so important. So, also make time for yourself. You have the time to meet for a coffee with friends.

Dear starlings

Take your time for a cup of coffee with yourself, and think about yourself and the connection you have with yourself. You are the most important person in your life, do not neglect yourself, but learn to love and treat yourself like you do with your best friend.

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