The Journey Of The Light Body And Ascension Into Higher Dimensions


About the light body’s travel and the ascension into higher dimensions

Light travel and ascension into higher dimensions are not only interesting topics, but they are also goals many of us strive for.

In secrecy, almost all of us have the desire to escape the low vibrations and negativities of the 3rd dimension that we’re currently living in.

The rise of the Earth and its inhabitants, however,  takes place in various stages. If it would happen too sudden, no earthly being could master these changes; nor comprehend.

On the one hand, the different platforms are certain phases of spiritual development over a long period of time. So the vibrations of the Earth rises approximately every 2000 years, because all life is supposed to return to its origin – the light.

So it happens again now. This time, however, it will exceed the dimensional limit from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and probably even up to the 5th dimension.

Perhaps you are somebody who feels the subtle changes around you and within yourself?

This will take several decades. All life on Earth must develop together with the mother planet, otherwise, it cannot survive. The same applies to people.

Most people are not yet ready for this because they do not believe in such things and are too attached to all of their problems in the third dimension.

However, there should be as many as possible available that make the transition happen. This is what our Source and Mother Gaia care about from the center of their divine love, and we, therefore, have all the help we need.

All people who want this from the bottom of their heart can join the ascent

The minimum requirement is a deep desire and love for the Source/God/the Universe, but just as helpful are an open heart, flexibility, striving for love and joy, the willingness to change, accepting oneself and opening up to the spiritual.

You don’t have to be perfect; In the process of your spiritual development you will put down all your problems, your illnesses and your entanglements in the matter.

You will dissolve your karma. You are going to free your body from all of its burdens. You’ll be able to do all of this yourself. And you will determine the pace of your work yourself.

There are thousands of spiritual ways on Earth, and no one can make the choice for you. Find the path that suits you best, and that you can handle well. There is no wrong way.

I personally would not count the major religions because they have not achieved much in this direction for people. They are too rigid in their old forms and rituals, so that their spiritual strength is greatly reduced.

They have been working for thousands of years, but the condition of the world today is worse than ever. How many people have reached perfection through churches or other religions?

Perhaps only a few, maybe even only the “saints”, but in no way can one speak of a mass effect or mass awakening.

I am not a religious scientist, but I do not know any religion that could lead not only a few, but the mass of their believers, to the 4th or even 5th dimension.

However, I do not want to rule out the fact that the individual can find the way there with a pure heart and deep love, because love is always the most essential element for everyone who deals with spirituality and growth.

Ascended Masters and words of encouragement


This text was written by our ascended masters, each section corresponds to one master.

“Let courage and strength accompany your path.
Put trust in yourself and your fellow human beings.
According to your example, many should walk the path
you should always remember the light in your heart.

Let your wisdom light your way
like a lantern in the dark of the night.
May tears wet your face,
so know that there is always someone watching over you.

Love should unite with your intelligence
so that mercy will become your adornment.
Tolerance and humanity only vibrate cleanly.
So go the way of letting go on Earth.

Your purity and clarity should prevail over the ego
to set an example with discipline.
How beauty and harmony are in the hands of God
its power of diplomacy strengthens your life.

Practice concentration and follow the truth
so that healing and love can find their way.
Your mind grant you security
but learn to guess the language of your heart.

Peace be your constant partner
so that the confusion of time doesn’t limit you
Never put an armor around your heart
for fear of meeting your own limits.

Transform and create whatever your plan holds
so that the flow of life will carry you
As soon as a new impulse lights up your heart,
follow him, because your days are numbered.

Your discernment needs to grow and thrive
to warn and encourage you.
Always get advice from lower ranks,
so that you’re armed to calm yourself and others.

Stay in the middle and let your heart beat in tact
don’t be afraid of restless days.
Try to carry your emotions with serenity
to say ‘thank you’ for your humanity.

Create abundance on all levels
and then give to those who strive for the minimum.
You deserve to get your wages.
but it is the right of the young and the old.

Your enthusiasm should inspire everyone on your way,
because you are a mirror of the divine task.
So everyone will master their job,
he sees his life and plan as grace.

Your return to the origin should unite us
after all the anxiety and all the days.
Finally the eternal light will appear to you
at the end of the tunnel through which we carry you with ease.

Greetings – your friends in the light ”
(From “The Rays of Light from the Ascended Masters” by Claire Avalon)

Dear starlings

I hope that this little guide about ascension into higher dimensions will help you on your journey of spiritual development and growth.

If you have any questions, need advice, or just feel the desire to talk about certain topics or problems you may have, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m more than happy to help you in any way I can, and I am certain that we will find a solution together.

Thank you, dear starlings, for your existing, working on your spiritual growth and, hereby, the ascension of the entire collective. You are unendingly loved, highly appreciated and unique.

~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo~

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