About The Law Of Resonance – The Mirror Rule Of The Universe


How the law of resonance works – Understand the Universe’s mirror rule

A rule of the Universe conforms to the mirror law, which is also known as the law of resonance. Just as a mirror can only show what is sent to it in images, we will perceive exactly what we send out in our surroundings.

The term resonance comes from Latin. “Resonare” and means “to reverberate”. But it can only reverberate what was previously emitted as sound.

Let’s put it to the test, but not this time in the world of sound. On our next walk into the city center, let’s pay attention to a radiant appearance, at least on the face.

So let’s look at the passers-by approaching us consciously, and give them our charming smile. What will happen?

Yes, indeed, almost all people will react, and send us a beautiful smile back. Some will even greet you with a hello.

If I worry too much, in which I only expect unpleasantness and even imagine it in my head, this negativity will also occur.

Positive thinking will reflect wonderful things back at you

So let’s turn the tables and let’s better employ our thinking center with advantageous future prospects. There are enough proverbs that contain the law of resonance, such as: “As you call into the forest, it echoes back.”

An appointment is due. Which idea should influence success more positively? “They don’t hire me anyway.” Or “Yes, I’m the right person for this position.” But rather the second version, right?

Anyone who surrenders before the execution of his plan will only ever go out empty-handed. You should, however, also have a positive outlook on life in all other areas.

Naggers and naysayers don’t need to act surprised if only bad things happen to them. A person who is always in a bad mood will only attract people who think negatively.

You can even go one step further. If I keep thinking that I don’t have enough assets, the Universe will not allow me to win the lottery.

How To Love Yourself And Become Your Best Friend

You are abundant in all aspects

However, if I am convinced that despite my limited resources, I am already making full use of my resources, then there will always be enough available to me.

If I deal with illnesses, although I am neither a doctor nor a nurse, constantly feel a kind of anxiety, it will not be long before I actually suffer.

But if I take care of the health of my body without any thoughts about illnesses, the chances are very high that I will continue to stay healthy.

“The world is bad,” you hear people say in many places, and there is no space for a good world. If I am on hand with advice and help, there will always be someone to support me should I need assistance.

More precisely, it is about the law of cause and effect. If, for whatever reason, I am convinced that I am worthless, my environment will also consider me worthless.

If I send out messages, even if only subconsciously, that condemn me as a failure, the rest of the world will interpret it as well.

We see very clearly how important a healthy self-confidence is. Only when I know deep down that I am a lovable person will love come to me. If I take the view that I can accomplish achievements, I can trust my environment a little too.

If you have doubts about your own thoughts, you should consciously pay attention to what is buzzing around in your head for the next few days.

Whenever your brain processes something negative, you can say “STOP” to yourself and rephrase the thought. It is very tiring at first, but it is definitely worthwhile. Those who lack self-confidence should start right there.

An ideal exercise is looking in the mirror with the words: “I am lovable.” However, one must practice this until he reaches a total conviction.

Practice self-confidence- you are worth it!

Another exercise, for the already more advanced among you, goes a step further. The task would then be, for example, to go to a café, find a stranger there and kindly ask them if you can sit down with them and start a conversation.

Of course, such a project can fail at first. But at the latest with the first successful attempt, from which a pleasant conversation actually evolves, you come out of this training with a strengthened self-confidence.

Even very shy people can learn to approach people without fear. However, there must be the impulse to really want it.

One more thing, every person sends signals via their posture. A bowed head always looks insecure. An upright walk, on the other hand, reflects a pronounced self-confidence.

Everyone who knows that he often makes himself small can trust the trick of the mannequins. Balancing with a book on your head, you have to walk straight ahead, otherwise, it falls off.

Just practice at home, and when dealing with other people outdoors, make sure that the tip of your nose is pointing horizontally to the front to signal to everyone: “Hello, look, I know who I am, I accept myself and I am loveable.”

Dear starlings

So how are you doing in regards to self-confidence? Would you dare to walk up to a complete stranger and ask to share their table at a coffee shop with you? Or would you rather bail, because you don’t think you’re worthy enough?

If the latter is the case, then I hope that my little post about the law of resonance can help you. Try the training with the mirror exercise.

It may seem ridiculous and sometimes even difficult for some at first, however, you will make progress faster than you believe. In the end, you will come out as the lion that slumbered within a kitten so far – majestic, strong, and confident.




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