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Discover The Love of the Universe

First of all, my dearest co-creators, welcome to our new website. ‘I-am-Universe’ was born on the Full moon of August 15th, 2019. It is a long-desired project and was created, just like a child of love, with much tenderness, care, devotion and the best of intentions for the whole collective (all of you) in mind.

May everyone visiting and reading in it find the answers to all his questions, harmony, love, happiness, fulfillment and an abundance of all good things. May you all be blessed on your journey and guided to become the best versions of yourselves.

The Greatest Power in The Universe

What is the greatest power in the Universe? Is it gravity? Or the mysterious dark energy (which theoretically should be bigger than the gravitational force, as it drives our Universe apart)? Is it the pressure? Or something completely different?

This is about getting to know the power biggest force of the Universe and living with it to create the very life you really want to live. Yes, you read that right: You create life, it’s that simple! You will learn, however, how it works and what you should do as a human being, and what to not do, to achieve that. I promise you it will work.

Start small and increase with your wishes. We are all subject to the laws of nature and the power of the Universe. Let the Universe redefine the orbits for you and arrange your life. Everything in the world, all life and all forms originate from the Universe. The entire power and force that comes to our planet and to us humans also descents from the Universe.

In such challenging times as today, it is important to stop and keep track, so as not to lose sight of ourselves. This creates contact with our higher selves and our uniqueness. By discovering our own potential, and by affirming and expressing it courageously, we create space for self-love. Bringing this love in the world has a healing effect on everyone and gives impetus to global change.

An old fairy tale tells of the Gods who had to decide where to hide the greatest power of the Universe so that man could not find it before he was ready to use it responsibly. Let me tell you this story:

At the beginning of time, when the Gods had just created the cosmos, the Earth, and man, they consulted one another where to hide the greatest power of the Universe, so that man could not discover it prematurely before he was awakened enough to handle this mighty force responsibly.

One God suggested hiding it on top of the highest mountain, but they quickly realized that man would climb the highest mountain and find the greatest power of the Universe before he was ready.

Another God said: “Let’s hide this power at the bottom of the sea.” Yet, again, they figured that man would explore this region and encounter the most magnificent power in the Universe before his time was right.

Finally, the wisest God said: “I know what to do. Let us hide the greatest power of the Universe in man himself. He will never look for it before he is mature enough and go deep within himself.” And, thus, how the Gods hid the most precious force of the Universe in humans itself.  And there it remains, waiting for us to take possession of it and make wise use of it.

Yes, as far as the fairy tale goes, the Gods considered this proposal to be the best solution and so they hid the greatest power of the Universe in man himself. And so people carry the greatest power of the Universe in themselves – without knowing it.

Sometimes, however, there is a person who discovers and wisely uses the greatest power of the Universe because he has worked his way into his inner world.

I said “work”, because the journey to your inner self, and to awakening, is not an easy one. The Universe itself put seven seals around (the seven main chakras) to guard this priceless treasure and to ensure that only the fully awakened, open and spiritually mature man can gain access to it.

Each person has fourteen main chakras that exist multidimensionally. The seven chakras of the physical body, the seven chakras outside the body, however, guard the most precious universal force.  Then, there are, furthermore, the alpha and the omega chakra with a few more chakras …

Most people see or feel the chakras as radiant, rotating energy sources, but chakras also have a six-dimensional internal structure. In the karma game, the structure of the seven body chakras was intentionally restricted so that they could only transmit energy from the astral plane. They were “sealed”.

With this limited blueprint, a chakra is like two cones. The one cone opens to the front of the body, the other towards the back. Where they meet in the body, they are sealed so that they stay in that alignment.

This narrow part of the center is mostly clogged with mental or emotional fragments. These “debris” slow down the speed of rotation of the cones. This, on the other hand, can lead to a lack of energy in the acupuncture meridian system and cause illness or even death. The structure of the chakras can conduct energy only from front to back or from back to front, and none of them uses higher-dimensional frequencies.

When do you want to wake up?

You are the light – Thus, shine!

What most people don’t understand yet is the fact that they are independent. There is no God who sits on his golden throne and awaits your prayers and pleads. No one is “up there” deciding and pondering if he shall grant your desires and wishes, or not.

You are creating your reality. Every word that you speak, every thought that you think forges your future. So, you must learn to only think wholesome, nourishing and positive thoughts.

Get to know your true self, because the greatest gift and power to achieve everything you want in life lies deeply embedded within the center of the true you – within your best version of you!

The True Unconditional Love

Yes, the greatest power in the Universe is love! Even Albert Einstein knew this and he confirmed it in a letter to his daughter.

Love is the primal creative force, without which no star, no stone, no man, no tree would have been born. All the energy and substance that comes to us from the depths of the Universe to manifest in a human being, any matter at all, is nothing more than the creator’s primal substance.

In fact, love is the strongest physical force in the Universe. It is she who keeps planets within their orbit and is responsible for the phenomenon of cohesion that we commonly call ‘connection’.

Anyone who is willing to accept that a force so technically understood as that of cohesion is essentially an act of love must also open up to the idea that all seemingly ‘dead’, mechanistic creation is actually very much alive, animated, individual and smart – because everything is energy!

The energy of unconditional love, my beloved starlights, is laid out in the whole Universe – at the core and in the essence of all creation. Your body, all that you are and all that is, comes from this frequency of unconditional love.

Some souls recognize this love that is in and around them, and they enjoy that sense of coming in and arriving while other souls keep their focus of attention in the dramas of the 3D stage. But even there, love is basically recognizable and experienced in every situation.

Although that sounds unbelievable, love is actually present everywhere. Naturally and rightfully you are asking right now: “Why cannot I see this love then, and why exists all this injustice in the world?” And I would like to answer that it is the love, the love for oneself, the true self, that opens the door to a happy and joyful existence.

Love and joy give the soul that what it really thirsts for. And your soul would like to live and experience all facets of love here on the world stage as well.

You are the lights, the precious vessels of light and love. All it takes is the love for thyself to truly elevate yourself and the whole world to the “new” vibrational dimension- the reality of love and light, the “I AM.”

The light in your heart flows non-stop in the infinite river of love. It brings forth the images, thoughts and feelings that you send out before your eyes. Everything that happens in love, purely out of your heart, creates freedom, salvation and deep contentment.

It is the wisdom of your heart, acting across all dimensions and joy, creating perfection and ease on all levels. You are heart-beings and that is why we are here, why we decided to open this website – simply to awaken your heart-consciousness.

To help you remember your origin, what you are here for and who you truly are. Be gentle and loving with yourself and one another and trust the wisdom of your heart, and above all -trust the Universe.

Let go of your trust issues in regards to the source (the Universe). Let me explain it to you very simply: Everything that IS is part of the Universe. We are all a collective, all interconnected, and one particle (seedling) of the highest source. Meaning, that You are the Universe, and the Universe is YOU.

That awareness facilitates the process of putting the phrase “Trust the Universe” into action enormously, right? I want you to take the opportunity today to let this freshly gained knowledge really sink in deeply. Reflect upon it, perhaps best at night when you lay down to sleep. Then, tomorrow or the day thereafter, let us know in a comment below what you’ve discovered.

Are you able to feel the love of the Universe? Did you already go through your awakening process, and ow did you experience it? We are happily looking forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to ask your questions, make suggestions and requests for related topics you’d like to read more about here. Also, don’t be shy to share your stories with us. We truly care about you, and we are excited to learn what’s going on in your world.

I want you to know that you are precious, unique, beautiful and endlessly loved. Your worth is priceless, because through your existence alone, only through your breathing and thoughts, you’re helping to shape, design and co-create our worlds – our collective eternity. Thus, I am forever grateful to you – Keep on shining!

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